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Autumn War

August 13, 2014 to August 18, 2014
Blatha An Oir

Tacoma-Pierce County, WA

Autocrat: Ranulf of Kintyre



Welcome to Autumn War 2014!


Their Excellencies of Blatha an Oir, Baron Hengist and Baroness Marike, invite you to join them for six days of competitions, A&S, camping and WAR!


Save us, oh Lord, from the fury of the north men!


Vikings raid. 

Vikings pillage.

Vikings burn.


Who can stop them? Who dares try? 

The scouts are out and gathering information from the frontlines.

They will be returning soon with more details.

Autumn War 2014 Tentative Schedule












6:00 PM



Site Opens









10 Am - 5 pm


Kassandra's Encampment

Bobbin Lace Workshop

5 pm - 6 pm


Edmund Graham's Encampment

Field Fortifications & the SCA



The Erics

Great Weapons Tournament













9:00 AM



Armor Inspection

9:00 AM


Archery Field

Archery Opens

10 am - 5 pm


Kassandra's Encampment

Bobbin Lace Workshop

10 am - 11 am


On the Eric

Marshalling 101

11:00 AM


Near Warfield

Rapier Lists Open/Armor inspection followed by pickups

11:00 AM



War Begins! Please see scenario page for more info.

11 am - 1 pm


A&S Pavilion

Tourney Cooking Welsh Food

11:45 AM


Near Warfield

Rapier - London Masters Tourney

1 pm - 1:45


Near Warfield

Rapier - 45 minute unlimited rez battle

1 pm - 3 pm


A&S Pavilion

Wool Fleece Preparation for Spinning

1 pm - 3 pm (Tentative)


TBD - Tentative

Rose Beads (tentative)

3:00 PM


Near Warfield

Rapier - Bridge or Castle battle - guns allowed

4:00 PM


A&S Pavilion

YOUTH- Poi Spinning Class

5:00 PM


A&S Pavilion

YOUTH- Solar Lanterns

4 pm - 5 pm


TBD - The Eric or A&S Pavillion

Siege Engine Marshalling

5 pm - 6 pm


Edmund Graham's Encampment

Rope and Wood, Temporary and Improvised Structures and Furnishings



On the Eric

Tourchlight Tourney

8 pm (roughly) - Post Torchlight Tourney


On the Eric

Basic Period Dance













8 am - 10:30 PM


A&S Pavilion

Submission Drop Off for Beverage Competition and Hati Longtooth Woodwork Competition

9:00 AM


Archery Field

Archery Field Opens

9:00 AM


War Field

Armor Inspection and Lists

10:00 AM



Opening Court

10 am - 5 pm


Kassandra's Encampment

Bobbin Lace Workshop

10 am - 11 am


A&S Pavilion

Welsh Clothing Overview

10:30 am - 11:30 am


A&S Pavilion

YOUTH - Tassels

11 am - 12 pm


A&S Pavilion

An Overview of Venetian Clothing

11:00 AM


Near Warfield

Rapier Lists open/Armor Inspection followed by pickups

11:00 AM


War Field

War Scenarios Begin (Please see War Scenarios List

11 am - 1 pm


In BAO Baronial Pavillion or A&S Pavillion

Drop in Embroidery Workshop

11:30 am - 12:20 pm


A&S Pavilion

YOUTH - Dance Belts

11:30 am - 12:20 pm


A&S Pavilion

YOUTH - Hobby Horses

11:30 am - 12:20 pm


A&S Pavilion

YOUTH - Halberd

11:45 AM


Near Warfield

Rapier- Grand Melee: Everyone vs Everyone  No guns.

12:15 PM


Near Warfield

Rapier - 30 Minute unlimited Rez Battle. No guns.

12:30 pm - 1 pm


A&S Pavilion

YOUTH - Lunch with the Baroness

1:15 PM


Near Warfield

Rapier-Capture the flag battle/2 rez. Guns Allowed

1:30 pm - 2:20 pm


A&S Pavilion

YOUTH - How to Play a Drum

1:30 pm - 2:20 pm


A&S Pavilion

YOUTH - Belly Dance Class

1:30 pm - 2:20 pm


A&S Pavilion

YOUTH - Window Clings

1:45 PM


Near Warfield

Rapier - Open field battle/3 rez. Guns allowed.

2 pm - 4 pm


A&S Pavilion

Scribal Salon

2:30 pm - 3:20 pm


A&S Pavilion

YOUTH - Decorat your Drum

2:30 pm - 3:20 pm


A&S Pavilion

YOUTH - Henna

2:30 pm - 3:20 pm


A&S Pavilion

YOUTH - Embossed Foil Leaf

2:45 PM


Near Warfield

Rapier - Cadet Style Tourney: 2 - 20 minute rounds.

4:00 PM


War Field

Rapier - Bridge or Castle Battle/maybe both

6:00 PM



Royal and Baronial Court













10:30 am - 11:30 am


A&S Pavilion

YOUTH - Veil Pins

10:30 am - 11:30 am


A&S Pavilion

YOUTH - Campfire Cooking

11:00 AM



Closing Court

11:30 am - 12:30 pm


A&S Pavilion

YOUTH - Fun with Beads

11:30 am - 12:30 pm


A&S Pavilion

YOUTH - Fun with Shells









3:00 PM



Site Closes



Friday AW war scenarios

1)     Open field battle for a warm up. Archery, no res.

2)     Open field battle, No archer, no res.

3)     Battle between the boats and the castle.

A)    1 res, no time limit.

B)    No weapons over 6 feet.

C)    Archery allowed.

D)    Siege weapons allowed

E)    No fighting over the fortifications walls, Causeway has no walls.

F)    There will be 2 causeways between the boats and the castle. This is how you go between the two. In addition there will be some open field in front of each stronghold to fight in and 2 openings to get in.

G)    Objective - capture the commanders and bring them to your side. Commanders may fight but may not die. Once they are surrounded they must surrender. Commanders may be fought over and won back. Once the commander is inside the fortifications he is considered owned and the battle is over.

H)    We do it again, with no archery.

4)     Town battle - once again we will be bringing back the town battle that people loved so much from 2 years ago.

A)    Archery allowed ( not through walls ), no weapons over 6 feet, siege weapons allowed

B)    There will be an odd number of buildings (determined by how many hay bales we have ). Battles will be fought in 10 minute increments for control of the area. There will be five 10 minute battles. At the end of every 10 minutes the battle will stop and control of buildings will be counted. The side with the most amount of buildings at the end of the battle will be the victors. After each ten minute battle, once the buildings are counted, you will fight from where you were at the last ten minute fight.

C)    Control of buildings- at least one of your fighters must be firmly inside the building. A foot or arm will not do. You must have a body fully inside.

D)    Contesting a building- you may fight through the doorway/opening or inside the buildings. You may not fight through the walls and arrows will not go through the walls... siege weapons will.

E)    At the end of each 10 minute battle, if  there are combatants from both sides in a building it is contested and un owned by either side. Once again, it must be full body, a hand or foot will not suffice to contest a building.






Saturday AW Scenarios


1)     Open field for a warm up.

A)    No res, archery allowed, siege weapons allowed, no war point

2)     Open field battle

A no res, No archery, no siege, no war point

3)     The meetings of the Commanders. This represents the Vikings coming ashore and setting up terms for trade or raid

A)    5 man champions' battle- negotiations have broken down.

B)    Only one person per side may have a weapon over 6 feet. No archery, no res, war point.

4)     Siege- The winner of the five man battle gets to siege the loser's fortification.

A)    There will be one opening in the fortification ( castle or boats )

B)    May not fight over the walls,

C)    Archery into and out of the opening only

D)    Defenders- no res

E)    Attackers-2 res

F)    No time limit, war point

5)     Capture the commander

A)    As per Fridays battle, war point

6)     Monastery raid

A)    Archery allowed, siege weapons allowed, no weapons over 6 feet. War point.

B)    There will be an odd number of buildings, each containing English soldiers and a treasure chest

C)    Half hour timed battle, unlimited res, war point

D)    Rules for fighting in the town- archery allowed into and out of buildings through the opening only, shooting through walls will not kill. Siege weapons will kill through walls. No weapon over 6 feet.

E)    Defenders are to protect the buildings and the treasure chests.

F)    Attackers are to steal the treasure chests.

G)    Burning the buildings- the attackers have the ability to burn down the buildings. If an orange flag is placed on the building it is considered burning. Flags placed and still on the hay bales at the end of the scenario will signify a burned building, spoils of war going to the victor. The defenders may remove the flags during the battle by pulling the flag off and putting it on the ground.

H)    Chests must be brought to rally point at the back of the Viking side. Once the chest is in possession, but not to the rallying point it can still be won back by killing the carrier. When the carrier is killed he must place the chest on the ground where he was killed. The chest is then fair game. If the chest breaks open and the lot spills out, that is also fair game so make sure to keep the chest intact.

I)      If at the end of the scenario the English successfully defend a building ( not burning, contested or missing the chest ) then they win that chest and may keep the contents

J)     All chests looted by the Vikings are theirs and may keep the contents of the chests.

7)     Race to the boats. With the English army hot on their heels, the Vikings are racing against time to get to their boats.

A)    No weapon restrictions, open field battle, no time limit, no res. War point.

B)    Objective - Vikings- Commander must get to the boats

                     English- must stop them.

C)    Once the Viking commander gets to the boat the scenario is over. If He falls in battle the scenario is over.

A&S Classes and Tournaments


Title: Bobbin Lace Workshop

Instructor:  Kassandra

When: Thur/Fri/Sat -3 days of Bobbin Lace Workshop  10 am - 5 pm


  • You may come and go on your time
  • Maybe one evening class if there is an interest
  • I will do a beginner class each day if people sign up for one at my tent.
  • You can do a more advanced class
  • You may bring your own supplies if you have some
  • You may use my supplies for the class/workshop

 Cost: the price of a handout and thread used.  Under $5.00

 Size:  As long as there is room.

 Supplies: Instructor supplies all items needed for class. Students bring a chair and any bobbin lace items you have.

Contact: If you are interested please feel free to contact me by email and

we can discuss what you wish to do.  Email

Where: The class will be in Kassandra's encampment (hopefully in the archery encampment)


Title: "The Field Fortifications and the SCA."

Instructor:  Edmund Graham

Description:  This would examine their use and potential in SCA combat and camping.

Duration: One hour format 

Cost: No Cost

Size: Class Limit 10.

Where: Encampment for Edmund Graham


Title: Marshalling 101

Instructor: Maestra Althaia Lazura

When: Friday 10am - 11am

Where: On the Eric's

Description: Basic class for learning to heavy marshall.


Title: An Overview of Welsh foods for camp cooking

Instructor: Angharat verch Reynulf

Description: A summary and taste testing of Welsh foods appropriate to tourney or camp cooking, with hands on experimentation of a variety of recipes including a cawl (soup), cawys poby (toasted cheese/Welsh Rarebit) and crempog (savory pancakes).

Duration: 4 hours   Cost: $8

Class size: Maximum of 12 students for the hands on portion, minimum of 3

 additional students may audit for information if space allows.

Instructor supplies:  Recipe ingredients, utensils, one 3 burner propane stove with griddle, 1 raised fire pit with tripod, handout with recipes , tables.

Student supplies: Note taking materials, apron, eating utensils, plate & bowl



Instructor: Lady Rowan SpiritWalker

When: Friday 1 - 2 pm

Where: A&S Pavilion

Description: Lady Rowan SpiritWalker discusses and demonstrates how to select a wool fleece for the project at hand and the steps in preparation, including skirting and washing as well as the differences between carding and combing for handspinning. The washing method demonstrated will be "modern middle ages" style, as well as the period stale urine method. Handouts will be available. No limit on class size. Feel free to bring tools (carders, combs, drop spindles, spinning wheels) to the class.

Duration & Cost:  One hour class; $3.00 fee covers cost of handout copies. Lady Rowan will be available throughout the event for questions and pointers.


Title:  Rose Beads

Instructor:  Lady Vilda Leusch

Description:  Make your own rose-scented beads from rose petals, enough to make a small scented piece of jewelry, or to use with making a rosary.

(Class is tentative, please check at A&S pavilion - rest of details are not available at this time)


Title: Siege Engine Marshalling

Instructor: Drakkus Blackrogue

When: Friday: 4-5 pm, 1 hour

Where: To be announced (possibly A&S Pavilion or the Eric's)

Description: Discussion of SCA combat siege engines and marshalling class


Title: "Rope and Wood, Temporary & Improvised Structures and Furnishings."

Instructor:  Edmund Graham

Description:  This is basically a class on making stuff for use around the camp w/ lashings and simple hand tools.

Duration: One hour format;  No Cost

Size: Class Limit 10.

Where: Encampment for Edmund Graham


TITLE: Basic Period Dance 

INSTRUCTOR: Njall Hrothgeirson

WHEN: Friday evening after the Torchlight Tournament

WHERE: At the Eric's

DESCRIPTION: A simple introduction to period dance including styles from several different era's and a few SCA created dances. We will also cover the subtle art of poaching! This is a great class for sergeantry candidates.

DURATION: 2 hours (would like to have the flexibility to go longer if the student desire) 

COST: Free!!!

CLASS SIZE: Any size, the more the merrier

STUDENT SUPPLIES: A desire for some fun!


Title: An Overview of Welsh 14th Century Clothing

Instructor: Angharat verch Reynulf

Description: This is an overview of 14th Century clothing, focusing on the Welsh and English regions, for both genders. It will cover clothing someone from the skin out, include some accessory types and cover some of the more prevalent sources for reference or detailed research.

Duration: 1 hours  

Cost: $1

Class size: Unlimited

Instructor supplies:  Handout covering clothing from the skin out, including examples of some accessories and a bibliography.

Student supplies: Note taking materials, comfy chair


Title: An Overview of Venetian Clothing

Instructor: Raffaella di Contini

Description: This is an overview of Venetian clothing, primarily female. It will cover clothing someone from the skin out, include some accessory types and cover some of the more prevalent sources for reference or detailed research.

Duration: 1 hours   Cost: $1

Class size: Unlimited

Instructor supplies:  Handout covering clothing from the skin out, including examples of some accessories and a bibliography.

Student supplies: Note taking materials, comfy chair


Title:  Drop in Embroidery Workshop

Instructor: Lady Elisabethe FitzWilliams

When: Saturday, 11 am - 12 pm (or as fighting continues)

Where: Either the Blatha an Oir Baronial Pavilion or A & S Pavilion

Description:  Join Elisabethe to work on embroidery (or hand sewing projects) while watching the war in the shade and be able to discuss techniques, materials and have help with tricky bits of detailing or problems.

Title: Scribal Salon

Instructors: Lady Eiblihn inghean Feradaigh and Lady Thomasina

When: Saturday 2 pm - 4 pm

Where: A&S Pavilion

Description: Come work on charters and practice illumination or calligraphy with our Baronial Scribe!  Bring your own kit, or practice with the baronial paints and brushes.




            ☺         Each child will get counted once for partition for the youth point

            ☺         All Youth Activities are open to children between the ages of 8 and 17 suggested ages

☺         All classes & activities are designed for school age children

            ☺         All activities last 50 minutes unless otherwise noted

             ☺   Must bring a chair

            ☺         Parents or Guardians are required to attend to children during these activities






Appropriate Ages


4:00 pm                     Poi Spinning Class                                                                                Age class size set at


                                  A performance art, poi involves swinging tethered weights through        class.    

                                  a variety of rhythmical and geometric patterns.                         


5:00 pm                   Solar lanterns


                                   Back by popular enjoyment. Decorate a jar then watch it glow in the dark.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


                                 Hl Clare Keenan 



10:30- 11:30


Tassels can be used for many purposes. Make the tassels for the hobby horses, dance belts, halberd or drum. You can also learn to make dolls out of tassels.



HL Eadgyth de Chelched




Decorate a halberd head.



Hl Clare Keenan



Dance Belts

Decorate fabric to make a dance belt. Your tassels will look nice on the belt.



Auðný Refsdóttir



Hobby Horses

Both sides of the war need horses come and finish a hobby horse to help your side.

Limit 23


Lady Sigrid


12:30-1:00 pm



12:30-1:30 pm




 How to play a drum

Learn a simple drumming technique on a box.








Belly Dance Class

Learn how to Bellydance.

8-17 Limit 12


Zarha bint al-Rammah



Window clings

Draw or trace a design. As seen at Twelfth Night



Lady Aleksandra Grozkaya



Decorate your drum

Decorate a box to drum on.

Limit  what was not used for the drum class


Julianna Granier




Learn to make and design henna for you hand.



HL Sebina Flecher



Embossed Foil Leaf

Make a framed foil autumn design.

Limit 14


Markos Amador de Villaverde






Veil pins

Learn to design and make veil pins.

Limit 8



Lady Rosemund



Campfire cooking

Learn to cook on a brazier. What you could have brought + what you could have bought+ what you might have foraged + cooking = what you ate. Tight or short sleeves; clothing that is OK to get dirty, etc.

Limit 6



HL Sgt. Edmund Graham



Fun with beads

If you want to make a necklace, bracelet, or even an anklet come on down. These beads will be many different colors and shapes so you can make your own unique accessory.



Thela Flecher



Fun with shells

Make a trinket case, paint shell, and make candle or whatever you can imagine.



Lady Sigrid




Site Info:
Name: Nix Ranch
220 Nix Road
Chehalis, WA 98532

Directions to Site:

Last Event's Directions :

The picturesque Nix Farm is conveniently located only 4 miles off I-5 exit 77 in Chehalis Washington. The large fields provide plenty of space for camping and cars are allowed to drive on the grass.
The site is primitive with limited shade and NO water available, so prepare accordingly.

Quiet hours are from 2AM to 8AM.
RV and handicap camping will be located near the central activities, no hookups are available. RV's may run their generators at any time.

Take I-5 to exit 77 in Chehalis, WA. Turn west onto Hwy
6 toward Pe Ell, go approximately 1.7 miles. Turn left on Hwy 603. Go
up hill. At approximately 1.7 miles turn right onto Nix RD. Rd. Go to end and follow one-way road to site.


map (opens new window)

Current Site Weather (opens new window)

Click for Chehalis WA Forecast

Get Directions
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  2. Opens new window/tab

Note that the above Weather and Map information is generated from the site address and can be easily confused. The weather will say if its for the branch or for the site. It will be for the site if the site can be found, but this again is not always the case, and if the site is some distance from the branch then the weather may be different.

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