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Ancestral Remembrance Celebration

July 28, 2017 to July 30, 2017
Myrtle Holt

Grants Pass, OR

Autocrat: Brynhildr Smidsdottir

Join the Incipient Barony of Myrtle Holt, as we celebrate our ancestors with merriment, classes, horses, and tournaments! 
We are hosting the Summits Outrider Championship, so bring your steed to compete to become the next Outrider of the Summits! 
We will also be holding our archery, and equestrian championships, as well as our heavy defender tournament!

Check back for classes and schedule!

Outrider Championship format: 
Part 1 - Martial Course. A scored "Gamblers Choice" martial course will account for one half the total for the day. By Gamblers Choice I mean there will be a collection of elements laid out on the riding lists and each competitor will be given the option of running them in any order they wish. Weapons will be carried by the rider or staged on the course and not held/presented by ground crew. Each element of the course will have a point value for successful completion. While some will have value based on relative success (number of rings, size of rings, number of heads, etc., some will have a all or nothing value. There will be a target time for completion of the course. All riders coming in under the target time will be have their score increased by half. Point total will then be added to the scores from Part 2 and 3.
Part 2 - Pageantry. Each rider will perform an 2 to 3 minute ride intended to show off their horse at its finest. Riders will be expected to walk, trot and canter, reinback, show lead changes at the canter (simple or flying) and lateral movement light side-pass, half-pass, shoulder-in, etc. Costuming and barding will be taken into account as three to five judges (depending on who is present), including the Prince and/or Princess, average their score of up to 50 points.
Part 3 - Pure Horsemanship. Every equestrian present will be giving a score card with the names of all the competitors on the day. They will then score every competitor on the general horsemanship (care, handling, training and riding of the horse), from the ENTIRE day. That means from morning feeding, through grooming and tack up, warm up, competition and aftermath. These scores will be from 1-10 with the high and low scores tossed out and will be totaled and added to the over all score.
The rider with the highest total score will become Outrider of the Summits.

Myrtle Holt's Osprey (Archery) Championship format: 
It is a moving course. What does this mean? It means that you will be on the move while firing at your target! You can set your own pace, but you must stay mobile!

Myrtle Holt Heavy Defender format:
No shield! Any weapon is ok, as long as it's on your fighter card!

Site Info:
Name: Flying B Bar Ranch
1100 McMullen Creek Rd.
Selma, OR 97538

Directions to Site:

Last Event's Directions:


From Grants Pass take US HWY 199 (Redwood Hwy) heading towards the coast to Selma, OR. Turn left on Lake Shore Dr just a short distance after Rays supermarket. (look for the sign for Lake Selmac).

From the Coast take US HWY 199 (Redwood Hwy) heading towards Grants Pass to Selma, OR. Turn righton Lake Shore Dr (look for the sign for Lake Selmac)


Once on Lake Shore Dr drive 3.3 miles past the general store and campground and take a right on McMullen Creek Rd. Drive. approximately .6 miles and follow SCA sign (on right) to parking and camping area for event.

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