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Honey War

June 08, 2012 to June 10, 2012
Glymm Mere

Olympia, Tumwater & Lacey, WA

Autocrat: Alaina Blackthorn device6985OP


Honey War 2012.
The story begins at Blatha an Oir’s Harvest Feast where Baronial taxes were collected. At that event a discussion was had between Baron Aleksii and Baron Johann concerning a certain baby born to Glymm Mereians who just happen to live within the borders of... Blatha an Oir. Then at Glymm Mere’s Yule Feast the challenge was made that either tax be paid for Abby or she becomes a Blatha an Oirian. Words were exchanged and then, WAR!!!!!!

The Barony of Blatha an Oir
It’s populace we do adore
But when they talk of taxes
We sharpen our war axes
And then we go to WAR!!!!!

War is not the only word heard by raised voices. Another cry has been elevated from many Glymm Mereians. The cry is BACON!!! For this year it is not only a war over honey, which is still coveted by our nefarious neighbors. But those bounding Blatha an Oirians wish to burgle our bacon.

Glymm Mere’s ire has awaken
A threat that a baby be taken
ya canna have our honey
ya canna have our Abby
Most of all, ya canna have our BACON!!!!!!

We welcome you to Honey/Bacon War on June 08-10 2012

Deschutes river ranch in The Barony of Glymm Mere in Thurston County
9725 Rich Rd SE, Olympia, Washington

Warning about the site: There is a pair of rather raucous wyrms that travel past the site quite often. You may have heard of them, Amtrac and Bnsf. THERE IS ALSO A RIVER AND A CREEK THAT RUN NEXT TO THE SITE. PLEASE KEEP OUT OF THE WATER AS IT IS NOT PART OF THE EVENT SITE. AND PLEASE PLEASE KEEP TRACK OF ALL CHILDREN.....

There is also no Potable water on site. But We are only a few Miles away from the town of Tumwater and there is a Costco, walmart and ext. about 15 min from site.

Come join us for numerous war scenarios, rapier scenarios and archery. Details of which will be released later.

Are you interested in cooking? Our siege cooking competition which we are titling “Iron Age Chef” will take place Saturday afternoon.

Do you make your own mead, ale, wine or other libation? Participate on our brewing contest.

Maybe you’re interested in entertaining the populace. There will be a bardic competition Saturday evening.

Speaking of entertainment go to youtube and type in “Lady Kolfina Glymm Mere Ballad of War”


10am Site opens for Merchants
12pm Site opens for Populace
1pm Archery range opens

5pm Archery range closes

9pm Bardic Competition for a war point

9:30am Meet & Greet with the Baron and Baroness- Court Pavilion
10am Morning Court w/ Champions Exhibition immediately following
11am Siege Cooking pick up

11am Honey Tasting in the A&S Pavilion

11am Archery Range Open
11am Heavy and Rapier Lists Open and Scenarios Begin
11am Family Activities open
1:30pm Siege Cooking Judging
2pm Brewing Judging
2pm A&S Judging with an Artisan Tea to follow
2pm Thrown Weapons until 4 pm
4pm Thrown Weapons Championship
4pm Siege Cooking Judging
5pm Family Activities close

5pm Archery Range closes
6pm Evening Court
Dusk Candle Light Archery Shoot

9am Archery Championship begins
9am Rapier Armor Inspection

10am Rapier Tournament

1pm Closing Court
3pm Site Closes




War Points

Champion's Exhibition - 2 Points
Come and see the champions of Glymm Mere and Blatha an Oir compete . Our archery, heavy, rapier and thrown weapons champions as well as a five-man war band will compete against each other! The barony with the most winning champions will take the war points!

Heavy Scenarios - 8 points
#1 Open field battle with archery, no res. 20 min.

#2 Capture the flag, without archery, res, 30 min.

#3 Capture the flag, thrown weapons, res, 30 min.

#4 Bridge battle, without archery, 2 res , which ever army completely takes the bridge within 15 minutes.

#5 Castle battle? Archery, 2 res, 15 min

#6 ZOMBIE bridge battle. Marshals on the field for 15 min only
Siege Cooking - 2 points
"You are in a castle under siege. It is June 9th and you've been at war since the end of March. Your supply lines are gone, the enemy has ransacked the countryside nearly bare, and the crops have been trampled, the livestock eaten or run away. Last night you snuck out of the secret door in the back of the castle and found one last abandoned farm hidden in the forest with some fresh foodstuffs. Then you went down to the deepest, darkest cellars in the castle to find the last of your preserved foods. Your commander wishes you to prepare one of his favorite recipes to inspire the people, using the items found on the farm and your remaining supplies."

Rules: I will provide a historical recipe and all the ingredients to make it, the challenge will be interpreting the recipe and preparing the best interpretation/ redaction in the time given. Extra points will be given for period cooking techniques and presentation.

Pick up recipe and supplies at 11AM, after Saturday morning court from Raffaella at the A&S area, or the back of the court area. Judging of all completed entries begins at 1PM. Be prepared to taste and judge each other’s entries! .


-Archery - 8 points

Archery range opens at 11am
Populace Shoot at 11am (runs all day)
Youth Shoot at 2pm (depends on getting a second to watch) Parents must be present
Novelty Shoots begin at 3pm
Range closes at 5pm

Thrown Weapons: 2
Highest score
Most Throwers


Volunteers- 3 points
This event couldn’t happen without all of our wonderful volunteers! For each half hour of volunteer work you do you will receive a coin. Drop it in the box of the barony you are supporting. The barony who has the most coins before court on Saturday evening will be awarded the war points!


Rapier- 8 points

Saturday (order to change at marshal's whim)
1) Nun's Courtyard

2) Italian Street Brawl - 1 point
3) French Duel - 1 point
4) Open Field Resurrection Battle (standard) - 1 point
5) Open Field Non-Resurrection Battle - 1 point
6) Open Field Resurrection Battle (modified) - 1 point
7) Looting Battle - 1 point
8) RGB Target Shoot - 1 point

Brewing– 2 points
Bring your Brew to the A&S pavilion. No documentation needed; a list of ingredients and your name is all that is needed.


Children activity -1


A&S- 3


Cord and Trim competition:

A competition for all types of trim and cord makers. There are but nine days until the Saturday of Honey Way. I invite all to see what they can make in our short timeframe. Kumihimo, lucet cord, fingerloop braid, cardwoven trim...all types of cording and trim are welcome in this competition.

Documentation is not required, but bonus considerations are awarded for competitors who provide examples of how their finished product would or could be used.

Pieces should be dropped off at the A&S tent at least an hour before Saturday evening court for judging, but space will be available for competitors to display their works if they finish early.

This competition is worth One War Point for the barony with the most participants.

(Remember, trim and cording makes great largess!)

Open Entry competition:

A competition for all. Bring your most recent A&S conquest that it may be displayed to the populace and enter it in our open entry competition.

The populace shall judge the entries in a variety of categories.

There will be adult, teen, and children's divisions.

Extensive Documentation is not required, but it is always nice for judges to know what they are looking at.

Drop-off of A&S projects should be done immediately after Saturday morning court so that the populace may judge throughout the day. Populace judging will end an hour before court is scheduled to begin.
This competition is worth Two War Points! One point will be awarded for participation, and one point awarded for the overall adult division winner.



Honey Tasting Workshop:

All day Saturday there will be an ongoing Honey Tasting Workshop in the A&S Pavilion.

A large variety of honeys will be gathered and available for all to taste and learn about. Everyone is invited to walk through the display, taste the different varietals and make notes about the undertones they taste.

There is no class fee, but don

donations are welcome to help cover the cost of procuring honey and supplies.

Artisans Tea for Cord and Trim Makers:

Saturday from 2-4pm there will be an artisan's tea for cord and trim makers.

Anyone, whether skilled trim maker or novice cord maker, is invited to join me in or near the A&S pavilion for a few hours of sharing and snacking.
We can share our successes, failures, plans, and works-in-progress. Competitors in the cord and trim competition can also make that last push to the finish with their cord and trim competition projects.

And a final reminder to all not competing in the Open Entry competition, please come to the A&S tent to vote the entries. This populace judged competition depends on you.


Saturday, June 9

10 AM: Family activities open
All event: come play games, color baronial devices for display, learn songs and poetry, share stories of your favorite events or dreams, make crafts and just relax in a kid-friendly environment!

11 AM: Kids Non-cooking contest (cupcake decorating): Cupcakes, icing, a few “surprise” ingredients as well will be provided. Kids (or teams of 3 or less, 1 adult per team allowed) may bring up to 3 additional toppings or decorations. Entries will be judged on flavor, visual appeal and theme. Theme will be given at the time of contest. This is worth part of the war point, so teams must commit to GM or BAO.
1PM: Scavenger Hunt: Teams of 4 or less (1 adult per team allowed) have 2 hours to find and present their list items to Family Activities. Judged on accuracy to list, creativity, completion and time. This is worth part of the war point so teams must commit to GM or BAO.

3PM: Foot Race: Come test the fleet of feet and see who can win for GM or BAO. All entrants must be present by 3PM, heats will be determined at that time. Please stress good sportsmanship with the kiddos.

5PM: Family Activities closes for the night.

Sunday, June 10

10 AM: Family Activities open

11AM: Bee toss: See who can make their bee fly the farthest! Prizes for longest flight, furthest flight and most stylish flight in both kids and youth divisions.

1PM: Water-balloon contest! (weather-permitting) Come see who can throw the furthest, highest, have the best watery death and more! Bring your water balloons, water guns and a towel. Prepare to get wet and make sure a parent is with you!

2PM: Family Activities closes

Event Steward HL Alaina (Aly) Blackthorn (360)701-7786
Deputy Event Steward HL Damien O’Conor
Deputy Event Steward HL Volk the Grey
Merchant Steward Lady Kate the Candle Maker
Site Coordinator HL Kolfinna Vallagyoja

Site fee is
Adults $15.00
Youth 17-10 $10.00
Day trip $10.00
NMS fees of $5.00 do apply
Family cap is $50.00
Site opens at 12 noon on Friday
Site closes at 4 pm on Sunday
Make all checks payable to SCA Inc, Barony of Glymm Mere

Site Info:
Name: Deschutes River Ranch
9725 Rich Rd. SE
Olympia, WA 98512

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