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Warren War XI

August 21, 2009 to August 23, 2009

Bellingham - Whatcom County, WA

Autocrat: Victoria the Adventurous

All good gentles are cordially invited to

Warren War 21-23Aug2009

In the fair Shire of Shittimwoode

The Baronies of Aquaterra, and Lions Gate will be battling to see who will be burdened with the responsibility for Point Roberts this time.

A weekend filed with fun, and revelry, and fighting is planned.


Gate fee: $13 for adults, $8 for 13-17 year olds, $40 family cap,

              $10 day fee.  The $3 non-member surcharge applies. 

              Details are in the July Crier.


  MERCHANTS; contact Matty 

for information or to register for the event.





            12:00 noon     Gate opens for Merchants

            3:00pm           Gate opens for Populace

            8:00pm           Tablero Tournament starts at Kabeelah                                       Camp (continues until dawn Saunday)

            10:00pm         Quite Time in “Early Risers” camp

            1:00am            ALL drumming ceases



9:00am            Pick up SIEGE COOKING and SEIGE COSTUMING materials at Autocrat Point

10:00am          Opening COURT

10:30am          PIED PIPER: Making “turnips”and epithets for “Peasant Revolt” next to eric

10:30am          RAPIER amour inspection next to war field

10:30am          YOUTH COMBAT begins in eric

10:45am          ARCHERY begins (until 9:30pm)

11:00am          RAPIER scenarios begin on war field

11:00am          THROWN WEAPONS: traditional rounds begin (until 5:00pm)



12:00 noon     PIED PIPER: blow darts next to eric

12:30pm         HEAVY amour inspection next to war field

1:00pm           SEIGE COOKING judged at Archers’ Camp

1:30pm           HEAVY FIGHTERS scenarios begin

1:30pm           PEASANTS’ REVOLT on war field(all children encouraged to participate)

2:00pm           YOUTH ARMOURED Tournament at eric

3:00pm           PIED PIPER: period games next to eric;  “Wet Rag on a Stick”, “Spit in a Bucket” (adults welcome to participate too)

4:00pm           COMBAT ARCHERY box tourney

5:00pm           BREWING CONTEST entries due at autocrat’s point

6:00pm           EVENING COURT

6:45pm           BARDIC COMPETITION begins near “Temple Caffiena”

10:00pm         Quite Time in “Early Risers” camp

            1:00am            ALL drumming ceases





10:00 am         THROWN WEAPONS: novelty throws and PIED PIPER children’s competition

10:00am          ARCHERY: novelty shoots and York Rounds

11:00am          YOUTH AMOURED COMBAT on war field

1:00pm           CLOSING COURT

1:00pm           SIEGE COSTUMING judged at closing court  (fashion show)

5:00pm           SITE CLOSES





vHeavy Battles:  Proposed a 4 stage push battle.

                 For those that don't know, a push battle works like this: The winner

                   of the first battle proceeds to be the attacker in the second, if

                   they win we all move on to the third battle, and if not it all takes

                   a step back to the first scenario.  The war is won when one side

                   eventually wins the last scenario.  If every battle is won by the

                   same side consecutively, it can go very fast, or it can bounce

                   between the first and second battles and last for hours.

              First battle would be a field battle with archery. (Shittimwoode)

              Second battle would be a bridge battle without archery. (Crossing

                   into losing barony, while ignoring Midhaven's presence...)

                         Third battle would be a wall battle.  Two gates through the wall,
                              fighting over it, but archery can only go through the gates. 
                              Not terribly realistic, but helps separate it from a bridge battle. 
                             (Busting into defenders fort) .
                         Fourth battle would see the defending barony holding the keep, lost
                             when the royal or their representative is killed. No archery. 
                             (classic game of kill the Baron)

    vRapier Battles


vCombat Archery


vYouth combat

                   SATURDAY and  SUNDAY:  tounament style combat in the eric. 

                        Loaner gear and instruction available.


vThrown weapons competitions.    from 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday

                      We will have the thrown weapons field open for knife, ax and spear throw competitions.


                      The specialty throws will be open from 10am-12pm on Sunday.

                      The specialty throw will include:

                          Women's peasant throw, frying pan to head, kitchen utensils and peasant pitchforks.

                          We will provide all implements for these throws.


vArchery Competitions.    Archery specialty shoots galore, and York Rounds.

                      At Warren War will offer target archery including York and Royal rounds, and specialty shoots.

                      We’ll also have two fighting scenarios including combat archery, and a separate battle

                          among combat archers (if they show up.)  Brynmor has offered to organize and

                          run something like a box tourney on a large scale.


v Equestrian competitions.    

                      SATURDAY; traditional competitions

                      SUNDAY: Hunt for "The Holy Grail".



vBardic Championship:   The Bunny Bard will be chosen in a tournament style.

                                     Depending on how many enter, it will either be a double elimination or a single elimination.


                                     There will be a panel of three judges to declare the winner of each round. Winner of each

                                            round will be determined by how close contestant stays to the theme, general impression

                                            and entertainment value, and by audience appeal. (ie, if the audience loves you ,

                                            but I hate you, you can still win!)


                                     You will be allowed to challenge your fellow bards in the first round, but will be paired up

                                            thereafter, just like crown tourney.


                                     The first two rounds will have the themes already decided and you can prepare for them.

                                            The first round will be:     Broken heart
                             The second Round will be:     Revenge

                         Remember that any of the following
subjects may be chosen in the

                         following rounds, so having a good repertoire is key to this tournament.

                         Each round before, the next round will be chosen from the list of possibilities

                         that will be drawn from a hat. Thus I wont have the stigma of being "mean" and

                         being biased for or against any particular Bard!

                         Don't forget that you will be timed,5 minutes max for each entry. so it

                         would be a good idea to practice your choices to make sure they are not over long,

                         we don't want to have to cut you off, but I am ruthless and I will do it!

                         I personally love this style of competition because it is all about repertoire,

                         versatility, and lots and lots of variety!

                         Hope to see many people going out for this!


                             Baroness Anastasia Alexandrovna Andreeva (OL)
                             Principality of Tir Righ A&S Champion
                             Barony of Aquaterra A&S Champion


                                             The rounds there after will be any from the following list:


                                                         Hunting, love, honor, defeat, victory, ghosts, death, dark, King, Tournament,

                                                  castle, journey, Heaven, Hell, Horse, Juggler, thief, Earth, Water, Fire, Wind,

                                                  All four elements together, Moon and stars,  Poet, clergy man, maiden, witch,

                                                  soldier, peasant, nobleman, blacksmith.


                                      You will not know until that round what theme will be chosen. This is to inspire you

                                            to build a repertoire. If you choose to do something that has nothing to do with

                                            the theme you will automatically not make it to the next round. If we are not

                                            sure if you have covered the theme we may ask you to explain yourself, giving

                                            you a chance to convince us that you should not be eliminated. Winner will be

                                            by process of elimination, the last one standing is the winner.


                                      You can enter a story, song, poem, dance, juggling, whatever will follow the theme.


                                      There is a 5 minute limit for each performance and a timer will be at the judges table.

                                             You WILL be cut off if you go over. We don’t have all night.


                                      The winner will be announced and a good time will be had by all, and those not

                                          drinking at the time can

Site Info:
Name: Hovander Homestead Park
5299 Nielson Ave.
Ferndale, WA 98248

Directions to Site:

Event Directions :

Hovander Homestead Park, in Ferndale WA, is about half an hour south of the Canadian border on I-5.

Take your best route to I-5. Take exit 262 and go west on Main Street. Go 1/2 mile and turn hard left

onto Hovander Rd. IMMEDIATELY after going under railroad trestle. (If you cross the bridge, you have

gone too far.) Turn right on Nielsen avenue after 1/5 mile. Go to the very end of the road (turns into

one lane dirt road prior to "Gate". 

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