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Seagirt Summer Tourney - Jun/30/2017 - Seagirt
Fields of Gold - Jun/30/2017 - Tir Bannog
Pendale Champions Tournament - Jun/30/2017 - Pendale
Peasants'�Revel - Jul/1/2017 - Madrone
*** An Tir/West War - Jul/4/2017 - An Tir
Stranded Mermaid Tourney - Jul/7/2017 - False Isle
*** July Coronation - Jul/14/2017 - Danescombe
A Game of Thrones and Stormgods - Jul/21/2017 - Stromgard
Tain Bo - Jul/21/2017 - Glyn Dwfn
Wealdsmere Sergeants Trials - Jul/21/2017 - Wealdsmere
Picnic in the Park - Jul/22/2017 - Porte de l'Eau
Avacal Tir Righ War - Jul/28/2017 - Tir Righ
Honey War - Jul/28/2017 - Glymm Mere
Ancestral Remembrance Celebration - Jul/28/2017 - Myrtle Holt
Tolkien Days Demo - Jul/29/2017 - Pendale
Tournament of Armies - Aug/4/2017 - Lions Gate
Kaldor Ness A&W Workshop Weekend - Aug/4/2017 - Kaldor Ness
Dragon's Down - Aug/4/2017 - Fire Mountain Keep
Briaroak Bash - Aug/4/2017 - Briaroak
Feast or Famine - Aug/4/2017 - Druim Doineann
Wyewood Champions - Aug/5/2017 - Wyewood
August In The Park - Aug/5/2017 - Hauksgaror
August in the Park - Aug/5/2017 - Hauksgaror
Autumn War - Aug/10/2017 - Blatha An Oir
Seargents, Yeomen, and Gallants - Aug/11/2017 - Seagirt
The Long and Short of It - Aug/11/2017 - Terra Pomaria
Tides Turning - Aug/12/2017 - Fjordland
Sport of Kings - Aug/17/2017 - Three Mountains
Hartwood Fall Champions - Aug/18/2017 - Hartwood
Tir Righ August Investiture - Aug/25/2017 - Seagirt
William Tell XXXII - Aug/25/2017 - River's Bend
Aquaterra Champions & St. Ursul's Collegium - Aug/25/2017 - Aquaterra
Harvest Festival & Summits Archery Champions - Aug/25/2017 - Corvaria
Sergeantry Trials - Aug/26/2017 - Vulcanfeldt
*** September Crown Tournament - Sep/1/2017 - Lions Gate
Odins Playground - Sep/8/2017 - Lionsdale
Lord Defender - Sep/8/2017 - Blatha An Oir
Revel - Sep/8/2017 - Dregate
Archery Fest - Sep/8/2017 - Vulcanfeldt
Kingdom Heralds and Scribes Symposium - Sep/9/2017 - Three Mountains
Newcomers - Sep/9/2017 - Lyonsmarche
Banner War - Sep/15/2017 - Aquaterra
Border War - Sep/15/2017 - Wealdsmere
The Trials - Sep/15/2017 - Lions Gate
September Coronet - Sep/15/2017 - Glyn Dwfn
Tir Righ A&S and Bardic Championship - Sep/22/2017 - Tir Righ
Emprise of the Black Lion - Sep/22/2017 - Madrone
Summits Seneschals and Exchequers Symposium - Sep/23/2017 - Coeur du Val
Arts Unframed - Sep/30/2017 - Wyewood
Forest Champions and Bent Bodkin - Sep/30/2017 - Coill Mhor
Barons Ball - Oct/6/2017 - Wastekeep
Tournament of the Golden Swan - Oct/6/2017 - -Branch TBA-
Three Mountains Fall Orders and Customary Meeting - Oct/8/2017 - Three Mountains
Sergeant's Trials - Oct/13/2017 - Blatha An Oir
Freeze Off - Oct/14/2017 - Ramsgaard
Last Chance - Oct/14/2017 - Dragon's Laire
October Feast - Oct/21/2017 - Wealdsmere
Baronial Banquet - Oct/21/2017 - Lions Gate
St. Crispin's Day - Oct/21/2017 - Mountain Edge
William Kempe's Jig Bardic Celebration - Oct/21/2017 - Glymm Mere
Fall Equinenox - Oct/21/2017 - Cranehaven
Midhaven Harvest Feast - Oct/28/2017 - Midhaven
Samhain - Oct/28/2017 - Glyn Dwfn
As You Like It - Oct/28/2017 - Akornebir
Tir Righ November Coronet - Nov/3/2017 - Tir Righ
Harvest Feast - Nov/4/2017 - Blatha An Oir
Martinmas - Nov/4/2017 - Terra Pomaria
An Tir Collegium 2017 - Nov/10/2017 - Wastekeep
Frostbite Tourney - Nov/11/2017 - Southmarch
OnoraFesta(Honor Feast and Arts Celebration) - Nov/11/2017 - Three Mountains
Baroness's Inspiration - Nov/18/2017 - Lions Gate
Autumn Gathering - Nov/18/2017 - River's Bend
Harvest Protector - Nov/18/2017 - Pendale
Hartwood Yule - Nov/25/2017 - Hartwood
Good Yule - Dec/2/2017 - Aquaterra
Yule - Dec/2/2017 - Dragon's Laire
Summits Winter Investiture - Dec/9/2017 - Myrtle Holt
*** An Tir 12th Night - Jan/12/2018 - Wastekeep
Ursulmas - Jan/26/2018 - Aquaterra
Winter's Tourney - Feb/3/2018 - Lionsdale
Candlemas - Feb/3/2018 - Dragon's Laire
Candelmas - Feb/10/2018 - Blatha An Oir
St. Bubba's Feast - Feb/17/2018 - Wyewood
Feast of Fools - Feb/24/2018 - Silverhart
Kingdom A&S/Bardic Championship - Mar/2/2018 - -Branch TBA-
Bar Gemels - Apr/27/2018 - Terra Pomaria
Fjordland Rising - May/12/2018 - Fjordland
*** May Crown Tournament - May/18/2018 - -Branch TBA-
June Faire - Jun/1/2018 - Dragon's Laire
Lionsdale Champions - Jun/16/2018 - Lionsdale
Defender of the Hart - Jun/22/2018 - Silverhart
An Tir/West War - Jul/4/2018 - An Tir
*** July Coronation - Jul/20/2018 - -Branch TBA-
Tournament of Armies 2018 - Aug/3/2018 - Lions Gate
The Long and Short of It - Aug/10/2018 - Terra Pomaria
Tides Turning - Aug/11/2018 - Fjordland
Autumn War - Aug/15/2018 - Blatha An Oir
Odin's Playground - Sep/7/2018 - Lionsdale
Kingdom Feast - Oct/12/2018 - An Tir
Baronial Banquet - Oct/20/2018 - Lions Gate
Yule - Dec/1/2018 - Dragon's Laire
*** 12th Night Coronation - Jan/11/2019 - Three Mountains
Candlemas - Feb/2/2019 - Dragon's Laire
Feast of Fools - Feb/23/2019 - Silverhart
June Faire - Jun/7/2019 - Dragon's Laire
Yule - Dec/7/2019 - Dragon's Laire

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