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This event has already happened, and this information is here for historical purposes. Any contact Information is not valid for current events!

May Crown

May 19, 2017 to May 21, 2017

Grant County, WA

Autocrat: Gera Gangolffin & Steven Desjardin device8506OP device5147OP

May Crown 2017 is hosted by the Barony of Madrone and will be located in the Shire of Ambergard.

Site info:

Fee: $25, $5 membership discount
Event times: 2 PM Friday - 3 PM Sunday.
Merchants row opens to vendors at Noon on Friday.
Parking: On site, free.

Event Schedule:

12:00 PM Site opens to merchants Gate
2:00 PM Site opens to the populace Gate
5:30 PM Family Activities:  Heraldry Class TBD
5-9 PM Herald's available for submissions only Madrone pavilion on the erics
7:30 PM Marshal's Meeting Lists pavilion on the erics
7:30 PM Vigil for Rowland Greene  (OP) Wastekeep Camp
7:30 AM Gate opens Gate
8:00 AM Laurel's meeting Royal Pavilion
8:00 AM Heralds: Crown Tournament prep meeting Herald's Pavilion
8:45 AM Pelican's meeting Royal Pavilion
9:00 AM Lists open for Crown Tournament Lists Pavilion
9:00 AM Lists & armor inspection for rapier tournament Merchants' Erics
9:00 AM Archery range opens Archery Range
9:00 - ongoing Vigil for Morgan Donner & Gnome Garden Party Madrone Pavilion
9:30 AM Brunch for Consorts of Crown Tournament Fighters Royal Pavilion
9:30 AM Thrown Weapons Marshal's class Thrown Weapons Range
10:00 AM Rapier Tournament starts Merchants' Erics
10:00 AM Family Activities:  Calligraphy - Writing Norse Runes Family Activities Pavilion
???? Arts & Sciences and Ithra classes start Arts & Sciences Pavilion
???? Family Activities: Card weaving, felt belt pouch, & archery TBD Family Activities Pavilion
10:00 AM Lists close & armor inspection starts for Crown Lists Pavilion & Main Erics
10:30 AM Contestants line up for Crown Procession Main Erics
10:45 AM Crown Procession starts & then Invocation Main Erics
11:30 AM Thrown Weapons range opens Thrown Weapons Range
11:45 (approx) Crown Tournament starts  Main Erics
Noon  Garden of Earthly Delights & scribal area open Glymm Mere Pavilion
Noon  Armin’s House of Grot  (until it sells out) Madrone Pavilion
Noon - 4pm  Bardic activities:  Check the signboard for details Circular stage near gate
1-3pm Family Activities:  Youth Illumination Family Activities Pavilion
Noon - 5pm  Heralds open for consulting Book Herald's Pavilion
Noon  Seneschal's meeting Seneschal's Pavilion 
12:30 PM Cut & Thrust:  Lists open until 1:15 Merchants' Erics
1:00 PM Exchequer meeting Seneschal's Pavilion 
1:00 PM Cut & Thrust:  Marshals class starts Merchants' Erics
1:30 PM Cut & Thrust:  Armor inspection & then tournament Merchants' Erics
1:30 PM Lion et de la Lance meeting Royal Pavilion
2:00 PM Storytime for children with the Queen Royal Pavilion
2:00 PM Lists open & armor inspection for youth armored combat  Merchants' Erics
2:30 PM Youth Armored Combat Tournament starts Merchants' Erics
4:00 PM Garden of Earthly Delights and A&S area close Glymm Mere and A&S Pavilion
4:00 (approx) During break before Crown finals:  Finals for YAC Dragon Division & Announcement of Kingdom Armored Marshal Main Erics
4:00 (approx) Archery & Thrown Weapons ranges close for Crown finals.  They may reopen afterwards until court starts if marshals are available.   Ranges
4:30 (approx) Crown Tournament ends Main Erics
5:00 PM Chivalry meeting  (Or 15 minutes after Crown ends if that's later than 4:30.) Royal Pavilion
5:00 PM Herald's general meeting  (Or 15 minutes after Crown ends if that's later than 4:30.) Herald's Pavilion
6:00 PM Royal Court starts  
8:00 (approx) Dancing & Revel with music by Fromage Party Band  (Bring your chairs and drinks.) Main Erics
8:00 (approx) Bardic Fire: Focus on praise songs & stories about SCA members An Tir Bards encampment
8:00 AM Master's of Defence meeting Royal Pavilion
8:45 AM Financial Meeting Royal Pavilion
9:00 AM Court Heraldry Class  (1 hour) Herald's Pavilion
9:30 AM Curia Meeting Royal Pavilion
9:00 AM Lists & Armor Inspection for Squires' Tourney Main Erics
9:00 AM Lists & Armor Inspection for Cadets' Tourney Merchants' Erics
9 - 11 AM Archery & Thrown Weapons Ranges Open Ranges
9:45 AM Lists close for Squires' & Cadets' Lists Tables
10:30 AM Noble Estate Meeting Royal Pavilion
10:00 AM Squires' & Cadets' Tournaments start Erics
11:00 AM Order of Grey Goose Shaft mtng  (TRM will come at 11:30) Archery Range 
3:00 PM Site Closed! Everywhere

please contact:

Event Stewards (Baron Steven Desjardin and HL Gera Gangolffin):

Land and eric reservations (Lady Sarah Pixie):

RV reservations (Master Ralg):

Merchant reservations (Lady Juana the Christian):

Event schedule (Mistress Althaia filia Lazari):

Other resouces:
Site rules, accomodations, local amenities.

Heavy fighters, pray attend! preregistration for the crown tournament is now open.

Site Info:
Name: Grant County Fair Grounds
3953 Airway Dr. NE
Moses Lake, WA 98837

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