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Embers and Ambrosia, Celtic Bardic, Daffodil

April 27, 2018 to April 29, 2018
Blatha An Oir

Tacoma-Pierce County, WA

Autocrat: Maire nic Shiobhan

Join us for a three-day, two night camping event with a focus on learning and the Arts & Sciences. Instructors from near and far will come to share their knowledge of the crafts belonging to the medieval world as well as to the SCA.  Classes will range from discussion and lecture based to hands-on activities. We will have a wide range of classes which will include; lampworking, fiber crafts, cooking, medieval falconry, Viking warrior coat, Archery 101 workshop, modern music notation workshop, and more! Many classes are youth friendly.  Some classes will require you to bring supplies or have a class fee, be sure to read through the descriptions and contact the event team or instructor with questions.


New this year, Swiss wrestling demos!!


Saturday afternoon during the lunch hour, join us at the Musikhusl as bards compete for the championship! They will perform for you, so don't miss out. A bard with no audience is a sad bard indeed.


Is archery your thing? Do you love the ping and thunk of the arrows flying from your bow to the target? Come compete at the Daffodil Archery tourney! It's the place to be!


Baronial A&S Champion contenders! This is your weekend to shine!! A&S championship to be held inside in the Alpenhaus.


Page Competition!!  This year Embers will also host our Baronial Page Competition for youth between the ages of 8 and 15. Come be a part of the baronial court and be an important part of our events.



Event Steward:Lady Maire Nic Shiobhan;  Contact:


Deputy Steward: HL Zahra bint al-Rammah


Site Coordinator/Sponsor: Jeremy Simmons


Contact: message Event steward with site questions


 Merchant-crat: HL Alizand Thorgeirsson, Contact:


A&S Championship: HL Angharat verch


 Bardic Championship: HL Andromacha Tou Lesvos


Daffodil Tournament: HE Yusuf Ja'bar Timbuktuwwi


Page Competition: Kurohayashi Yoshi, Outgoing Baronial Page


Thrown Weapons: HL Phydeaux Weir




 Currently seeking instructors for Saturday classes.  We would love to have as many hands-on type classes as we can get, as students/populace have requested these types of classes.


To volunteer to teach please send the following information:


SCA Name:

Modern Name:

Email: (for myself and potential students to contact)

Preferred time you want to teach (Saturday morning or afternoon)

Name of Class:

Number of students you feel comfortable to teach at one time:

Description of class: (Include any fees or materials that your students need to bring, if it is appropriate for teens, etc.)

Items you may need from the event steward (example: electricity, water, etc).


General site and event information:


***Site opens for general public at 3pm on Friday April 27th, Event staff, volunteers willing to help put up classroom pavilions, and merchants are allowed on site at 12 noon.


General public: Camping available both Friday and Saturday evening. Please note the per tent fee.


Gate opens Friday at 3 pm and Saturday morning at 8:00am closes before evening court.


Site closed Sunday at 1pm, everyone must be packed up so that event team can have the site cleaned by 3pm


 Site Fee:

 Adult: $15

 SCA member discount: $5

 17 and under: Free with legal guardian (remember to bring waivers found on


Camping fee: This site has a $10 per tent fee that we must charge, a $15 dry RV camping fee, and a $20 wet RV camping fee. There is no camping fee per person, just PER TENT. Open pavilions do not count towards a tent fee.


This site has bathrooms AND showers. It is discreetly wet, please keep all alcohol within period/period-esque containers. Fires are allowed within fire pits only, and must not be left unattended at any time. Ashes/partially burned wood must be removed from site, there is no dumping area for them. DO NOT PUT ASHES IN TRASH CANS. Please be sure to have a bucket of water and fire extinguisher handy near any open flames. We will be using the Alpenhaus, which has a small kitchen area and electricity with a sink, fridge, and stove/oven. If you wish to use these facilities please talk to the event steward first. You will also be required to clean up after yourself in the kitchen, please don't leave dirty dishes in the sink.




 ******For anyone showing up Friday!!!!!!!!!! Our first priority MUST be setting the ranges up and making sure safety areas are set before any campers or activity tents can be set up. Please be patient, or if you are willing, volunteering to help with this process will enable us to allow everyone to set up much faster. Thank you!!


Merchant information:

For questions contact HL Alizand Thorgeirsson


Celtic Bardic Championship Information:

THE DEADLINE TO DECLARE HAS PASSED. Good luck to our competitors.

Greetings Citizens of the Golden Narcissus. Celtic Bardic will be upon us and I ask that you tune your instruments, run your lines, and lift your voices up, and compete for Bardic Champion of this great Barony.

Letters of Intent to compete need to be turned into myself, their Excellencies, and the Baronial Arts and Sciences minister by midnight, January 14th (Sunday of 12th Night). The number of pieces and time length allowed for the competition shall be determined based upon the number of participants we have for the competition***. Document-able period pieces are preferred for this competition and we are asking for no more than 1 page of documentation (approximately 500 words not including references or copies of your performance piece). This documentation will be submitted to me by April 20th so that the documentation can be made available to the populace.

***If we have enough competitors to where we need to limit the presentation to 1 entry, we will require that the entry be a period document-able piece***

Updates will be made as information comes in.

In Service to the Dream,

Andromacha tou Lesvos

Word Weaver of the Golden Narcissus


Daffodil Archery Tournament Information:

TBA, contact HE Yusuf Ja'bar Timbuktuwwi for questions.


Page Competition



A&S championship

THE DEADLINE TO DECLARE INTENT HAS PASSED. Good luck to our competitors.

For all those who are interested in entering the A&S championship at Embers and Ambrosia, the deadline for your letter of intent has been extended to 12th Night. Your rough draft of documentation due at Candlemas to allow me to find judges knowledgeable in your entrys skills.

This will be in the single entry style, as we have had for the past several years, using the Kingdom A&S judging sheets at the Baronial level. This allows everyone to be familiar with the Kingdom format and with the different forms (Process, Object, Performance, Research Paper) you have a guideline of what things the judges will be looking for in your presentation, display and documentation. You will be required to have one item for this entry, having additional pieces to show your skill or development of progress is helpful, but not required.

You will be asked about techniques, sources, and the understanding you have on the processes used for your entry. You will need to be able to discuss the historical items your entry is based upon, and how closely your final product mirrors those items. Knowledge of period correct tools and materials helps, but is not necessary so long as you can clearly explain why they are not used  such as for financial or health concerns (too costly or deadly  like arsenic for face powder are acceptable answers!).

Documentation for this level of entry does not need to be of the college or professional publication level, and you are encouraged to use notes for the presentation at Embers and Ambrosia if that makes you feel more confident. I will be happy to help you with working on documentation for your item or work on practicing your presentation. Just let me know in person, via a Messenger/PM, email or call.

HL Angharat verch Reynulf (Valborg Hyvaritytar af Ihala),

A&S Champion, Courtier Blatha an Oir


Site Info:

Name: Swiss Sportsman Club

9205 198th Ave E

Bonney Lake, WA 98391


Directions to Site:


Tacoma Swiss Sportsman Club

9205 198th Ave. E.

Bonney Lake, WA 98391


Take your best route to HWY 410 in Bonney Lake, 

If coming from the West, turn right on 198th Ave E

If coming from the East, turn left on 198th Ave E


The Swiss Sportsman Club will on your right

Site Info:
Name: Swiss Sportsman Club of Tacoma
9205 198th Ave E
Bonney Lake, WA 98391

Directions to Site:

Last Event's Directions:

From I-5 North and South proceed on I-5 to Puyallup, take Hwy 512 East towards Puyallup. Take the Summit-Canyon Road exit. At the top of the exit (at the light) you will take a right. Proceed South on Canyon Road approx 3.8 miles. The site is on the left hand side of the road. 16409 Canyon Road East. There is a large sign stating Tacoma Sportsmens Club. Turn left into the drive and proceed to the Club House and gate. From HWY 405 or 167 proceed South or Hwy 405 to the 167 Junction in Kent, go South on 167 to the Hwy 512, Puyallup Junction. Follow hwy 512 west towards Spanaway, Lakewood. Take the Summit-Canyon Raod exit, at the top of the exit(at the light) turn left onto Canyon Road. Follow Canyon Road approx 3.8 miles to the Sportsmens Club. It will be on the left hand side of the road, 16409 Canyon Road East. there is a large sign that states Sportsmans Club. Turn into the drive and follow it to the main hall and the gate.

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