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Tri-Barony Yule Feast (Yulenage a' Trois)

December 13, 2014

Vancouver, WA

Autocrat: James Sayer

The days and nights may be getting cold but our hearts are warmed by good friends, good food, and good times shared together. Join the Baronies of Stromgard, Three Mountain and Dragon’s Mist as we celebrate.

Feast: The Three Baronies will provide meat dishes and requests that all celebrants joining us bring a potluck dish of 10 servings per attendee. (Please remember serving sizes are only about ¼ c per person so this translates roughly to a large casserole for a family of 4) Please list all ingredients on a 3x5 card to help those with food allergies.

Check back here for what to bring.

This site is DISCRETELY wet - Please respect the limitation of beer and wine only, poured into your own drinking vessel.

This years activities include;

StormBlade (Stromgard's Rapier Championship, see below)

All three Baronies Sergentry letters of intent (please contact the appropriate Coronet for more information)

And aside from a gigantic pot luck feast wherein each Barony will provice a main meat dish, there will be:

Father Christmas
Canned Food Drive
Toy Drive
Festive Four Largesse Derby
Secret Santa
Gift Exchange
Children's activities throughout the day

Stromgard's StormBlade Tournament (Rapier Champion)

Winter is coming and the storm clouds gather. Who will stand ready to be the StormBlade? Travel to the Tri-Barony Yule Feast in the Canton of KaldorNess, Barony of Three Mountains December 13th and compete to become the rapier champion of Stromgard, the StormBlade.

Combatants wishing to be the StormBlade will prepare a letter of intent and present it to Their Excellencies Stromgard, Ivon and Hlutwige Lord and Lady Stromgard, in morning court before the tournament (Their Excellencies would also appreciate notice of your intent electronically prior to the event at “gebarber2001 at yahoo dot com” and “Hlutwige at gmail dot com”.

The tournament format will be contested in three rounds.
The first round is the Boast Round. All competitors will boast of their prowess and general greatness. Then they will fight in a bear pit with a single sword, either a rapier or longsword, for the Storm Blade must be so mighty as to be able to defeat the Barony’s enemies with a single sword.

The second round is the Roast Round. All competitors will speak to their opponent’s inadequacies to be the StormBlade and give insult. They will then settle their differences with rapier and defensive offhand secondaries ( buckler, baton, or cloak) in another bear pit, for the StormBlade must be able to cut our enemies with their wit and their blade.

The final round is the Toast Round, where you will speak of the glory that you have witnessed from your comrades and extol the people of the Stromgard and the Tri-Barony area. You will then compete in a final bear pit with sword and offensive secondary, being either a dagger or a second rapier, for the StormBlade must be generous of spirit and free with complements to those that are worthy.

The two competitors with the most wins will compete best 3 out of 5, each round a different weapon, and a victor will emerge proving themselves worthy of being the StormBlade and take their place among the Champions of Stromgard.

Gift Exchanges

Jingle Bell Time is just around the corner. Deadline for the gift exchange is coming! Act Now! The Secret Santa Form is located in the files area of the Baronial Facebook pages.
YULE GIFT EXCHANGE(S) – TRI-BARONY YULE or (Yulange a tois if you prefer)
There will be two gift exchanges.
1- The traditional exchange- select or create a gender neutral gift - money limit 10.00. At the designated time if you brought a gift you receive one in exchange.
2- The new traditional method- complete the Secret Santa form and send it (or the equivalent) privately to Jill Blackhorse via Facebook OC or e-mail or in person. The form will have a place to provide likes and dislikes, age and barony. Submit the form no later than October 5th. On the 6th or shortly thereafter you will be notified of who you will be secret Santa to. You’ll bring your Secret Santa gift to Yule with the recipient’s name on it and at a designated time the gifts will be passed out. It is up to you if you wish to make yourself known.
The advantage is that you will know something about the recipient. This would probably be the best for the 13 – 18 crowd because we can make sure the gifts are age appropriate.
Money limit is still 10.00.
There are strong rumours that Father Christmas will appear with gifts for kids 12 and under.

Largess Derby

Announcing the Festive Four Largesse Derby for the Tri-Barony Yule gathering. Since there is a Dirty Dozen planned for 12th Night and I did not want to stress out the artisans of our fair baronies, I thought it would be fun to have a smaller version at our event. Make 4 of any 1 thing to enter. Can't decide and want to make 4 more of something else? That's fine too!

Voting will be by the populace, so be sure to have your entries in before noon so that everyone has a chance to look them over. Each of them will need to be labeled, all three baronies have largesse labels available for printing.

Usually there is 1 winner, but I'm adding in a twist. First prize gets half of the total number donated, second gets 2/3 of what is leftover and third prize that last 1/3. Each of the baronies of course gets to take home one of each of the entries.

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474 S 7th Street
St Helens, OR 97051

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