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An Tir Crown Styrkarr and Stjarna


Their Royal Majesties, Styrkarr and Stjarna

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Events will be added as time and work schedules allow.

20-22   Springfest   Wastekeep Styrkarr Stjarna
27-29   Iron & Ink   Ambergard Styrkarr  
3-6   An Tir-West War   Tymberhaven Styrkarr Stjarna
12   Peasant's Revel   Madrone   Stjarna
18-20   July Coronation   Three Mountains Styrkarr Stjarna
25-27   Game of Thrones & Stormgods   Stromgard Styrkarr Stjarna
1-8   Pennsic War   Kingdom of Aethelmarc Styrkarr Stjarna
9   Sergeant's Trials   Wastekeep Styrkarr Stjarna
15-17   Danescombe Academy   Danescombe   Stjarna
15-17   Autumn War   BAO Styrkarr  
22   N. Sound Sergeantry Trials   Aquaterra Styrkarr Stjarna
29-Sep 1   September Crown   Lions Gate Styrkarr Stjarna
5-7   Acorn War   Mountains Edge Styrkarr Stjarna
12-14   Emprise of the Black Lion   Madrone Styrkarr Stjarna
19-21   Summits Fall Coronet   Adiantum Styrkarr Stjarna
27   Arts Gathering   Dragon's Mist Styrkarr Stjarna
3-5   Baron's Ball   Wastekeep Styrkarr Stjarna
11-12   Myrgan Woods 35th Anniversary   Myrgan Wood Styrkarr Stjarna
18   Octoberfest   Wealdsmere Styrkarr  
24-26   Tir Righ Coronet   Lionsdale Styrkarr  
1-2   Feast of Snow Eaters   Montengarde Styrkarr Stjarna
7-9   Fall Crown Council   TBD Styrkarr Stjarna
15   Midhaven Harvest Feast   Midhaven Styrkarr Stjarna
21-23   Avacal Coronet   Myrgan Wood Styrkarr Stjarna
6   Yule Feast   Vulkanfeldt Styrkarr Stjarna
12-14   Yule Feast   Borealis Styrkarr Stjarna
9-11   12th Night   Adiantum Styrkarr Stjarna


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Head of Retinue   Matheus Bane   matt [at]
Court Coordinators   Alyse   arwaller101 [at]
    Regina   reginarollis [at]
Royal Herald   Bernadette A'rd   bernadettetheirishone [at]
Head Lady in Waiting   Mary Grace of Gatland   duchessmarygrace [at]
Captain of the Queen's Guard   Rowland Greene   dagruns_captain [at]
Captain of the King's Guard   Gernon Valletort de Harfleur   darin0101 [at]
Court Reporter   Luciano Foscari   Lucianofoscari [at]
Royal Scribe   Bronwen Elgars (Rannveig)   bronwen.elgars [at]
Awards Sifter   Phelan Tolusmidr   phelan.tolusmidr [at]
Largesse Coordinator   Baroness Elspeth Nic Grath   Elspethn [at]
Royal Costume Coordinators   Miranda Faoltiama   miranda.brothers.31 [at]
Royal Encampment Coordinator   Ysabella Greene   parchen_mom_3 [at]


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HER ROYAL HIGHNESS STJARNA (Prefers to be called Stjarna (St-yar-na))

    Likes   Dislikes
Persona   10th century Icelandic    
Colors   Blue, Black and Silver    
Allergies       No flowers please, let’s just say Pollen and I are not friends. Trees, grass, flowers, yikes!!! I just take my meds and smile.
Food Allergies       Melons, coconut, green peppers, cucumbers, bananas and some nuts. I eat raw nuts a lot, but please don’t cook them in things. I have to know which ones they are and I don’t like the texture.
Food I love   Anything with Apples, peanut butter, meat, and stinky cheese. (Not all mixed together) I eat most anything unless I have had problems with my allergies.    
Beverages   Water, tea (hot or iced)   No sugar free. Sugar substitutes don’t agree with me.
Other things about me  

I love to dance. If there is an event that I am at and there is dancing please make sure you tell me about it. I also love my arctic fox from my device.




    Likes   Dislikes
Persona   6th Century Vendel/Anglo Saxon    
Prefers colors   Black, Silver, Green, Brown    
Food   Lefse, mushrooms, MEAT, cheese, Barbeque Sauce.  

Green Peppers, Broccoli, Cauliflower (most cooked vegetables), most sweets

Beverages   Diet Coke, Green tea, unsweetened iced tea, water.
Alcohol: Rum & Coke is his favorite. Red wine.
  Beer and Ale
Styrkarr’s passions   Period armor, weapons, encampments and his wife and family.    

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Largesse Coordinator   Baroness Elspeth Nic Grath   Elspethn [at]


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