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October 18, 2014

Spokane - Spokane County, WA

Autocrat: Avacyn Geriksdochter device8237OP

...Oktoberfest and Toys for Tots Tournament

Oct. 18th, 2014

The Barony of Wealdsmere proudly invites you to attend our annual Oktoberfest and Toys for Tots Tournament!  Please come join us at the Audubon Mason Hall for a day of fun and frolic! Help us celebrate the Harvest with bountiful food and joyous friendship. We promise you a day of tournaments, dancing, delicious foods and glorious occupation! We humbly ask that you help us collect toys for that most Worthy organization Toys for Tots, that we may grant a Merry Christmas for children in need.

As always we will give all comers the opportunity to fight for honor and glory in the areas of Heavy Combat, Rapier Combat, Games and Arts and Sciences.

The Event is family friendly. There will be Youth and Parent activities throughout the day. There is a playground in the park across the street, however NW Blvd. is a busy street and we do not want to encourage children to be crossing it without a parent as there is no light on the block!

Remember to compete in any contest you are requested to donate a $5 (or more) unwrapped toy to help the US Marine  Toys-for-Tots program to provide Gifts for Children that may not have a Merry Christmas without this service.

Event Fees:    Adult Paid Members: $15.00 for Site and Feast, or $7.00 for Site Only

                        Youth: (15-6):Site fee Free! $4.00 for Feast Only

                        5 and under Free!       

                        Family cap applies!    

We are planning a multi-remove feast – menu to posted at a later date.We are planning on serving 80 people and pre-registration while not required, is highly recommend to hold a space. Where else would you get such a wonderful, filling meal for this price? We really expect to sale out early! Several dishes will be vegan and/or gluten free.

Merchants Fees: Merchants are welcome. A donation of a $5 (or more) unwrapped toy is requested in lieu of a fee for all merchants. Merchants must contact Lady Avacyn Gerikdochter  for space reservations.  Merchant tables are limited to 3 for this event due to space considerations.

Site Information: Audubon Park Lodge #272, P.O. Box 9575, 2821 W. Northwest Blvd.,Spokane, Washington 99209

Site is wet. Smoking allowed in outside designated smoking area ONLY. People smoking in the building will be asked to leave. All cigarette butts must be placed in proper receptacle. 

Autocrat: Lady Avacyn Geriksdocther, a.k.a. Dianna Haught; 4317  E. Frederick Ave., Spokane WA 99217; phone (509) 315-5683; email:  (Please note: I work late, so no morning phone calls please!)



Site opens at 9:00 (8:30 for people setting up). No morning court unless TRM wish one.

Merchants may set up upstairs.

10 am:

Armor inspection followed by people whacking each other.

A&S opens for competition entries.

11am: Silk Banner Painting (downstairs)

Lunch is bring your own or visit any of several local restaurants. We'll have tables set up in the feast hall for people to use for lunch and socializing.


Tatting class (runs for approx. 1 hr) (upstairs)

Gaming competition begins (downstairs)

1-4pm throughout: Family activities: Pumpkin painting and other activities lead by her Excellency Kara


Beginning Nalbinding Class (upstairs)

Heraldry Class (upstairs)

3:00pm Frugal Scadian Runway show (Upstairs in main hall.)


Dancing in feast hall (downstairs)

Court set-up upstairs. Merchants need to pack up by 4:30.

A&S and Gaming close down. Pick up things please.


YAC armor inspection and combat

5:00 - 6:30pm

Court (6:30 or until Court ends) (upstairs)

Set up for feast downstairs

6:30 (or following court) Feast in Feast Hall until all food is consumed

Bardic Competition during feast.

Clean up following feast.

We can have more dancing after feast if enough people are interested. But it's my experience that after feast people are too full to dance.

Thank you,


Activities Descriptions:

Family Activities:

Snack time and a book followed by stick horse races (weather permitting) and  pumpkin painting.  YAC combat at 4pm.


Beginning Nalbinding at Octoberfest: Hi. Per request, I'll be teaching a nalbinding class at Octoberfest. We'll learn buttonhole stitch (also sometimes called Dannish) and Oslo. I'll teach how to start a project and how to join yarn. Please bring a nalbinding needle or a large eyed blunt tapestry needle. (Those plastic ones that they sell for kids is fine.) You'll also need wool yarn. Yes, you need wool for first projects, although you'll later learn work arounds. It's easier to use light colored yarn at first than dark. I'll have hand outs. Class size limited to 6 people and there is no fee. You'll leave the class with a mug rug started to finish at home. Thanks! Avacyn

The heraldry class will cover the basics of heraldic consulting - what sources to use, what are the basics of SCA armory style rules, and beginning conflict checking of names and armory. This class is strongly recommended for anyone interested in being an SCA herald, especially since the rules changed significantly two years ago.  Richenda

Silk Banner Painting at Octoberfest: Katherine of Akornebir, HL Seraphina, and Lady Svana would be honored to teach a basic silk painting class at Oktoberfest! We will have supplies for 10 people. Participants should have an 11"x11" design to race onto the silk. Cost will be $5. Instructors note: we are absolute beginners ourselves, but had so much fun learning it that we want to share. Then we can learn more together!

Lacemaking at Octoberfest: at 1:00 pm Lady Kathleen O'Donnelly will present a brief overview of lace use and techniques in period followed by an introduction to tatting. Limit for the tatting portion is 6 persons, as it requires a certain amount of one-on-one instruction, although any number are welcome to observe. There will be no materials fee, but a donation to the Toys-for-Tots drive would be sincerely appreciated! I will have samples of a few types of lace available to look at, as well as reference books, including a facsimile copy of Le Pompe, second edition, printed in 1559.

Non Toys for Tots Champion A&S Contests :

First: a weaving contest. There will be 4 categories: inkle weaving, card weaving, cloth weaving (any item made by weaving natural fiber on any loom), and other woven items of any material. (basket weaving, wire weaving, etc.) First place in each category will be judged by populace choice and win a nifty prize. Best in show will be chosen among the 4 category winners and will win a small 2 harness loom!

A special prize will be awarded to a person 12 and under for best weaving by an Youth Artisan.

No documentation will be required beyond an index card stating what the item is, what the materials used were, how it was woven, who made it and whether it is being entered as a Youth piece. (A Youth may win first place for the loom and the Youth prize if their piece warrants it!)

Second: A Frugal Scadian Beautiful Garb contest! Each contestant will make an outfit out of any material they wish. The catch, the entire outfit, including notions, must cost under $20.  The pieces will be judged by our panel of distinguished  judges during a Runway show! (I invited Tim Gunn to judge for us, but he is busy that day.) One of you will win, and the others will be... fed cookies. The maker does not have to wear the piece, you can make a piece for someone else and have them model it, but the garb must cost under $20. You can use accessory pieces on your model such as shoes and underwear, just make sure the judges understand what is being judged. Best catwalk by a contestant will also receive a special prize.


Toys for Tots Arts Champion:

At Octoberfest this year we will be having two A&S contests, one for teams, and the other for A&S Champion. The team entry is any item that was made by two or more people. No documentation is required, and will be populace choice.

 Documentation is required for your Champion entry. Minimum 1 paragraph and one source. This will also be populace choice. There is not a restriction on previously entered items. Good luck to you all and I can't wait to see the beautiful entries!





Site Info:
Name: Audubon Park Masonic Temple
2821 W. Northwest Blvd
Spokane, WA 99205

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