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Dragon's Mist and Three Mountains Championship

June 17, 2017
Dragon's Mist

Washington County, OR

Autocrat: Brigitta Riegers


O'er the Mountains and through the Mists of Legend sounds the call - "Champions!  Ready thyselves!"

The Baronies of Dragon's Mist and Three Mountains announce their Bi-Baronial Championship Event!  Held under the trees at the lush and green Shute Park, Dragon's Mist will audition for its new Bardic Champion and search for its new Youth Champion; Three Mountains will hunt for its new Rapier champion, and both Baronies will contest for their new Heavies Champions!  The event will be a full day of fighting, arts, and fellowship between these two great Baronies!  And they invite you to take part!

Site opens at 9:30am.  We ask that you bring your own chairs, garbage bag to haul out your trash, lunch and beverages, and dayshade.

Armored Champions

Both Baronies are in need of new Heavy Armored Champions. Those who wish to become a Champion for either barony will process into Morning Court with their Inspiration and declare their intent to one barony. It will be a multi-weapon tourney. Current plans also involve the Barons testing the mettle of the combatants before the tourney starts. We may also have a special Barons Round.  The Barony of Three Mountains will be providing a Wooden Chest to the winner of their competition. The Barony of Dragon's Mist will also provide a Wooden Chest to the winner of their competition. Candidates must have an active Blue Card.

Three Mountain's Rapier Champion

Three Mountains needs a new Rapier Champion. It will be a modified London Master's format  -a test of prowess in four formats: single sword, sword/dagger, sword/buckler. sword/cloak.  The Barony of Three Mountains will be providing a Wooden Chest to the winner of their competition. Candidates must have an active Blue Card

Dragon's Mist Bardic Champion

Dragon's Mist also needs a new Bardic Champion - Intent to enter must be sent to myself (elizabeth.cothran.bellows at and Baron Finn (baron at by June 1st, 2017.  Entrants must:

1.    Have an active blue card;

2.    Email the intent to enter as stated above;

3.    Submit a written letter of intent to his Excellency during Morning Court on the day of the Champions Tournament (If you need help writing one, let me know and I will send some examples to help you!);

4.    Be prepared to (if they win), swear fealty as Champion to his Excellency, promote the Bardic Arts in the Barony and the Kingdom, and run the Championship the following year to name their successors, and

5.    Enter two bardic pieces:

a.    A period piece with documentation. This can be any type of bardic art: singing, theatre, poetry, dance, etc. If it is a performing art, it will be great. Put effort into your piece, since this will be the main thing judged. Documentation does not need to be long, just a summary of your findings, but the piece must be pre-1650 (though preferably pre-1600, but I'm giving some leeway for things like Shakespeare). Note: Traditional pieces like "Loch Lomond" will not be accepted. This is a test of your anachronistic abilities, since the SCA is an educational society.

b.    A non-period but SCA appropriate piece. This can also be any type of bardic art, as long as it is a different one than the period piece. This doesn't mean spoken word vs. singing, it just means don't do two songs in a row or two poems. Documentation isn't needed, but some lyrics/words printouts would be really appreciated. Some examples I can think of: A song by Great Big Sea, a period-appropriate poem you wrote, a dance you choreographed in a particular style, a traditional fairy tale whose origins are long since forgotten.

Dragon's Mist Youth Champion

Greetings Fair Populace of Dragon’s Mist and surrounding Baronies!

The time has come for our Youth Champions to step down and for a new team of Youths to carry forth the Honor and Pride of our lands! Calling all youths to the Dragon’s Mist Youth Championship.

This Championship consist of a two-member team, a Senior (teen 12-17) and a Junior (youth 6-11) Champion because Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.

Youth that wishes to compete in the Dragon’s Mist Youth Championship should be prepared to declare their intent before His Excellency Finn Grim during opening court. Then the fun begins…

The Championship will have two parts:

1.    We will have a Bardic Competition in Any Medium, with Summer as our theme. Competitors can choose to sing a song, recite a poem, tell a story or a joke, and so on, of their own making or something they truly love and wish to perform.


2.    Arts & Sciences, construction of the Catapult, in popsicle sticks. For the Arts portion of our Championship, kits will be provided for the competitors to build decorate their own popsicle stick catapults. Then we will discuss the Science behind the catapult and why it works, holding our very own launching competition of fuzzy ‘knights’.

So please come on out and join us in support of our Youth as they challenge each other for the Youth Championship of Dragon’s Mist!

Please note, we ask that all Junior competitors please have their guardian/s with them at all times during the championship to be and remain eligible to compete. We are not able to have eyes on all our youth at once so help is asked in this part and ever so greatly appreciated!

Yours in Service

Lady Renna Ravenswald


Children who are not interested in taking part in the Youth Championship are welcome to enjoy the Shute Park playground (

In addition, Dragon's Mist will be hosting a Potluck Feast after Closing Court.  There will be delicious meats, breads, and condiments for a lovely Spring picnic meal.  Please bring a side dish or dessert to share. We will have limited space for crockpots.

After all this revelry, the site will close at 8:30pm.

Please join Dragon's Mist and Three Mountains in their Bi-Baronial Championship!

There has been some question about the need for a Blue Card to be a Champion for either Barony. This is a Corpora Mandate that came out at this last Seneschal's Retreat. Since being a Champion is viewed as the same as holding an Office for the barony and they are loaned regalia that belongs to the SCA, that person needs to maintain a membership while in office. This is not either Barony putting in a requirement, but one that Corpora is through Kingdom.

If you have further questions about this requirement, please contact either Seneschal who would be happy to explain further.


Date:  June 17, 2017

Site Opens:  9:30am

Site Closes:  8:30pm

Site Fees: Adults $10 ($5 member discount); Youth under age 17 are free

Location:  Shute Park 750 SE 8th Ave, Hillsboro, OR 97123

Don't Forget To Pack:  Chairs, Garbage Bags, Lunch, Beverages, Dayshades (the picnic tables are under the shade of trees, but if you would like to be closer to the action a shade device is recommended. We'll have a Baronial pavilion to share shade as well.



9:30am Gate Opens

1000am Armor Inspection 
1030am Court - Armored Fighters line up to process in with their Inspirations (You do not have to process in full armor)

Armored and Rapier will have a shared wall Field and competitions run simultaneously. Competition will start after court.

11-1130 All Competitions start after court (this is a tentative start time) Second Armor Inspection

3:00pm Closing Court - All Champions Invested, Awards handed out

4pm Potluck Feast
6pm Clean Up of Site

Event Steward:  Her Ladyship Brigitta Riegers



Site Info:
Name: Shute Park Picnic Area A
750 SE 8th Avenue
Hillsboro, OR 97123

Directions to Site:

From Seattle:

Follow I5 South to Portland.

Take US HWY 26 W to NW Brookwood Parkway. Turn Right onto Cornell Road from Brookwood. Continue on Cornell Road to SE 8th Avenue

From Salem:

Follow I5 North to Beaverton. Take Hwy 217. Use Exit 2A. Take OR 8 W to SE 8th Avenue

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