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Aquaterra Champions & St. Ursul's Collegium

August 25, 2017 to August 27, 2017

Snohomish County, WA

Autocrat: Ljúfvina haustmyrky Hrafnsdóttir

* Updated 7/8/17. More Information Coming Soon! Watch this space for updates! *

St. Ursul bearing the Barony of Aquaterra Device


Champions, Scholars, and Merry-in-Heart— revel with us!

Aquaterra Champions & St. Ursul’s Collegium

with the Sable Rose Tournament

Badge of the Company of the Sable Rose Argent

Celebrate the turning of the seasons as the Barony of Aquaterra seeks out its next Champions and cultivates new skills among the populace. Compete for honor and glory or cheer on the challengers at our multi-faceted site, featuring tests in Heavy Combat, Rapier, Archery, Thrown Weapons, Youth Armored Combat, Equestrian, Arts & Sciences, Bardic and Games. Build upon your knowledge and share your passions with others at our hands-on class opportunities and merchants with demos. Delight in the pageantry presented by the joviality courtesy of the Company of the Sable Rose’s tournaments. And raise your glasses high at our evening feast with friends before curling up beside the campfire at night. Join us and toast to summer’s glory!

Seeking More? Check the website for the latest details! Find us on the An Tir Events Calendar or the Barony’s Facebook:


Ages 18+: $20* (weekend), $15*(Saturday daytrip), or $5 (Sunday daytrip)
Ages 0-17: FREE!
$5 for Saturday evening tavern
*$5 Member Discount for SCA members age 18+ (Must have proof of

Make checks payable to: SCA Inc.-Barony of Aquaterra

Friday: 3:00 PM (Merchant set-up begins at Noon) until Midnight
Saturday: 8:00 AM - 5:00PM

Sunday: 9:30 AM - Noon

Site Closes on Sunday at 3PM


HL Ljúfvina haustmyrky -
HL Domenico Taddio –

Lady Heilvé Friðriksdóttir -


Find more details below the Champions section below. Lady Heilvé serves as Collegium Steward for this event.

Find more details below the Champions and Collegium sections below. Her Excellency Baroness Angharad stands as the Tournaments' Lead and Patroness.


Our Merchant Village joins us for the first time at the Fairgrounds this year, sitting right alongside the fighting erics in the center of the event. This year also features a few 11' x 11' vendor stalls for interested merchants, in addition to land for tents.


Wish to join our village? Reach out to our Merchant Steward m'Lady Jayme - 



This year, RVs will be parked on the Farigrounds near the Viking Stage. There are 6 hook-ups available, with the hook-ups being 20amps. We may not have any overnight usage of the grassy knoll or grass strip along the fence near the Grange Hall.


To reserve your space, please contact m'Lady Rosalie Ashcombe -



Our Barony seeks new Champions in the fields of:

- Heavy Combat

- Rapier

- Thrown Weapons

- Archery

- Equestrian

- Youth Armored Combat (YAC)

- Arts & Sciences

- Bardic

- Games


Details for each Championship are listed below the following Customary information as they are made available. HL Domenico serves as as the Champion Steward and overall Marshal in Charge for this event.



If you wish to compete for the title of Champion, please bear in mind the following section from Aquaterra's Customary ( ):


V. Champions

B. Duties, Privileges, and Eligibility of Champions

1. To swear an oath of fealty or service to the Barony

2. To defend the honor and prestige of the Barony and the Kingdom of An Tir, whenever challenged.

3. To support the Barony in war and/or enter competitions for war points.

4. To attend and support Aquaterra events such as Boars Hunt, Banner War, and Ursulmas. The Champion will be expected to return to defend their title or pass along title and regalia to the next Victor at the following year's Championship competition, unless permission is received from the Coronet not to do so.

5. To stand behind the chairs during Baronial Court at events.

6. To maintain membership in the Society during the champion's term of service.

7. To speak or act in the Coronets' name when delegated to do so.

8. To actively further the interests of the area of endeavor through teaching the populace of Aquaterra, through performance, or through pursuit of the skill.

9. To suggest an outline to the Coronets for the competition in their area of expertise in the following year's Championship.



1. All entrants must be paid members of SCA, Inc.

2. All entrants must be at least 18 years of age except Youth Armored Combat Champion, who will be determined from the Dragon Division.


ALL ENTRANTS, including those for the martial arts, must present themselves in Opening Baronial Court on the day of the Championship when the competitors for each competition are called forth, to proclaim their intent to enter the Aquaterra Championship and receive the Invocation.


ALL ENTRANTS must submit proof of membership, modern and SCA names, and complete contact information (email if applicable, and phone) at the beginning of their competition on the day of the Championship. Failure to provide proof of membership will result in immediate disqualification. Entrants must assume responsibility for reading the rules of the specific Championship contest desired and complying with all parts of those rules.



I. Heavy Combat

Summon your might and honor to rise to the role of Champion upon the battlefield. First, competitors will face-off in a two 20min half-bearpit round. The victor will stays in the center during each round, and each successive fighter vying for points attempts to defeat the person in the center. Competitors earn points for every victory you win in the center (with the losing fighter will report to list the name of the person who won). Double kills are mutually destructive, meaning both fighters will go back to the line and two new fighters step up.

After the dust in the pit has settled, the top two fighters will face-off in a best two out of three-- with a caveat. This final round will need two successive victories before a winner is declared.

Armor inspection will begin promptly after Saturday morning court, with the tournament starting immediately afterwards. Please show respect to Their Excellencies, the marshals, and your fellow competitors by being punctual and prepared.

Competition Contats: Heavy Defender Tyrfingr Ragenvaldrson, and HL Domenico Taddio


II. Rapier

Present your skill with the sword and valor on the field in a two-part competition! A Round-Robin will compose the first part; the second portion will comprise a "defense" of Her Excellency of Aquaterra. Points will be awarded for martial victories in the Round-Robin, successful escort in the defense, Letters of Intent to Their Excellencies, and presentation & introduction during Opening Baronial Court on Saturday.

Competition Contats: Champion Duelist Don Dyryke Stanley, and HL Domenico Taddio


III. Thrown Weapons

Throw swift and sure in a multi-part challenge to test accuracy, versatility, and good spirits! Competitors will take part in a half Royal Round (which may be 'plauged' with a little problem), a plumbata toss, and a potential surprise test. More  specifics will be presented the day of the competition.


Competition Contats: Champion Marskman Etole Marchant, and HL Domenico Taddio


IV. Archery



Competition Contats: Champion Archer Torn of Froghaven, and HL Domenico Taddio


V. Equestrian

A challenge course awaits competitors and their steeds this year! Show off your skills and equine teamwork before the Coronet, current Champion Sir Thorkel, and the crowd!


Challenge specifics will be presented the day of the competition. Warm-up time will be designated ont eh site schedule. In addition to the Customary requirements, only approved competitors, designated marshals, and designated ground crew are allowed within the arena throughout the event.


Competition Contats: Equestrian Champion Sir Thorkel Fitz Hrothgar, and HL Domenico Taddio


VI. Youth Armored Combat (YAC)



Compeition Contacts: Aquaterra Youth Marshal Sarah Maiser, Youth Defender Owen of Aquaterra, and HL Domenico Taddio


VII. Arts & Sciences

In addition to the Customary requirements, Competitors must provide:

- A Letter of Intent to the Baron & Baroness of Aquaterra by Saturday, August 5th at 11:59pm (Current as of 7/2/17; date and time subject to change). Their Excellencies' e-mails: and .

- At judging, 1 completed project (with documentation)

- At judging, 1 project in progress (with inspiration and rough outline of research)


For each project you will present to a panel of judges for 15-20 minutes with 15-20 minutes for Q&A with the judges after the presentation. Please bring 4 copies of your documentation. (Current as of 5/24/17; time and copies subject to change). Judging forms/process used TBA.


Competition Contacts: A&S Champion HL Gabriella Margaurite Simonetti di Ruccellai, and A&S Minister HL Emma Compton


VIII. Bardic

In addition to the Customary requirements, Competitors must:

- Send a Letter of Intent to the Baron & Baroness of Aquaterra by Saturday, August 5th at 11:59pm (Current as of 7/2/17; date and time subject to change). Their Excellencies' e-mails: and .

- At judging, present/perform 1 historical, period-appropriate piece (with documentation)

- At judging, present/perform 1 additional piece, either period-appropriate or SCA-appropriate (documentation)

- During the Saturday evening Tavern, perform 1 of the two pieces presented to the judges earlier that day.


For each piece you will present to a panel of judges for 15-20 minutes with 15-20 minutes for Q&A with the judges after the presentation. Please bring 4 copies of your documentation. (Current as of 7/2/17; time and copies subject to change). Judging forms/process used TBA.


Competition Contacts: A&S Minister HL Emma Compton, HL Domenico Taddio, and Bardic Champion Kat Draygon


IX. Games


Competion Contacts: Games Champion HL Emma la rousse d’Argentan, Games Minister , and HL Domenico Taddio







Site Info:
Name: Stanwood/Camano Fairgrounds
6431 Pioneer Hwy.
Stanwood, WA 98292

Directions to Site:

Last Event's Directions:

Take Exit 212 from Interstate 5. Travel west 3 miles on State Route 532. Turn Left on 64th Ave. Go approximately 1/2 mile, and turn right on to the Pioneer Hwy. The fairgrounds entrance will be on the right just past the Eagles Club on the corner: look for the SCA signs.

***Entrance to equestrian trailer parking & camping area is on 64th Ave (before turning on Pioneer Hwy & reaching main Gate - watch for sign). 

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