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This event has already happened, and this information is here for historical purposes. Any contact Information is not valid for current events!

Tournament of Armies

August 04, 2017 to August 07, 2017
Lions Gate

Vancouver, BC

Autocrat: Ceara inghean ui Mhadadhain device5955OP

Tournament of Armies VII: The Scourge of the MacAndrews

This page was updated on July 26, 2017

Barony of Lions Gate (Greater Vancouver, BC)
August 4 - 7, 2017


** Detailed information is on the event website: **

You can also get information and updates on Facebook:


War.  You've seen it.  A Tournament of Armies.   When ToA began, Clan MacAndrew was there at the opening, declaring their intentions. At the end of the weekend, you saw us claim second place.

You saw us the next year, and the year following, and for years after that, standing proudly in our position as second greatest army.  Except for maybe last year, when we were absorbed into the greatest. But all the other times!  Oh, we were nearly the best.  Almost Greatest.  Best of the Losers.  Second.

No longer!  This year, we've come to a realization, a superior plan:  If you can't beat them, RUN THE WAR!  Make everyone else jump through the hoops!

Once more a Tournament of Armies returns to Lions Gate, to see who can best rally and command their troops. The Baron & Baroness of Lions Gate invite all prospective warlords to gather your people; armoured or rapier combatants, archers, thrown weapons, artisans, scientists, bards, and riders. And never forget the backbone of any army, your service personnel.  This year, it is vital that all warlords recruit all disciplines, as some boons will only be earned through these.  There will be several special boons that will be awarded through Rapier, Archery, and Equestrian activities.

All this information - and much more - can be found at the new TOA VII website.


Declare your intent!  Rally the people!


*~*~* EVENT SUMMARY *~*~*
Full details on the event website

Warlord Requirements

To declare yourself a Warlord and call an army to your banner, you must meet one of the following criteria:

1.       You must be a heavy fighter with a valid authorization card; OR

2.       If you are a rapier fighter with a valid authorization card, you need to appoint a field commander for the heavy scenarios; OR

3.       If you are not a heavy fighter, you need to appoint field commanders for heavy and rapier scenarios.


Army Limitations

A warlord's initial army cannot exceed 10 points for Heavy, 10 points for Rapier and 10 points Archery.  Details on building the army is on the event website.


Earning Points for your Army

Points for your army are extremely valuable as they allow you to buy more troops as the tournament progresses.  A shrewd Warlord will think and plan beyond just the fighting scenarios so recruit wisely.  Points will be available for doing the following things:

  • Teach or attend a TUTR Class
  • Equestrian
  • Bardic
  • Arts & Sciences
  • Gate service
  • Town Cry service
  • Marshalling
  • Waterbearing
  • Biffie Patrol (keeping things tidy)


Friday Night Warlord Recruitment Party

Are you a free-agent that hasn't been recruited yet?  Have you been approached by more than one prospective Warlord and can't decide who to align with?  Are you a Warlord who wants to live on the edge and not recruit until the last second?

WARLORDS!  Hire a bard if you aren't one and bring your best recruitment song.  Inspire the people to fight for you.  The best performance will be granted valuable points for the army!


Buy a Biffie Program

The event team is offering a one-time, unique, first of its kind program for biffies (portable toilets). You may reserve and pay for your very own biffie that is for your group's use only, delivered to your camping space. You would provide your own lock but a key or combination must also be provided to the Event Steward. The fee must be paid for in full in advance of the event (deadline is 8pm on Tues, July 25th - no exceptions). This is a revenue-neutral offer - the Barony will not make any money on this. The cost is $115.50 for a regular or $157.50 for handicap and cheques can be made out to the Barony of Lions Gate. If this program interests you, please contact the Event Steward by email or through Facebook messenger.


*~*~* LOGISTICS *~*~*

Site Fees
Adult Registration Fee (19+):  $30.00*  
*$5 discount for SCA Members with proof of membership
Youth and Children (18 and under):  Free of charge

Merchant Fee:  $10 (no food vendors permitted due to local bylaws)

Please make cheques out to The Barony of Lions Gate

Similar to July Coronation, US currency will be accepted at par. Change will be given in Canadian currency.

Please note that the new Principality Law regarding site fees only applies at Principality Events.


Event times
Site opens at 3:00 pm on Friday and closes at 3:00 pm Monday.


Other Important Details

  • The gate to the park is locked at 10pm each night.  No vehicles can enter or leave after that time, except for a true emergency.
  • RV Parking will be available.
  • You are responsible for your horse's care while onsite. This includes feed, water and cleaning up after them. You must contact the event team before the event in order to arrange arrival and departure times.
  • You will be responsible for taking your garbage with you when you leave.
  • In anticipation of the usual fire restrictions in August, no fire pits or propane braziers are permitted.
  • No smoking anywhere on park property (Bylaw). Smoking in designated areas only (on Cartmell Road).
  • Dogs are allowed on site and must be on leash at all times due to horses being on site and local bylaw requirements. Please pick up after your pooch!
  • Quiet time will be in effect at 11:00pm each evening in accordance with local bylaws.
  • Drinking water is NOT available on site so plan accordingly.



Site Info:
Name: Island 22 Equestrian Site
45695 Cartmell Road
Chilliwack, BC

Directions to Site:


From West:

  1. Follow Trans-Canada Hwy/BC-1 E to Vedder Rd in Chilliwack. 
  2. Take exit 119 from Trans-Canada Hwy/BC-1 E
  3. Take Yale Rd and Young Rd to Cartmell Rd

From East

  1. Take exit 123 from Trans-Canada Hwy/BC-1 W
  2. Continue on Prest Rd. 
  3. Take Yale Rd to Cartmell Rd

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