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September Crown Tournament

August 31, 2018 to September 03, 2018
Dragon's Laire

Kitsap & N Mason Counties, WA

Autocrat: Arontius of Bygelswade

September Crown, 2018
Barony of Dragon's Laire
August 31st - September 3rd, 2018
Port Gamble, Washington


Upcoming Important Dates And Information -

Site Fees for Participants:

Adults (Age of Majority and Over) $25.00 for SCA Members with proof of membership ($5.00 NMR applies for non-members); Youth UNDER AGE OF MAJORITY (18 FOR U.S., 19 FOR CANADA) FREE.

Make checks out to 'SCA, Inc.; Barony of Dragon's Laire'.


Pre-Register Here:


If you choose this method of payment an invoice will be sent to you in 1-2 weeks from the time you pre-register. You will have 7 days to pay your invoice.

September Crown Pre-Registration: c/o Jessica Bennett-Dunn 5254 Del Tormey PL SE Port Orchard, WA 98366

Pre-registration closes and money is due by August 19th.

If you have any questions please email our preregistration coordinator, THL Jess, at

September Crown Camp Registration: Welcome to September Crown 2018! By following this link, you will find the information for large group camping. If you need less than a 30x30 space you will be directed to Open Camping. Individual tents, not a part of a large group, go into open camping.

Please keep checking the Kingdom Event Page and Dragon's Laire web-site on a regular basis for updated information. Pre-registration is not required with the exception of larger encampments (five tents or more) and RV campers. This is to ensure adequate space is reserved for those who need the extra space for larger groups of people.

**NOTE: Pre-registration does not automatically mean you will be placed with your group, you must contact the camping coordinator as soon as we have that person on board. We encourage all to pre-register as it will reduce the amount of time you have to spend at gate in registration. Pre-registration will be available through Mid-August.

Want to be a Vendor in the September Crown Marketplace? Here is a link to the information and form:


                July 15th, 2018 - Applications are due to the Marketplace Coordinator

                August 1st, 2018 - Agreements sent to accepted merchants.

                August 15th, 2018 - Signed Agreements with payment due.


Autocrat Team Chairman: Arontius of Bygelswade (M. Aaron Rogers); 470 Bridle View Place NW; Bremerton, WA 98311. Phone:(360)551-9191. E-Mail:

Co-Autocrats: Dame Madrun y Gwehyddes - and THL Ciar ingen Fiachnae -

Marketplace Coordinator: Master Arion the Wanderer -

Campmistress: THL Kloe of Thira -

Chief Schedulers: Dame Madrun y Gwehyddes - and THL Theodoric the Scholar -

Gate Coordinator: M'Lady Isemay MaKenze -

Pre-Registration Coordinator: THL Jess of the Roving Irishmen -

Eric Coordinator (Eric Space Reservations): Countess Aryana Silknfyre -

Royal Liaison: Master Renart the Fox -

Martiallate Liaison (Overall): His Excellency Conchobar MacEoin -

Equestrian Activities Liaison: THL Ljufvina haustmyrky Hrafinsdottir -

Archery Activities Liaison: THL Stephen of House Awry -

Thrown Weapons Activities Liaison: Lord Marcel Boutet -

Volunteer Coordinator: Lady Kosem of House Awry -

Arts and Sciences Coordinators: Mistress Gwenllyn the Potter - and Tsuruko Sensei -

Bardic Coordinator: THL Pádraig Mac Ailpein - (For both 'Tavern' and stage scheduling and support).

Site Decorations: Dame Brighid Ross -

Heraldic Coordinator: Countess Elisabeth Rossignol -


Their Excellencies of Dragon's Laire, Conchobar MacEoin and Eilidh Keldeleth, invite one and all to join them and Their Royal Majesties Christian and Helene as we witness the epic tournament to determine who will be our next King and Queen of An Tir. This will indeed be a weekend of fun in the re-created Middle Ages and Renaissance in the picturesque township of Port Gamble, Washington. Dragon's Laire is especially filled with anticipation and excitement as we look forward to welcoming our friends from across the lands of Beautiful An Tir! Come be with us and be part of our merriment!

The site of Port Gamble is without power and we encourage you to prepare for all possibilities. Visit for community information. The Baronial website is, with a further link to September Crown event information.

The focus of September Crown is, of course, the Crown Tournament itself. However, it is also the Kingdom Event where the Equestrian Champion of An Tir will be chosen in a grueling set of trials that will test both horse and rider as many strive to carry the Kingdom Lance of Championship. To make this an even more magnificent event, the Kingdom Protector (An Tir Kingdom Archery Champion) will undergo trials to determine who will defend the Kingdom with their archery prowess.

Other Hand-To-Hand Combat / Martiallate Activities (Fighting) will include the Squires' Tournament and Magnificent Feats of Rapier (including Cut-And-Thrust). Come witness fighters in heavy armor attack each other ferociously to defend the honour of their inspiration. Watch the fighters of the Renaissance fight each other with deadly skill with finer arts of the rapier duel.

Range Combat and Competition: In another arena the best archers in the land will compete for the highest scores on the archery ranges, as they vie to be named Kingdom Protector (Kingdom Archery Champion). Next to the archery ranges will be Thrown Weapons, where those who specialize in the thrown axes, hatchets and knives will demonstrate their skill. If the fates allow, there will also be a demonstration of a ballista built by members of the Barony of Dragon's Laire. It will be a breath-taking demonstration of truly long-range combat.

The Arts and Sciences of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance will be on full display in the Artisans and Craftsman's Village. There are already plans for a Culinary Play Area, an 'All Things Fiber' tent, and a Pottery Shop. This is in addition to tents available for sitting and visiting with fellow artisans. The Kingdom Costumers Guild are also planning activities.

Music and the Bardic Arts - Listen as musicians wander the site playing music from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance on instruments that were played in that time period. Story-tellers will enchant the crowds as they tell the stories of the ages, and of the modern re-created ages. There may also be demonstrations of dancing from the period in stages specially set-up on site to show-case the dancing styles of the time.

Arts and Sciences Activities on the Schedule (as of July 16th):

Kingdom Activities:

Arachne's Web presence all weekend

Kingdom Costumers event to be scheduled

Kingdom Embellishers Challenge to be scheduled


Other activities:

Fiber arts pavilion, with demos by various artisans...scheduled so far is Dame Eleanor with flax processing. There will be others hanging out there throughout the weekend.

                 Cooking play area open all weekend, hosted by the Dragon's Laire Culinary Guild

                 Bardic Stage hosted by Padraig, DL Bardic Champion

                 Metal Demo with Thangbrand, DL A&S Champion

                 Marquessa Laurellen, still deciding on what she will demo

                 Pottery Play Area hosted by Gwen the Potter. Other potters of An Tir have been invited.

                 Emily Guerrant will demo something TBD

                 Aelinaora de Wintringham will demo

                 Elisabeth de Besonson will be there all weekend with her loom.

                 Work In Progress some point during the weekend, a party is planned. Artisants will bring their work in progress, and will sit and socialize, talk about their work, get advice and opinions from fellow artisans, and have snacks and lemonade.


All demos will work around the Crown Tourney, and key meetings.


Artisans and populace welcome at any time to socialize and demo in the Village. Space will be made available for transient artisans.

The Marketplace - We intend to scour the lands of the Kingdom to find merchants to fill our Marketplace who display the best of the wares that can be found in the SCA.

Merchants scheduled for the Marketplace (as of July 16th):

Moneyers Guild of An Tir

Fathom Fortuna

The Norse Gypsy Forge

Tabby's Hats

Hawk's Forge

Red Troll Forge

DragonStorm Sports

Hawk and Dove Leather

Burnt Village Wares  

Horse 'n' Round Studio


Nordic Trader


Autumn Creek

The Turul's Nest

Black Horned Ewe



September Crown will open its gate at 10AM on Friday, August 31st, 2018. Those gates will officially close 5PM on Monday, September 3rd, 2018.

Autocrat Team Chairman: Arontius of Bygelswade (M. Aaron Rogers); 470 Bridle View Place NW; Bremerton, WA 98311. Phone:(360)551-9191. E-Mail:

Site Info: Name: Port Gamble; 32159 NW Rainier Ave; Port Gamble, WA 98346.


Site Info:
Name: Townsite of Port Gamble, Washington
4839 NE View Dr
Port Gamble, WA 98364

Directions to Site:

Directions to Site: Site Information: Port Gamble, WA.; 98364. From Tacoma and Points South: Take I-5 North or South to Hwy 16 (Exit 132). Take Hwy 16, which turns into Hwy 3 North at Gorst. Stay on Hwy 3 North all the way to the Hood Canal Bridge. At the bridge Hwy 3 turns into Hwy 104 (Do NOT cross bridge). Follow Hwy 104 to Port Gamble (approximately 1 mile) and follow SCA signs to site. From the Edmonds/Kingston Ferry: Take Hwy 104 out of Kingston and follow to intersection where Hwy 104 turns north (there is a Gas Station at the corner). Turn right and continue on Hwy 104 to site.

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