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Avacal Sergeants' Trials

August 16, 2013 to August 18, 2013

Eastern & Northern BC, AB, SK, YK, NT

Avacal Sergeantry Trials
August 16 - 18, 2013
Jointly hosted by the Baronies of Borealis, Montengarde and Myrgan Wood
Location: Marsden, SK

You are all invited to join the Sergeantry Candidates of Avacal's three great Baronies for the Principality wide sergeantry testing and trials. Come one and all to help test and cheer on the candidates of our great Principality. There will be heavy and rapier fighting, archery, arts and sciences presentations, bardic, dancing and many many other splendid activities, please come and witness this magnificent event.

New this year we will also be offering classes on some of the key topics that the sergeantry will be being tested on. Come expand your SCA and medieval knowledge

To make attending even easier, Tosh the Cook and the Green Csuldron will be in attendance>

Cost: Friday Supper - Sunday Lunch $25.00 each
Saturday Breakfast - Sunday Lunch $20.00 each


Friday Supper: Pizza Pasta. Pasta, sausage meat, pepperoni, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, cheese, garlic toast.
Saturday Breakfast: The usual hot stuff
Lunch: Meatball soup and a bun
Supper: Hamburger Steak, fried onions, mashed potatoes, carrots, and gravy. (unless someone can not have beef I will have something else for them)
Sunday Breakfast: Muffins, croissants, cheese, granola bars, hard boiled eggs, fruit, cold cereal, yogurt.
Lunch: Sub sandwich

Every meal comes with a drink. Everyone is welcome to eat. Testers and candidates will be served first for obvious reasons :)

To reserve, contact Tosh at Please include that you are reserving for Seargent's Trials and your personal info including allergies if any.

Site Fees:

Adult - $10
Youth (Ages 6 - 14): $5
Child (5 and under): Free
The $5 Member Discount does apply.
Make cheques payable to: ASCA- Barony of Borealis

Event opens 5 pm Friday, August 16th and closes at 2 pm on Sunday August 18th.

Sergeantry Trials Schedule                                         

Friday Aug 16                          

             After 5:00 PM Arrive and set up                       

Saturday, Aug 17                                 

8:00                   Breakfast
8:45                   Meeting- Baronesses, Sergeants and Testers (Baronial Pavilion)
9:00                   Opening Court 

9:30 to 1:00        Candidate Testing
                           Classes and Archery Tournament for non-candidates
                           - See "Class Listings" and "Other Activities" below

9:30 to 10:30     Heraldry Testing (All Candidates)
10:30 to 11:00   Military - Written Testing (All Candidates)
11:00 - 1:00       Circuit Testing   (Each Candidate at rotating stations)
                           Includes: Games, Persona, Military History- Oral, General A&S

1:00                   Lunch 

1:30                   SCA Culture Testing     (All Candidates)
2:00 - 2:30          Armour Inspections for rapier and heavy combatants
2:30 - 6:00          Fighting Discipline Testing and Courtier Discipline Testing
                           This will include archery, rapier and heavy tournaments
                           - See "Other Activities" below

6:00                   Dinner 
7:00                   Court of Courtesy        
8:00                   Dancing          
Dark o'clock     Bardic                                     

Sunday, Aug 18                                   

8:00                   Breakfast        
9:00                   Baronesses Challenge
10:30                 Meeting- Baronesses, Sergeants and Testers ( Baronial Pavilion)
11:00                 Final Court      
                        Clean Up to follow court           


Class Listing:

Note pre-reg not needed. Register with Inga at or on-site at gate!


WAR with HE Alfheim der Wundersman

Description: Take your war fighting skills to a new level through war training with Alfheim.
Students: Come in armor and with weapons and your war face on!
Time: 10 am
Location: At the castle
Cost: Free



Bast Fibre (Linen) Processing with HL Kataryna Tkach

Description: Bast fibres commonly used in the SCA period are hemp, flax, and nettle. This class will be a hands-on class allowing the students to process a small amount of flax or nettle fibre using medieval methods. If there is time and interest I will demo the processing of hemp fibre as well. Come learn how to break, scutch, and hackel. If students have their own retted bast fibre (flax, or nettle) they wish to process they may bring it.

Students: Please wear clothes that can get messy. The fiber you process you may keep.
Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult, no children below 8 years of age. We will be using pieces of equipment designed to smash things and with sharp points.
Time: 10am to noon
Cost: $2.00 for handout (~15 pages) and fibre.
Max number of students: 6


A History of Soap Making with Caitilin

Description: Delve into the history of soap making, and into the science of how to make soap from scratch - safely! Using period recipe's and practice as a base for current ways to make soap, we will go over the downfalls and the 'delightes for the ladies' as introduced by Platt and you will leave with sufficient resources to try this at home! Theory class only. Handouts will provided.

Tine: 10am to noon
Cost: $3 for handout/copy costs


Viking Wire Weaving with Laudie

Description: Learn the basics of weaving wire to create beautiful chain work, without the need of heat or complicated tools. Instructor will provide all the materials, information, and guidance for each student to make a bracelet.
Students: If you need reading glasses bring them to class. Bring a chair
Time: 10am to 11am
Cost is $5.00 per person
Max number of students: 4


Honey Bee 101 with Mafanwy Glanmorfa

Description: Come for a happy chat to learn about the differences between wasps & the different types of bees and then on to an in depth discussion on honey bee life cycle, functions, products of the hive etc. Learning will involve cool props!

Time: 11am to noon
Cost: Free


Herbal Nature Walk with Onund

Description: Take a jaunt through the Quad Site with the aim of becoming acquainted with the various useful plants that reside thereon, with a nod to Culpepper and Gerard. This is an informal lecture style geared toward beginners.

Students: Bring pencil and paper if you feel the need to take notes. Wear sturdy, comfortable shoes (mundane shoes are just fine if necessary) and be prepared to walk through some rougher areas. Bug spray. Water bottle. Sun hat. All that stuff.

Time: 11am to 12:30
Cost: Free
Max number of students: 10


Mark Making with HE Inga the Unfettered

Description: A survey of Calligraphy tools covering the various means that have been and are currently used to record words and images. Will include intro to reed, quill, metal dip and modern calligraphy nibs and a demonstration on the cutting of reed and quill pens.

Students: Wear clothes you aren't afraid of getting ink on. Bring note taking materials, a chair and a sharp penknife.
Time: 11am to 12:30
Cost: $3 for handout and a reed and quill to take home
Max number of students: 6


Beginning Fletching with Timothy of Sherwood

Description: Tired of having your fletches come off when you do shoot throughs? Since I started tying my flights on I have not had that problem! Want your arrows to have a more period look? Take my class and they will. Does wrestling damaged and/or worn fletches off arrows annoy you? Since I started using this system they stay, firmly, on, until I want them off and then they come off easily. Even my shafts suffer much less in the process. Additionally, many of the tools, materials and techniques we will be using are documented to period. Even the thread we use can be, easily, reused when replacing flights.

Students: If possible please bring: note taking materials, a sewing needle, scissors. All items are by no means essential to bring, they just make things a, tiny bit, easier. Wear a short sleeved top or close fitting sleeves to avoid getting them in hide glue. The glue ought to wash out and we are using a small amount for each student's arrow but, please, play it safe,.

Class Length: 2 hours Time TBA
Class Cost: $6.00
Max number of students: 2


Other fun activities :

Range will open all day starting at 9am for Royal Rounds and IKAC and for a fun tourney

Balinor's Stuffed Animal Massacre!!
A fun archery tourney with lots of prizes and loaner bows, all welcome to play.
This tourney is designed purely for fun and even first timers will love it! Come try your hand or test your skills!



A prize rapier tourney hosted by HE Don Reme will be held following the rapier testing.



A prize tourney hosted by HE Albrecht will be held following the heavy testing.



Event Stewards:

Inga the Unfettered and Aleana Gough

If you have any questions, please contact:
Inga the Unfettered (Michelle Height)
14703 - 140 Street
Edmonton, AB T6V 0A9

Or by email at

Site Info:
Name: Quad War Site
Marsden, SK

Directions to Site:

Site Info:
Name: Quad War Site
Marsden, SK

Directions to Site:

There is no street address for this private site near Marsden, SK. 

From the N, S, W and SW: Make your best route to Wainwright, AB. Go east on HWY 14 (becomes HWY 40 at the SK border). Drive 8 km past and turn north (left) on Artland road. The site is 4.5 km on the west (left).


From the E and SE: Make your best route to Saskatoon. Take HWY 16 to North Battleford. As you cross the bridge, stay to the left on HWY 40. It will turn west (right) midway through town. 5km west of (past) Marsden turn north (right) on Artland road The site is 4.5 km on the west (left).

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