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Lord Defenders

September 20, 2013 to September 22, 2013
Blatha An Oir

Tacoma-Pierce County, WA

Autocrat: Arnora Joradottir

Lord Defender's Tournament

September 20-22, 2013



Come Witness the feats of Strength and Skill as the Best of our swordsmen, archers and artisans Seek to win the Title of Champion of Blatha an Oir.  Or Better yet! Enter one of the many competitions and become a Champion of the greatest Barony the World has ever known! Revel with us as we celebrate their victories.  There will be tournaments and competitions throughout the weekend for:

Ø Heavy Fighting

Ø Rapier

Ø Archery

Ø Thrown Weapons

Ø Arts & Sciences

Ø Baronial Page

Ø Shield of the Barony 

Ø Potluck Feast Saturday Night


A word from our soon to be Baron of Blatha An Oir, HL Hengist Helgason, regarding the criteria for the Lord Defender tournament:

“This years Lord Defender tournament will be a round robin, mixed weapons, best 2 out of 3 tourney.

The combatants will each roll a die to determine which of 5 weapon styles they will use.

Once the winner of that fight is determined the combatants will change weapons to what their opponent was using.

If the match goes 3 round the combatants may use their weapon style of choice.

The top 4 will fight a 1/4 final with all four combatants fighting each other.

The top 2 will fight 3 mixed weapon battles to determine victor. The weapon styles will be:

1) Sword and Shield

2) Axe and Shield

3) Danish Axe

4) Spear

5) Great Sword

6) Baroness Choice”


    A call from the A&S Champion and Defender of Blatha An Oir, as well as requirements for entry into the competition:


 I, Angharat verch Reynulf, current A & S Champion of Blatha an Oir give you greetings and request you listen to my plea.

Lo, these past months have I labored with needle, kitchen and books to represent our Barony as Champion throughout the Kingdom of An Tir.  Many are the classes I have attended, hosted or even taught, many more are those other gentles I have seen creating, learning and teaching within the boundaries of this, our golden Barony.  With Lord Defenders Tourney coming up in September, I call for those who wish to Contend to become the new Arts and Sciences Champion to come forth!

 I will be keeping to the streamlined rules Blatha an Oir has been using for the last few years:

1) 2 Items with at least 1 page of Documentation each

2) The Items must be different disciplines although they may relate to each other (i.e. culinary and metalwork, scribal and sewing, weaving/spinning and embroidery) 

3) The items must be from the same time frame (give or take 10 years) and from the same region/area (i.e. both from Wales, France, or applicable city/state/country).

To be eligible for Lord Defenders, you must have worked on and completed your items within this year - they need not have been started, but worked on and finished.  After all, many projects take more than a year to start from scratch!

If you wish to enter a single item into the Populace A & S Competition & Display, you must still make or complete the item within this year to enter it.

Please contact me at  if you have questions or are desirous to compete for the honor of representing our Barony, to let me know what you intend to enter, so that I may request judges who are at least familiar with your skills or sciences to give your labors the fairest observation as possible.

Thank you,

Angharat verch Reynulf
Arts & Sciences Champion of Blatha an Oir
Courtier, Blatha an Oir
Per chevron purpure and argent, two wolves rampant argent and a dragon displayed sable."


A call from your Thrown Weapons Defender and Champion, as well as requirements for the tournament!

 “To the populace of Blatha An Oir do I, Sir Gernon Valletort, the current Thrown Weapons Champion of this, the greatest Barony in the Known World, send greetings. As my time protecting the golden thrones of the Barony come to an end, do issue forth this challenge: 

To win the day and receive the honor of protecting these lands as the next Thrown Weapons Champion, you must prevail over all other combatants in the following format. 

Three stations will be setup, one for knives, spears and axes. 

Thirty weapons will be thrown (one for each year of the Barony) and the highest score in each style will advance to the final round. 

Each of the three combatants who have had the fortune to advance to the final round will then draw from a hat to see what their final weapon style will be, be it knife, spear or axe. 

Thirty more weapons of the drawn style will be thrown and the highest score shall hence forth be known as the Thrown Weapons Champion of Blatha An Oir. 

In Service to Crown and Kingdom,
Sir Gernon Valletort du Harfluer"

Rapier Tournament Requirements:

Tourney style is going to be a London Masters.

Every one fights through every form:

1.)  Single sword

2.)   Sword and baton

3.)   Sword and dagger

4.) Sword and buckler

5.)   Sword and cloak

6.)  And case of rapiers.

Double kills will be double death, and food for the crows.

After everyone has fought through every form, the top 2 with the most wins will go into the finals, to see who will be next in line to serve our wonderful Barony as Rapier Defender.


Shield of the Barony Requirements:

Please come prepared to the best of your abilities for all eventualities.


Friday Sept 20
12pm:  Gate opens
3pm: Page Competition begins and lasts all weekend

Saturday Sept 21
10am: Opening Court
10:30am:  Lists open/Armor Inspection

Ø  A&S entries may be submitted in main hall (populace vote, youth & defender entries)

11am:  Lord Defender Tournament Starts      

Ø  Thrown Weapons Qualifications Begins

Ø  Archery Range Opens

11:30pm:  Rapier Tournament Begins
1pm: Thrown Weapons Tournament Begins

Ø  Archery Tournament Begins

4pm: Populace A&S voting closes
5pm: Evening Court
6pm: Potluck Feast (or 30 minutes after court)

Sunday Sept 20th
11:30am: Shield of the Barony Tournament Begins

Ø  Page Competition Ends


1pm: Closing Court (or 30 minutes after Shield of the Barony Tournament ends)
3pm: Site Closes

Please note that all times are in SCA time and subject to their Excellencies schedule.

Site Opens Friday Sept. 20th at Noon

Site Closes Sunday Sept. 22nd at 3pm


Site Fee: Adult - $15                                          Tacoma Swiss Sportsman Club                               

               Youth (11-17) - $10                                        9205 198th Ave. E                       

               Child (10 and under) – Free                       Bonney Lake, WA 98391

Saturday Day Trip: Adult - $10

                                 Youth - $5

                                 Child - Free

$5 NMS Fee Applies


This is a new site for Lord Defenders!

RV Sites with water and power hookups are availavble for $20, please contact the event steward for more information and to reserve.

Free showers on site.


Contact Event Steward, Lady Arnora Joradottir, for any other information or if you would like to merchant, at

Site Info:
Name: Swiss Sportsman Club of Tacoma
9205 198th Ave E
Bonney Lake, WA 98391

Directions to Site:


Tacoma Swiss Sportsman Club

9205 198th Ave. E.
Bonney Lake, WA 98391


Take your best route to HWY 410 in Bonney Lake

If coming from the West, turn right on 198th Ave E

If coming from the East, turn left on 198th Ave E

The Swiss Sportsman Club will on your right

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