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Sealion War

May 27, 2016 to May 29, 2016
Lions Gate

Vancouver, BC

Autocrat: Garet Doiron

Lions Gate once again defends herself from the encroaching hordes of Seagirt! 

The Lions of the elder brother and the Sea Wolves of the younger have roared at each other across the waves, and now it's time to settle things for another year! 

Come one, come all to The Grene Wode next May, to help decide the winner of this friendliest little war! There will be Bridge, Woods and Field battles; a new fighter's tourney; New Comer's and Old WarHorse's Bardic Circles; Equestrian, including Mounted Archery; a Siege Cooking contest; Dancing by Torchlight; conviviality and camaraderie can only be seen in such excellent frenemies as these two Baronies!

Gate for adults (19 years or older as of the date of the event) will be $30.00, with a $5.00 discount for those with a valid SCA membership for the entire weekend. Day fee for any one of the days will be $20.00, with a $5.00 discount for those with a valid SCA membership. Any youth or children are free (and as such, there is no family cap for the event). Our apologies for this, but with rising costs comes rising prices. We have endeavored to keep pricing as low as possible.

And so, here are the war points, to determine the victor this year.
1. Armoured (three scenarios)
Scenario the First

"Where-so-ever the Barony marshals its forces, there shall the champions be in the fore..."

It shall be a champions battle, the format being the best of three, with wounds maintained until death. A double kill (or in the rare chance of both champions losing both arms each) will be re fought, and will not be counted as a victory for either champion, but will reset the maintained wounds. Should either side not have their Baronial Heavy Combat Champion in attendance, the Baron of that Barony may select another as a champion for that day only. The battle shall be fought in full view of both armies, with a sixty yard distance from each army to the fight.

Scenario the Second:

To commence immediately upon the victory declared in the champion's battle (and by immediately, the moment a victor is declared, the horn will sound for the scenario lay-on). The defeated champion may not take part in the first scenario of this battle (having fallen, they are expected to stay decently dead in place or clear the field). 

This will be a three field push battle. The first battle (and middle field) will be fought on a bridge (the Baron Ming Memorial Bridge), and the flanking battles on open field. The battles will be to the death in each case, and will continue until one side (or the other) is driven weeping from their open field, and a victor may be declared. There will be a ten minute pause between battles, in order to water the combatants, and conduct a very rapid inspection of gleaned missiles. Combat archery and siege are in play (should either side wish to bring siege weapons to the field, please contact the MIC prior to the event). No gleaning of combat archery or siege missiles is to take place during the battles, only during the breaks. Combat archers are allowed to "Sit out" a battle in order to inspect missiles if they so choose. Thrown weapons may be gleaned and re-utilized by any combatant who is equipped to do so. Death from Behind will NOT be utilized during the bridge battle, although Dead on the Ground will be. Death from Behind and Dead on the Ground will be utilized as conventions on the open field battles. IF I am able to locate some cheap hay, we will have a castle battle as well (making it a five field battle). This is not likely, however.

After the completion of this scenario, a fifteen minute break will be allowed, to inspect missiles for re-use, imbibe water, and otherwise rest to prepare for the next scenario. IF the weather proves unseasonably warm, the duration of the battle may be cut to thirty minutes, at the discretion of the MIC at the time.

Scenario the Third:

This will be a forty-five minute counted resurrection battle (with both champions excluded from resurrecting). At the end of the forty-five minutes, barring a surrender of one side, the number of resurrections utilized will be counted, and the side that has used the least will be awarded the victory. This will be an open field battle, with both combat archery and siege being available to play (should either side wish to bring siege weapons to the field, please contact the MIC prior to the event). No gleaning of combat archery or siege missiles is to take place. Thrown weapons may be gleaned and re-utilized by any combatant who is equipped to do so. Death from Behind, and Dead on the Ground, will both be utilized as conventions.
Champions will be free to partake in the battle as they see fit. 

2. Rapier (three scenarios)
To be presented on site. The forest may figure highly in them..
3. Archery (three scenarios)
There will be ARCHERY, and lots of it at the War this year. The Range will be open all day, with opportunities to submit scores for Royal Rounds and IKAC, beginning after court and continuing on till dark. The Archery components will include a Champion's Duel (targets and distances to be a surprise to all contenders) scheduled for 4 pm; High Point, and Highest Average Score for each side's declared archers. This will not be your usual shoot, but details of the targets are being withheld from both sides to ensure fairness.
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Kim Laven
Kim Laven Just to be clear for one and all, the Royal Rounds and IKACs are _seperate_ from the war point itself. This is just an opportunity for those who want to post scores. The Champion's Duel, and Target Archery portion for the War Point will be unique, and hopefully fun shoots (to watch for Champions) and to participate in for the general archery populace. We are NOT doing a populace shoot as it's unfair to our short number of marshals and coaches on both sides of the water.

4. Bardic
- There will be an open stage near the centre of town, where any and all may perform. If you're going to be competing for the Bardic war point, you will need to sign up (schedule available on site), so that the judges can gather. Before the evening's bardic fire, the judges will chose the best three perfomances, and those three people will perform again during the evening.
5. A&S
Siege cooking --- HL Kenzie will be running the siege cooking contest, a minor heads up to the ones looking to enter. I will not be giving too many hints as to the actual contents of the supplies, but it will not be a stretch to create nice meals. I will offer 2 types of packages however, one being as if the meal were to be served during Lent (think vegan) and one not during Lent. Those choosing the Lent option will get a minor point bonus, how much of a bonus has not been worked out.
All of the ingredients will be very common to a cook from the 1350's in the Levant area of the Mediterranian.
Additional details to be announced at the event.
6. Games Tournament
- We will be holding a games tournament, much like the one held in Lions Gate to determine our Champion. Players will play three games; 9 Mans Morris, Quoits (ring toss), and ... a game to be announced later.
7. Children
- There will be three categories; boffer tournament, ring-toss, and hunt the whatever-animal-Caitrina-comes-up-with.
*** On Mercenaries ***
After discussions and negotiations with Their Excellencies Seagirt, this year, neither Barony will be hiring mercenary forces. As well, the Sergeantry, Courtiers, or Scholars of their respective Baronies will not be hiring mercenaries on behalf of their Baroness or Baron. Households and individuals within the Baronies are free to do so, and Sergeantry etc members who are members of households may as well, as long as it's clear that it's not happening on behalf of their Baroness or Baron.

Schedule of Events

Friday, 27 May, 2016
1200 – Biffies should be on site.
1400 – Site opens for merchants and baronial equipage set-up
1500 – Site opens for attendees
2103 - Newcomers Bardic Circle begins (sunset)
2330 – Drumming stops. Period.
No martial activities are planned for the evening, the range will be open as long as light supports, and the Eric will be available with a senior Marshall in attendance to renew authorizations/inspect armour and weapons.
Saturday, 28 May, 2016
0030 Quiet time will be enforced.
0700 Site wake-up call.
0900 Opening the end of Court, our Iron Chef lead culinary judge will present the ingredients for the siege cooking competition.
1030 Rapier armour inspection. Range opens, for thrown and target.
1100 Rapier scenarios begin. Equestrian demonstration begins. Bardic stage opens. Children’s war point activities begin.
1200 Heavy Armour inspection begins
1300 Rapier scenarios end.
1330 Heavy scenarios begin.
1500 Bardic Stage Opens. Rapier street battles begin.
1530 Heavy scenarios devolve into pick-up fights for die-hard fighters.
1630 Heavy fighting ceases. Siege cooking competition should be well under way...
1800 Judging of the siege cooking competition. Games tournament begins.
1830 Progression of Their Excellencies about the site.
1930 Rapier "Tavern Brawl"
2000 Mounted Archery Demonstration
2106 Warhorse Bardic Circle begins (sunset)
2330 Drumming stops. Period.
Sunday, 29 May, 2016
0030 Quiet(ish) time enforced.
1000 New fighter tournament. Equestrian Challenge Course Opens
1130 Closing Court
1300 Equestrian Challenge Course Closes
1600 Site closes to the populace.
2300 Event stewards will be off site.

Site Info:
Name: Green Wode Farm
25133 0 Avenue
Langley, BC V3R 1W6

Directions to Site:

Last Event's Directions:

Site map (PDF)

From the South, (Seattle) Travel time approximately 2 hours.

Take I-5 to Exit 256A-256B in Bellingham to Guide Meridian St.

North on Guide Meridian to the Lynden Border Crossing.

Cross the border and turn left onto 0 Avenue, head west.

Green Wode Farm is 2 miles on your right.


From the East, (Calgary) Travel Time approximately 10.5 hours

Take Trans Canada Highway to Abbotsford BC.

Exit 87 onto Clearbrook Road south

Right turn onto Huntingdon Road, travel west.

Slight Right onto 264th Street, (street light)

Right onto 0 Avenue.

Green Wode Farm is 2.6km on your right.


From Tswassen Ferry Terminal, Travel time approximately 1 hour.

Ferry to Swartz bay,

Take highway 17 highway 99, travel south.

Take exit for 8th Avenue, travel east.

Turn right onto 184 Street

Turn left onto 0 Avenue, travel 13.6Km, the farm is on your left.


From Horsehsoe Bay Ferry Terminal, travel time approximately 1 hour.

From Horseshoe Bay take hwy 1 to exit 73, travel south on 264th

Take a slight right to continue on 264th (street light).

Right onto 0 Avenue


Greene Wode is 2.6km on your right.

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