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This event has already happened, and this information is here for historical purposes. Any contact Information is not valid for current events!

Tournament of Armies 4

August 02, 2013 to August 05, 2013
Lions Gate

Vancouver, BC

Autocrat: Elena de Maisnilwarin & Ieuan Gower device2290OP

Who will become the next Warlord of Lions Gate?

The Barony of Lions Gate invites all disciplines - heavy, rapier, archery, cut and thrust, thrown weapons, arts and sciences, heraldry, bardic and service - to Tournament of Armies 4.

Prospective warlords should gather people skilled in these pursuits, being mindful that your army must be able to withstand attacks on all fronts: battles on the heavy and rapier war fields, service to the event, skill on the archery and thrown weapons ranges...

Who will stand beside you under your banner?
Who will inspire you to support their quest for the title?

Only one can be victorious.

Registered Warlords
1. Her Excellency Margaret Hamilton of Stirlingshire
2. Sextus Equitius Xubulus, army Legio Vi Aquila
3. His Lordship Edward the Merchant of False Isle
4. warlord to be confirmed, army Clan MacAndrew
5. Ciculina Aurelia, army Wolfpack

Registration of armies will be accepted on site.

Event Team
Co-Event Stewards: His Royal Majesty Ieuan Gower (Quentin Baker), King of An Tir, 778-386-4490. Dame Elena de Maisnilwarin, (Elaine McMillan), 604-218-4644 (no calls after 9pm please). Please contact both Event Stewards through

MIC: Viscount Savaric
Rapier: Master Guidobaldo d'Aquila
Archery: Baron James Wolfden
Combat Archery: Lady Elora of Lions Gate
Cut and Thrust: Don John Warrick Drakkar
Thrown Weapons: Lady Elora of Lions Gate
A&S: Dame Elena de Maisnilwarin (or on-site alternate)
Bardic: Her Ladyship Briana nic h'Eusaidh
Head Gatekeeper: Lady Wymarcha Hektanah Doiron
Lists: Dame Magdelena Kress
Merchant Organizer: Her Ladyship Cassandra Wineday of Newingate
TUTR Classes: Her Ladyship Aelana Cordovera

Please send general questions to

Event Fees
Adults: $25 event, $15 day fee
Youth 13 to 18: $15 event, $10 day fee
Children 0 to 12: free
Family Cap: $50 event, $30 day fee
NMS applies.
Please make cheques payable to Barony of Lions Gate.

Event Site
The Grene Wode, 25133 0 Avenue, Aldergrove, BC V4W 2H4
Site opens 2pm Friday, August 2
Site closes 2pm Monday, August 5

Please familiarize yourself with the following:
* This is a working farm.
* Pets are strictly prohibited at any time. Service animals are allowed upon proof of registration, and all service animals must be leashed or kenneled and picked up after immediately.
* The equestrian area of the site is off-limits.
* There are peafowl loose on the property and exotic fowl and chickens in pens. These are strictly off-limits, as are the barn cats and property dogs.
* The site does not have potable water or electricity. Please bring in your own water.
* Please come prepared to pack out your garbage and recyclables.
* Smoking is permitted only in the designated smoking area on site. This will be the "Salon de Morte", very graciously hosted by Khabeelah.

Open burning is prohibited throughout the Coastal Fire Centre. Only the following will be permitted on site: cooking stoves that use gas, propane or briquettes, or to a portable campfire apparatus with a CSA or ULC rating that uses briquettes, liquid or gaseous fuel, as long as the height of the flame is less than 15 centimetres.


Please note that all of the scenarios are subject to change, depending upon the number of participants and available marshals, and the field conditions.

The armoured scenarios are subject to change at the event; the order and number fought will be determined by the MIC. At the end of Day One, there will be a meeting with all original Warlords immediately after the final scenario at the Lists table.

Armoured forces will earn coins for their warlord.

Counting Coup
1 coin per armband brought back to Lists. Once a fighter reports to Lists they may not re-enter the fray. Dead fighters do not report - any armbands on a dead fighter may be taken.
Time Limit: 30 minutes. Warning: 10 minutes

Capture the Flag + Counting Coup
Each Warlord will be wearing a SPECIAL flag. Bringing a SPECIAL flag back to lists is worth 10 coins. All fighters will be wearing counting coup flags, and each is also worth 1 coin. Bonus of 1 coin per man left alive in your unit. Once a warlord reports they may not re-enter fray.
Time Limit: 20 minutes. Warning: 10 minutes

Capture the Flag
2 Armies, 1 Flag. Get the flag back to your resurrection point. Not fast enough the first time? That's okay - it's best 2 of 3.
Time Limit: 15 minutes per round. Warning: none given.

Capture and Control
Four resurrection points. Each army starts with one, which can be destroyed (by touching it with a weapon) but not captured! The other two are indestructible and up for grabs. Fight until you control all the active control points.
Time Limit: 30 minutes. Warning: none given.

Field Battle
Do we really need to describe this? We thought not.
Time Limit: 20 minutes. Warning: none given

Bridge Battle
There's a bridge. Fight over it. Warlords, Knights and Royal Peers can walk through water on their knees. People who are do not fit in the above categories cannot.
Time Limit: 20 minutes. Warning: none given

King of the Hill
Be the Warlord with your Flag claiming the hill when time runs out. This contest will again be best 2 of 3.
Time Limit: 10 minutes. Warning: none given

Process for Non-Counting Coup Rounds:
Purchase Boons between rounds BEFORE challenges.
Warlords are ranked based on their Total Points Earned.
The top ranked Warlord will select the scenario for the round.
Starting with lowest ranked Warlord, challenges will be issued.

Rapier will start in the woods and move to field battles. No RBGs in the woods battles. Depending on time and number of troops, there will be up to 5 field battles to determine the winner.
* Capture the Flags (of the commanding officers)
* Assault the Hill
* Opens Trails Battle
* Bridge Battle
* Champions Challenge (winner will affect next scenarios)
* Army Merged and Moved into Open Field Battle.

Target Archery
In Medieval England, a sheaf of arrows was 24 arrows. Each archery unit will have one sheaf of arrows to share among their archers. The archery units will have a base cost of 4 coins. Regular archers cost a single coin while first class archers (white bracers) cost two coins. If an archery unit exceeds its base cost, it will pay that reducing the numbers of arrows in its sheaf by the amount they exceed. For example, an archery unit that consisted of 4 regular archers would cost 4 coins and since they did not exceed the base costs, they would have 24 arrows to share among the four archers. An archery unit that consisted of 4 Geese would cost 8 coins and since that exceeds the base cost by 4 coins, they would only have 20 arrows to share among the four archers. The sheaf of arrows must be divided evenly by all archers shooting in the scenario. No single archer may shoot more than 12 arrows in an untimed round.
1. Friday Night Shoot - this scenario ONLY will earn 40 coins for the competitor's warlord
2. Counting Coup
3. Clout Shoot Alley
4. Bird On the Wing
5. Field of Wands
6. Merge (Snowball Round)

Cut and Thrust
Don John Warrick Drakker does invite all Cut & Thrust artists who feign to play with single sword, sword and dagger, sword and buckler and two handed sword to prove their mettle in a Prize Tournament at Tournament of Armies IV, to be played before an audience of worthies for their enjoyment, and to further the wordfame of those who answer this call. The winner will be awarded a garter featuring an Argent Loat.

Thrown Weapons
An Tir Thrown Weapons Competition: 20 knife throws, 20 axe throws and 20 spear throws, combined for a total of 60 throws. Scenario is dependent upon the number of participants, and may be reduced to 10 throws each weapon.

Barony of Lions Gate Archery Defender
The Archery Defender for the Barony of Lions Gate will be chosen on Monday. Details of the tourney to be advised.

A&S Competitions
Entrants will be asked to declare for a warlord upon registration. Once they do, then should their warlord's armies be absorbed into another, their entry will then be for the other warlord.

The Bardic scenarios will be judged, with a benefit for the competitor's warlord - and a prize for the competitor. Finalists may be asked to perform at Sunday's court, time permitting, to spread the enjoyment and the appeal of the competition.
1. Filk
2. Authentic-to-Period Entertainment
3. Tales of Derring-Do (with bonus points for commemorating something that happening during the event battles)
4. Lullaby (tentative)

Three categories, which may be split up if there are a large number of entries for one category.
1. Beers/Ales
2. Wines/Meads
3. Cordials/Liqueurs/Other
Entries will be judged on four criteria: Presentation, Flavour, Period Appropriateness, and Event Team Choice. The winner will be presented with coins for the warlord of his/her choice.

Camp Life
Armies could not function without camp support; this contest is for items that could be used by a medieval army at camp. Bonus points for documentation. Extra points if the army is actually using the entry.

Children's Heraldic Scavenger Hunt
Children participating with have an official scavenger hunt bag and a list with the different heraldry on it that they have to find (or it will be directly on the bag). The heraldry will belong to people who have agreed to be part of the hunt who will have cards with their heraldry on it to give to participants who approach them asking for confirmation that (points to bag or list) 'this' is their personal heraldry. There will be a time limit (to be announced, will depend on the number of heraldry to find) and the person who returns with the most heraldry found will win points for their Warlord and a prize for themselves. Anyone coming back after the time limit will not be counted. In case of a tie, the points will be split between the winners.

Heraldic Display
An entry consists of anything which is used to display heraldry. Possible pieces include banners, flags, tabards, heraldic clothing, furniture, feast gear, tapestries, etc. Documentation not required but extra points for including the following:
1. Materials used
2. Skills necessary to complete the project
3. Methods and tools used
4. Research (country, period of origin, period use of item, etc)
The winner will be awarded points for their Warlord.

Medieval Sock Wars
They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and the Sock Wars which began at An Tir/West War in July 2010 have proven to be very popular. So we are borrowing their idea at HRM Ieuan's specific request. (Plus, it's just an awesome contest.)
1. Period plausible stockings, 16" from heel to top.
a. Only ONE stocking need be completed by the deadline.
b. A free pattern is available on-line at and will be provided in printed format on-site.
c. Other knitting or nalbinding patterns that produce a period-plausible stocking at least 16 inches from heel to top can be used. Sock Wars stockings must be either nalbinded or knitted.
2. Worsted weight wool (unless you're allergic)
3. Participants must bring their own needles, most likely US size 5, 6 or 7 double-pointed knitting needles. Circular needles, while not a period technique, are allowed.
4. No stockings may be started before 9am on Friday, August 2nd. Yes, that's before site opens.
5. Participants must sign in at Event Steward Point on Friday afternoon/evening. The first five participants will receive free yarn. Others may paticipate but will need to supply their own yarn (a pair of stockings takes about 5 to 6 ounces of worsted-weight wool).
Deadline is 3pm on Saturday. Will be judged in two categories:
1. First to turn in a finished stocking (only 1 is required). If no one has finished by the deadline, the longest stocking wins.
2. Judges' Choice. Honorable Mentions may also be added at the judges' discretion.

SCA Creation
What have you done to make your SCA life more medieval? Covers for folding camp chairs, modern pop-up converted to a medieval pavilion, a cooler built into a wood box, a "hide" for your modern kitchen items - anything that you made that makes your SCA life seems more medieval. Documentation should include:
1. Inspiration for the thing you have made. This can be as simple as a photocopy of a picture, or a textual reference to an item.
2. Description of how you made it (materials and steps).

TUTR Classes

Basic Norse Wire Weaving
Length: 2 hours
Instructor: Dame Elena de Maisnilwarin
Cost: Free
Min 1 student, max 6
Description: Learn the basic techniques of Norse wire weaving. Materials for working in class and a handout will be provided. Students can bring needle nose pliers and wire cutters if they have them. Note that this class does not include findings. Please, no children under 14

Basic SCA Heraldry
Length: 1 hour
Instructor: Mistress Caitrina inghean Andriasia
Cost: Free
Max: 20
Description: An informal discussion of Basic Heraldry rules and how they are used in the SCA. The benefits and protocols of Heraldic registration and where to go to get started down the colourful world of Heraldic display.

Basic Scribal Arts Marie de Cheriseye la foret
Length: 2 hours
Instructor: Marie de Cheriseye la foret
Cost: $2
Max: 6
Description - Hands-on introduction to illumination (painting) and calligraphy for people who have never tried it. We will be painting bookmarks, adding period embellishments and a little calligraphy. There will be a handout with suggested materials for continuing scribal arts at home and at the scriptorium.
No children under 14 years. Students need to bring a chair to sit on; all other materials (paints, brushes, pens and ink) will be supplied.

How to Submit Your Heraldry
Length: 1 hour
Instructor: Mistress Caitrina inghean Andriasia
Cost: Free
Max: 20
Description: the basic heraldic submission process.

Inkle Weaving
Length: 2 hours
Instructor: Mistress Caitrin ni Cingeadh
Cost: TBA
Max: TBA
Description: Come learn how to create beautiful bands of handwoven trim for your medieval clothing and accessories. Students should bring a chair and an inkle loom if you have one. Some loaners for the weekend available.

Introduction to Bead Weaving
Length: 2 hours
Instructor: Lady Wymarcha Hektanah Doiron
Cost: $1 for beads and key ring. Free if you bring your own beads and string.
Age: 5+
Description: Learn the basic moves to freehand (no loom) a bead gecko, from which a variety of other figures can be made. A handout with other figures to try on your own will be provided. Large plastic pony beads for kids, and seed beads for adults.

Introduction to Bodhran
Length: 2 hours
Instructor: His Lordship Ingvar the Restless
Cost: please see the TUTR Dean on site
Max: please see the TUTR Dean on site
Description: An introduction to the Bodhran, the Irish drum. A familiar sound in Celtic music, it's not that hard to play. Techniques such as how to hold the drum and grips – bring your sense of rhythm and a drum if you have one! Students should also bring a chair.

Introduction to Bookbinding
Length: 2 hours
Instructor: Her Ladyship Aelana Cordovera
Cost: $7 for extensive handout and supplies
Max: 8
Description: includes making a basic floralegium (soft cover book) as well as a discussion of historical bookbinding materials and technniques. Included is a study of adaptations of bookbinding technique to the printed book. Samples of different structures will be available to examine. Students will fold paper into quires, sew and cover a basic paper book. All materials and tools will be supplied, but students may bring ruler, pencil, bone folder, triangle, awl if they have them on hand. Bring a chair.

Introduction to Origami
Length: 2 hours
Instructor: Lady Wymarcha Hektanah Doiron
Cost: $1
Age: 5+
Description: Learn the basics of the art of paper folding, and the history behind this not-so-ancient art.

Introduction to SCA Dance
Length: 1 to 2 hours
Instructor: Her Ladyship Ceara inghean ui Mhadadhain
Cost: Free
Min: 5, no Max
Description: This class is for newcomers and experienced folks alike. We will focus on having fun while learning a few dances from different cultures, some of which are purely SCA creations. Dances will vary based on how many students sign up and the general experience level of all. Students should bring water to drink and comfortable shoes

Medieval Games
Length: 2 hours
Instructor: Master Uilliam mac Fearchair mhie Gillie Aindreas
Cost: Free
Min/Max: None
Description: Learn how to play games the way "they" did. Class will include instruction and playing time.

Children's Activities
Planned children's activities are:
* Children's Archery Tournament on Sunday
* Children's Heraldic Scavenger Hunt on Saturday

Merchants will be on the Town Square.
1. Debbie
2. Elianora
3. Games N' Stuff
4. Jesus Christ Superstore
5. Thomas of Appledore (pottery, archery, books)
6. Alyn (stones and gems)
7. Ulf's Craft (Norse Culture)

If you are interested in merchanting at this event, please contact the Event Steward Team at and include your required frontage.

Please note that schedule is subject to change. Changes will be posted at Event Steward Point on the Town Square.

Friday, August 2
2:00pm - Gate opens
6:00pm - Sign up for A&S Competitions at Event Steward Point
7:30pm - Marshals' meeting
8:00pm - Warlord meeting
8:30pm - Dogmeat and Greet (immediately after Warlord meeting)
11:00pm - Quiet Time Begins

Saturday, August 3
7:00am - Gate Opens
9:00am - Baronial War Court with Warlords Presented
9:30am - TUTR Class Registration (time approx after Court)
9:30am - Armoured, Rapier & Target Archery Inspection (time approx after Court)
10:00am - Armoured, Rapier and Target Activities Begin
11:00am - TUTR Class: Basic Scribal Arts
11:00am - TUTR Class: Introduction to Bead Weaving
11:00am - Children's Heraldic Scavenger Hunt (time approximate - will be announced)
2:00pm - TUTR Class: Basic Heraldry
2:00pm - TUTR Class: Beginner's Wire Weaving
3:00pm - Judging finished for the Camp Life and Heraldic Competitions
3:00pm - Deadline for the Medieval Sock Wars Competition
3:00pm - TUTR Class: How to Submit Your Heraldry
6:00pm - Kingdom Court
7:30pm - Archery Range closes for the evening
8:00pm - Brewing Competition
8:00pm - TUTR Class: Inkle Weaving
8:00pm - TUTR Class: Introduction to the Bodhran
Dusk - Bardic Competition and Revelry
11:00pm - Quiet Time Begins

Sunday, August 4
7:00am - Gate Opens
9:30am - Armour Inspections
10:00am - Archery Range Opens
10:00am - Baroness' Walk and Warm-Up Scenarios
10:00am - TUTR Class: Introduction to SCA Dance
10:00am - TUTR Class: Introduction to Origami
10:30am - SCA Creation Competition Judging
11:00am - Skirmishes for Warlord of Lions Gate resume
1:00pm - TUTR Class: Introduction to Bookbinding
1:00pm - TUTR Class: Medieval Games
2:00pm - Combat Archery Tournament (time approx; 30 minutes after war skirmishes end)
2:30pm - Children's Archery Tournament (to follow Combat Archery)
3:00pm - Thrown Weapons Tournament (to follow Children's Archery Tournament)
5:00pm - Cut and Thrust Tourney
7:00pm - Baronial Closing Court
Dusk - Bardic Circle
11:00pm - Quiet Time Begins

Monday, August 5
10:00am - Archery Defender Tourney
12:30pm - Baronial Court (time approx.; will be immediately after tourney ends)
2pm - Site closes. Please take your garbage and recyclables with you.


Site Info:
Name: The Grene Wode
25133 Zero Avenue
Aldergrove, BC V4W 2H4

Directions to Site:

Canada: Make your best way to exit 73 on Highway 1, and continue south on 264th Street. Turn west (right) onto Zero Avenue. Site is approximately 3km, on the north (right) side of the road.


US: Make your best way to the Aldergrove/Lynden Border Crossing. Proceed to Zero Avenue and head west (left). Site will be in approximately 2 miles, on the north (right) side of the road.


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