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This event has already happened, and this information is here for historical purposes. Any contact Information is not valid for current events!

Sealion War

May 24, 2013 to May 26, 2013

Victoria, BC

Autocrat: Janet Kempe device7091OP


It was a year ago when Baroness Margaret and Baroness Mogg were to decide on a victor between Seagirt and Lions Gate.  The prowess, skill and artfulness shown at that time from both sides, (or perhaps weariness from the long, well-fought battles) made them proclaim “No!”.  Lions Gate and Seagirt were equal in the arts of war and peace.  Time has passed and there is disquiet in the Baronies of Tir Righ.  Jealousies have arisen.  Seagirt has a mighty fine flock of snow white sheep; fattened on the greenery of Insula Magna.  Lions Gate’s own riches are reflected in the fine meat and excellent wool of its flocks.  Rumors abound that Baron James seeks to lure the unsuspecting beasts from their kind shepherd, Thegn Eideard.  Will Seagirt be able to protect itself and its sheep from invaders?  Will Lions Gate prove to be mightier and be able to carry away much booty of invasion?

Event Steward Team: Janet Kempe (MKA Nicole Chaffey), 778-430-8810 and Else Birgersdattir (Tina Paulsen)

Event website:

Fees: Full weekend Adults $20    Youths (13-18) $10. 

Day pass Adult $10.  Youth $5. 

NMS does apply to non-member adults.  Make cheques Payable to Barony of Seagirt


3:00 pm  Gate opens
7:00 A&S point open (or upon participants arrival)
9:30 am  Opening court
11:00 am  Rapier war inspections followed immediately by rapier point
11:00 am  Combat archery Workshop
1:00  pm  Heavy inspections followed by war point
4:00 pm  Archery war point

7:30 pm  Bardic point
10:00 am  A&S Point judged
10:00 am  New fighters Tourney
11:30 am  Closing court

3:00 pm Site Closes


Heavy and Rapier points: to be fought Saturday morning and early afternoon.
Each side brings a number of stuffed burlap sacks to use as sheep,  one side defends the sheep, the other side raids for sheep.   In round one they grab the sheep and run off field with as many as they can. In round two they start with  the number of sheep they captured in round one  and try and cross the field as the defenders try and block them. rounds three and four are the same scenario with sides reversed, The side that retrieves the most sheep wins the point.
*If and only if, neither side captures any sheep the point will be awarded to the side that brought the most sheep.

Archery point, to be fought Saturday after Heavy and Rapier, or if they run too late, Sunday morning.
All the sheep are gathered into a herd, One sheep in the centre is given wolf ears and a tail. 
Starting at 20 yards each archer gets a chance to shoot the wolf, Hit a sheep and you are eliminated. 
Each round moves back 10 yards until only one side is still shooting.  Blow through the wolf with a heavy bow, and hit a sheep is an elimination. Bounce off and hit a sheep (with the point) is an elimination. 

Bardic Point : A family friendly song or story involving  sheep.  Innuendo is permitted, but it should be safe for kids. performed Early Saturday evening 

A&S Point.  An object, made on site, from wool fleece.  Fleece can be cleaned carded and dyed, but should not arrive on site spun, woven or felted in any way.  Some fleece will be provided, but contestants are encouraged to bring their own. To be judged Sunday before court.

Site Info:
Name: Mountainaire Campground and RV Park
1094 Spruston Road
Nanimo, BC V9X 1R2

Directions to Site:

Last Event's Directions: From the South Island - head north on Island Hwy/Tran-Canada Hwy for roughly 100 km. You cannot turn left from the highway to Spruston Road, so you will need to go past the road that leads to the site. A few minutes north of the Cassidy Inn there is a U-turn route (also the exit for the Bungee Experience). Take the U-turn route under the highway and head south. Turn right on Spruston Road. Site is approximately 5 km in from the highway, on the right, just past a V in the road.  Follow the signs to the site. (approx 5kms). From the North Island - head south on Highway #1 and turn right onto Spruston Rd. Follow the signs to the site (approx. 5kms). From the Mainland - Take the ferry to either Duke Point or Departure Bay, then make your way south and follow the directions from the north island. WARNING: If you are using Google Maps or a GPS to help find your way, please disregard directions once you leave the highway! They will lead you into the middle of nowhere and you will miss the correct turnoff.

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