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An Tir Crown Prince and Princess Christian and Héléne


Their Royal Majesties Christian and Helene


Retinue Progress Preferences  


Head of Retinue   HL Rignach of Argyll   headofretinue [at]
Court Coordinator   Thalia de Maccuswell   thaliademaccuswell [at]
Royal Scribe   Duchess Hlutwige Wolfkiller   hlutwige [at]


Retinue Progress Preferences  

Date Event Branch Attending
July 20-22 July Coronation Dragons Mist Both
August 15-20 Autumn War Blatha An Oir Both
August 24-26 Tir Righ Investiture Seagirt Both
August 31-September 3 September Crown Dragon's Laire Both
September 14-16 Summits Coronet Adiantum Both
September 22 Tir Righ A & S & Bardic Lionsdale Both
September 28-30 Emprise of the Black Lion Madrone Both
October 12-14 Kingdom Feast An Tir Both
October 20 October Feast Wealdsmere Both
October 27 Harvest Feast Midhaven Both
November 2-4 Tir Righ Coronet Both
November 9-11 Collegium & Kingdom Bardic Championship Cranehaven Both
November 17 Baroness' Tourney Lions Gate Both
November 24 Yule Hartwood Both
December 1 Tri-Baronial Yule Stromgard Both
December 8 Yule Glymm Mere Both
January 11-13 12th Night Three Mountains Both



    Likes   Dislikes
Persona   12th Century French    
Colors   Yellow / Gold & Black    
Allergies   None   Does not tolerate carbohydrates (diabetic)
Food   Cheese, meats, dark chocolate, blueberries.   No Pork
Beverages   Dark beers, tea  


    Likes   Dislikes
Persona   13th Century Breton    
Prefers colors   Black & Yellow / Gold    
Allergies   No Alcohol
Food   All Vegetables, Fruits , Meats, Cheese Low / No Gluten & Carbs All Vegetables, Fruits , Meats, Cheese Carbs, Gluten, spicy, cream based foods
Beverages   Coffee, diet drinks  

Retinue Progress Preferences  


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