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An Tir Crown Savaric and Dalla


Their Royal Majesties, Savaric and Dalla

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Co-Head of Retinue   Maestro Talentus del Albero   head-of-retinue [at]
Court Coordinator   Mistress Brighid Ross   brighidross [at]
Head Lady-in-Waiting   desgod [at]
Royal Liaison   Baroness Aine inghean ui Chonchobhair   sallymennill [at]
Head Guard   Viscount Ulfgar Hjartar Bani Thorvaldsson   sirulfgar [at]
Largess Coordinator   Arianna Freemont of the Clan MacBeighn   dcocking [at]
Royal Herald   Duchess Miranda Faoltiarna   mirandabrothers2 [at]
Royal Scribe   HL Margaret Fae   margaret_fae [at]
Camp Coordinator   Countess Liesel von Langental   lieselvl [at]
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    Likes   Dislikes
Persona   Early 10th century Birka    
Colors   Black, white, and blue    
Allergies       No flowers please, let’s just say Pollen and I are not friends. Trees, grass, flowers, yikes!!! I just take my meds and smile.
Food Allergies   None, but i don't enjoy cooked peppers.   Melons, coconut, green peppers, cucumbers, bananas and some nuts. I eat raw nuts a lot, but please don’t cook them in things. I have to know which ones they are and I don’t like the texture.
Food I love   Avocados, olives, cheese, coconut, raspberries, dark chocolate (-all chocolate really), cookies (chocolate chip, ginger snap, peanut butter), icecream and chocolate cake.    
Beverages   Nonalcoholic-Water, Starbucks coffee, juice, root beer, herbal teas, ginger ale, Grapefruit San Pellegrino, Alcoholic- mojito, strawberry margaritas, pina colada.   No sugar free. Sugar substitutes don’t agree with me.
Other things about me  

I love to do things with my hands. I love to craft. So, if you see me please teach me. I'm always looking for a new skill. We have a wonderful Golden Pyrenees. She is beautiful and the love of our lives.




    Likes   Dislikes
Persona   12th Century Norman Sicilian    
Prefers colors   Black and yellow    
Food   MEAT, cheese, nuts   Mushrooms, blue cheese, Zucchini
Beverages   Tea, Earl grey.
Alcohol: Beer, IPA, Craft beer
Sweets   yes. Prefer milk to dark chocolate    

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