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This event has already happened, and this information is here for historical purposes. Any contact Information is not valid for current events!


June 30, 2018

King County, WA

Autocrat: Alianora Greymoor device2161OP





Greetings unto the esteemed artisans of AnTir, 


The Laurels of AnTir in partnership with Their Excellencies of Madrone and The Ministry of Arts andSciences invite artisans of all skill levels to journey to Athenaeum, in The Barony of Madrone, to showcase your artistic skills to all the Realm! 


YOU spoke; WE listened


This is a non-competitive Body of Work event, and it is your chance to display the breadth of your artistic abilities and receive valuable feedback and commentary from the Laurels of AnTir and other artisans in a relaxed, collaborative, and engaging environment. 


This event is also open to those who do not want to display. If you just want to come peruse the largest arts and sciences display in the kingdom and interact with the artisans- this event is for you too!!! All are welcome!!



  • Body of work display: Artisans can choose to have a full table (8ft) or half-table (4ft)to display on. They bring everything they want to show off/receive feedback on and display it in their allotted space in a pleasing manner. There is no limit to what you can display, and documentation is not required. If you have documentation that you wish to put out, it is sometimes helpful; however, the focus is on conversation. 
  • Artisans register in advance for how much room they need for their respective displays. 











  • After registration cut-off, attending Laurels are paired with registered entrants thus ensuring that all entrants have been able to meet with Laurels in addition to all the other artisans and observers who will be in attendance. 


How it Works 

  • Once the event starts, Artisans sit at their tables and Laurels and non-entrants start to circulate. Typically Laurels will approach the people on their dance card first. 
  • Each laurel typically spends a minimum of 30-45 minutes with each artisan on their dance card (usually 2-3 artists)talking about their work. They are not judging, assigning scores, or providing structured critique guided by a form. It is a very informal conversation between artists about the work on display. Often artisans might have some works-in-progress that would like feedback on, recently completed projects, learning new skills, or a desire to showcase the breadth of their skills. 
  • Once Laurels have completed their dance card, they are free to roam around and meet with as many artists as they want. Laurels are encouraged to hand out largess for displays that have impressed them, or circle back to displays that they saw earlier but didn't have a chance to visit. It is all very casual with a bit of structure to keep the event moving.
  • Every hour a color is announced and artists that have been assigned that color are allowed to get up and roam around and visit with other artisans about their work. At a minimum that is two hours of face time with other artisans. 
  • Artisans should have some kind of notebook to capture feedback, insights, and conversations. 

Event Schedule:

9:00am - Gate Opens, Artists begin set-up.
9:30am - Laurel Event Meeting
10:00am - Displays are ready for viewing
6:00pm - Displays are taken down
6:30pm - Court 
8:00pm - Site is closed


Location: North Seattle Community College  

Calendar:  June 30th, 2018

Time: 8:00am - 8:00pm

Venue: The Grove at NSC

Site fee: $15

Find us on Facebook:


Site Info:
Name: North Seattle College
9600 College Way N
Seattle, WA 98107

Directions to Site:

The site is at North Seattle College located at 9600 College Way N, Seattle, WA 98103.  The event will take place in the former Cafeteria of the college.  Please use the South entrance on N 95th St.  It will be the most direct route to the building we are using.

Please see provided map for additonal clarity.  We will also have SCA signs out on the premises to assist with navigation.Site Map

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