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February 03, 2018
Dragon's Laire

Kitsap & N Mason Counties, WA

Autocrat: Eilidh Keldeleth device5713OP



February 3, 2018 at 9 AM - 7 PM


Their Excellencies Conchobar MacEoin and Eilidh Keldeleth of Dragon's Laire invite you to witness the selection of the next Baronial Arts and Sciences Champion, Bardic Champion, and Baronial Scholars at Candlemas! Join with them for a day of championship presentations, arts and sciences display and contest, music, games, amazing food, and excellent companionship. Help us celebrate the return of the light as it is reflected in the light of the inspiration of our bards, artisans, and scholars.

Morning Court, Championships, and classes will be held at Hyla Middle School: 7861 Bucklin Hill Rd NE; Bainbridge Island, WA 98110.

The evening feast will be held next door at the American Legion Colin Hyde Post at 7880 NE Bucklin Hill Rd; Bainbridge Island, WA 98110.

Parking is tight at the school; extra parking is across the street at the American Legion Hall and is available for use.




Event Coordinator

Her Excellency, Eilidh Keldeleth (Laurie Clough) | 360-689-7763 (preferred) |


Novice A&S Tourney:

A New Event at Dragon's Laire Candlemas!


Not quite ready for an Arts & Sciences Championship, but want to get feedback for your project? This year the Arts & Sciences program will have a Novice A&S Tourney at Candlemas, sponsored by the Laurels of Dragon's Laire.


"Novice" is defined as someone who has never entered a competition before. Note: This tourney is not a competition.


Participants need only minimal documentation - basic information such as what it is, what the time period and location, the artisans contact information, plus any other information the participant wants to include.


All of the entries will be reviewed by a panel of Dragon's Laire Laurels, who will talk with the entrants and provide feedback.


Each participant will get a token as a "thank you" for participating, and the participant who is determined by the panel of judges to have the "Most Courageous" project will take home a spiff bag of goodies created by various Dragon's Laire Laurels.


Deadline for declaring an entry in the Novice Tourney is 12th Night. Please notify Dame Gwen the Potter by email, by sending a Facebook message, or by hard copy in person at a Fighter Practice.


Arts and Sciences Championship / Bardic Championship

Dragon's Laire will be hosting their Baronial Arts and Sciences Championships at their Candlemas event on February 3, 2018!


Championships include:

Artisan (Arts and Sciences)

Bardic (Entertainment/Performance Art)

& Scholar (research papers)


The victors of the Artisan and Bardic championships will represent the Barony in their respective areas in the coming year. Those wishing to become Scholars of Dragon's Laire do not enter a competition as such, but submit their research to the existing Scholars for consideration.



All those competing in the Arts and Sciences competition and the Bardic competition need to submit a letter of intent to the Baron and Baroness and the Baronial Minister of Arts and Sciences no later than Twelfth Night, January 14, 2018.


The Letter of Intent must have the following information:




-Description of Project


Email Letters of Intent to: and A confirmation will be sent to you within 48hrs.




Each competitor for Artisan will give a presentation up to 45 minutes long, and then answer questions posed by a group of judges. The judges will use the form "Dragon's Laire A&S Evaluation Form: OBJECT" found at the bottom of the Arts and Sciences page at



Those competing for the Bardic championship this year will be using a new format, which has been instituted at the Kingdom level. This will consist of a performance (song, story, instrumental, etc.) up to ten minutes long that will take place during the feast at Candlemas. This will require minimal documentation (can fit on a 3 x 5 card). The judges will use the form "Dragon's Laire A&S Evaluation Form: PERFORMANCE" found at the bottom of the Arts and Sciences page at Those wishing to do a more research-oriented performance art entry may enter the Artisan Championship with it, if they so desire


Scholars of Dragon's Laire:


Papers will be judged against a set of scholarly standards, not against each other. A minimum score must be attained to be considered eligible to be presented during the Championship. Papers that meet the criteria for acceptance will be presented at Candlemas, with each presenter having 45 minutes to present.


Since it is the intent of the competition to build a community of scholars within the Barony, every competitor who is accepted to present their paper at the Championships (and does so) will be named a Scholar of Dragon's Laire.


Your paper can be turned in person during Dragon's Laire Tuesday Social or emailed to If you have any questions, please ask Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol or any of the current Scholars of Dragon's Laire.


Format Specifics

Length: approximately 2200 words (roughly 5 pages of text without illustrations).

Font and spacing: 12-point font and either 1.5 or double-spaced.

Margins: 1" top, bottom and sides. Number all pages except the title page.

Bibliography: A list of everything you read, including the references you have cited. This can be annotated but it is not required.

Citation style: There are many to pick from. Choose one and stick to it.

Illustrations: Illustrations, tables, and figures should be numbered consecutively (figure 1, illustration 1, table 1) and referred to in the text the same way.



Barony of Dragon's Laire - Candlemas Schedule





9 AM


Site opens

9:30 AM

Main Hall

Opening Court and Invocation of the Lists

Drop in class

Main Hall

Nalbinding - Look for instructors wearing the Nalbinding needle pin

Drop in class

Main Hall

Beginning Jewelry (YAFA compliant) - Alizand

10:00 AM

Classroom A

Scholar's Paper - Master Renart the Fox

10:00 AM

Classroom B

How to Make a Leather Costrel - THL Pernell

11:00 AM

Classroom C

A&S Championship Presentation - Master Arontius of Byglewade

11:00 AM

Classroom B

How to Make "Stained Glass" Decorations - THL Ela

11:00 AM

Main Hall

Beginning Calligraphy (YAFA compliant) - Alicia Du Bois

12:00 PM


Lunch - Soup and bread available for a small donation

12:00 PM

Classroom B

Arrow Making (2 hours) - Sir Andras

12:00 PM

Main Hall

Novice Entry #1 - Lady Lucy of Smithshall

12:30 PM

Main Hall

Novice Entry #2 - Lady Sigridr Williamsdottir

1 PM

Classroom A

Scholar's Paper - THL Thangbrandr

1 PM


Intro to Medieval Drumming - THL Padraig MacAilpein

2 PM


Intro to Drum and Drill - THL Padraig MacAilpein

2 PM

Classroom C

A&S Championship Presentation - Baron Dunstan

2 PM

Classroom B

Intro to Block Printing (2 hours) - Lady Melissa

3 PM

Classroom A

Scholar's Paper - Dame Madrun

4:30 PM

American Legion Hall

Final Court and Bardic Presentations

6 PM

American Legion Hall

Feast by Countess Aryana

9 PM

Site closes

We have to be out by 9 PM. All help clearing out is greatly appreciated!


  • Classroom A - Scholars' Presentations
  • Classroom B - Classes
  • Classroom C - A&S Championship Presentations
  • Classroom D - Judges Retreat and Tally Room



Lunch will be bread and soup both with meat and a vegetarian option:

  • Posole (Pu-so-lay) made with pork, hominy, onions, garlic. Chile on the side.
  • Chickenless version of chicken tortilla soup. Lots of lovely veggies in a tomato based broth. A $5 donation is suggested for the lunch.


The Feast will be beef, smothered chicken, red cabbage, spaetzle mit Kaese, mixed rices with mushrooms and onions, Heaven and Earth, winter greens, cheesecake with winter cherries, gingerbread with candied fruit. There will be bread and a common plate of sausages, pickled vegetables, and an egg dish.




Participants engaging in this behavior are subject to appropriate sanctions.

If you are subjected to harassment, bullying or retaliation, or if you become aware of anyone being harassed or bullied, contact a seneschal, President of the SCA, or your Kingdom's Board Ombudsman.


Questions? Need Help?

If you have questions about the competition requirements please talk with Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol and/or and the current Champions (Arts and Sciences--Lord Thangbrand, Bardic--Master Arion) and the Baronial Scholars.


Want to Teach a Class or Become a Judge?

Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol at


Directions: Head southeast on WA-305 S toward Baywatch Ct NE

Turn right onto Sportsman Club Rd NE. Turn left onto Finch Rd NE. Turn right onto Wyatt Way NW. Continue onto. Eagle Harbor Dr NE. Slight right onto Bucklin Hill Rd NE. Turn right onto NE Bucklin Hill Rd. Destination will be on the right.




Site Info:
Name: Hyla Middle School
7861 Bucklin Hill Rd, NE
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

Directions to Site:

Event's Directions:

Directions: From Seattle: head North off ferry, turn left onto Winslow Way E, turn right onto Madison Ave N, turn left onto Wyatt Way NW. After 1.1 miles, take slight right onto Bucklin Hill Rd NE and school parking is on the right at VFW Hall across the street from Hyla. Hyla Middle School address is: 7861 Bucklin Hill Road NE, Bainbridge Island WA 98110.


From Poulsbo/Bremerton take WA-3 N to WA-305 S to Bainbridge Island. Off WA-305 S, turn right onto Madison Ave, turn right onto Wyatt Way NW. After 1.1 miles, take slight right onto Bucklin Hill Rd NE and school parking is on the right at VFW Hall across the street from Hyla. Hyla Middle School address is: 7861 Bucklin Hill Road NE, Bainbridge Island WA 98110.

Those of you traveling from the west to Bainbridge Island, PLEASE TAKE NOTE:

The Washington State Department of Transportation is advising
motorists of significant delays expected on SR 305 at the Agate Pass
Bridge. Traffic will be restricted to a single alternating lane
between 7:45 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday. Plan accordingly! 




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