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This event has already happened, and this information is here for historical purposes. Any contact Information is not valid for current events!

Summits Fall Coronet

September 20, 2013 to September 22, 2013
Myrtle Holt

Grants Pass, OR

Autocrat: Keara Buchanan device5091OP




Gather one and all to bear witness and compete in the Fall Coronet Tournament for the heirs to their Highnesses Keith the Wanderer and Ekatarina Tatiana Aleksandrovna, Gryphon Prince and Princess of the Summits!

Adults: $20,   Non-SCA members will be subject to the $5 surcharge, per adult

Youths (age 8-17): $10

Children 7 and under free

Family Cap:  $50

NOTE: Pre-registration is encouraged and is available through ACCEPS starting Sunday July 28th, 2013 and closing Sunday September 15th, 2013

Site opens  at 8:00 AM Friday for merchant set up,

General admission gate opens at 1:00 pm Friday.

All visitors to site are respectfully requested to depart site by  4 pm Sunday.



The site is located at 1100 McMullen Creek Road, Selma OR 97538, also known as the North field of the Flying B Bar Ranch

A water buffalo will be available on site.

On Friday evening there will be a Viking Trading Blanket so bring your goodies to trade and get a treasure in exchange.

A potluck will be held on Saturday evening with a spit barbequed lamb available for all to partake of. This will be an opportunity to congratulate and celebrate with the newest Tanist and Tanista.

Site is wet, though as always moderation is expected.


MERCHANTS: For Merchant registration form please click here.



Kumihimo cord making - Telisia Brutusdottir, - no charge

Ghillie brogue shoe making - Istvan Balogh, - $10.00

Japanese calligraphy - Jasper Campbell, - $5.00 if you want to keep the materials

Tile painting - Elsbeth (Reannag Teine), - $3.00

Stamp making - Sarre Greyhand (Reannag Teine), -$3.00

Jewellery making - Ellenwy of the Rampant Squirrell, - $10.00

Tassel making - Lieuuara de Caut, - no charge

Hair braiding - Anne of the White City, - no charge

Felted bags - M. Ketterlin von dem Drachen, - $5.00

15th century German fringe hat - Idonia Sherwood (for men and women) - $5.00

Drop spindle - Dawnhella of BriarOak - $6.00

Weaving - David de Rosier Blanc - $20.00

Childrens Classes:  Juggling -    Class limited to 10 children with a parent present.

Basic Singing - Class limited to 20 children with a parent present. 

Children's Classes will be taught by M. Jacqueline de Lioncourt

Please NOTE: Click here for detailed descriptions and  fees for materials for some of the classes.  Also, we will try to offer the adult classes at times that do NOT conflict with the tournament for coronet.  Childrens classes will also be available.  Schedule will be posted once it becomes available. 



There will be a "games and activities" table available for a 4 hour block of time on Saturday.  Times will be listed once the schedule is finalized.

Games will include:

Bean Bag Toss

Heraldic Twister

Castle Siege (A mini catapult launches ping pong balls at a model castle)


Stick Horse Jousting

All of these activities are subject to change based on interest. NOTE: It is the parent's or designated adult's responsibility to know the location and activities of

their children at all times.  Children under the age of 12 must be within the sight and earshot of their parent/guardian.  Children under the age of 6 must be

accompanied and supervised by their parent or guardian at all times. All activities will be located near the Erik, so these simple rules will be easy to follow. 



Bards of the Summits! 
This is a fantastic opportunity to not only challenge your bardic skill and receive valuable feedback but to earn the opportunity to serve the Summits through song or performance. The Bard of the Summits bears the responsibility to encourage and teach the bardic arts throughout the Summits, and to represent the bards and other artists of the Summits to the Kingdom. 

You must prepare two contrasting pieces (Can be contrast in style, period, language, medium, subject matter etc.). SCA period pieces, or topically SCA pieces (such as original compositions etc.) encouraged. This can include songs, stories, poetry, instrumental music, theater etc. 

A letter of Intent is due to Their Highnesses and myself by the weekend before the events (before midnight Sept. 15th). (, blaze2242 at gmail dot com). In your letter of intent please include your name, branch, membership number and expiration date, as well as the names/categories/types/period/style/origin etc. of what you will be performing. Any other relevant information can also be included as you see fit. The sooner you submit your letter of intent, the better.  

You must submit your documentation for each piece by midnight Sept. 15th.  It is acceptable for changes and additions to be made to the submitted documentation before the competition, however the judges will be reading your documentation ahead of time to familiarize themselves with your research and pieces, so the more complete it is, the better. If you are new to documentation, please email me and I can provide you with answers to questions, as well as examples of bardic documentation. Please make sure your documentation includes a bibliography. 

A copy of your written documentation must also be submitted at the time of the competition. If possible, provide three copies so each judge can have one. 




As posted by Their Highnesses:

"To clarify my earlier missive. To enter Fall Coronet Tournament you will need to send me an e mail by Briaroak Bash, telling of your intent and for whose honor you will be fighting for. Then you will need to submit, either by hand at Harvest/ Sport of Kings or by post marked no later than the 16 day of August AS XLVIII, a formal, fancy, illuminated, carved, (please no foods) or sewn (let your persona dictate) Letter of Intent. Those letters will be carried by Her Highness to September Crown. We will have a meet n greet social Friday Night before the Fall Coronet Tourney in which We will talk to each couple individually. You will need on the day of the Tournament, Your consort at your side, a Shield for use on the shield board, your fighter card, your membership card, your consorts membership card, and banners (if you have them) that add to the festive atmosphere of the List. List conventions will be bring your best, until the finals, which will be announced later. A thirty one inch round and a twenty two by twenty eight inch long heater will be the Shield standards. E mail at Summits-Prince [at] I hope to see many around at upcoming events."



This tourney will be a best two out of three rounds and will be a prize tourney for youth combatants in full YAC armor using combat weapons. There will be a prize for the winner of the tourney, as well as the parents of the winning combatant for helping to create the armor and assisting their child. Standards of weapons and armor construction will apply, limited to current YAC ages of 6-17. Tourney will be divided by age, so there will be 3 winners. (one for each age category)

All participants in the standard YAC tourney will be presented to the Prince and Princess and process with their parents to be presented to them, just like the adults fighting in Coronet. The tourney will happen at a time suitable to Their Highnesses (banners and things like that are not required, but children can make them, even cardboard signs with their names if they wish) Children are not expected to process with their armor on, but Parents are required to walk with their children.
The YAC tourney is open to all children who meet the minimum YAC qualifications (aged 6-17, full legal armor, legal weapons, parents in attendance and present).
Parents of combatants must be at the lists at all times. Children participating in the tourney, must salute their parents, their honorable opponent, the Crowns of the Summits and anyone else who inspires them to fight that day. All armor and weapons will be inspected by a Senior YAC Marshal. If it’s not ok’d it can’t be used. (if the parents or legal guardian of the child wins coronet, waivers must be signed for another adult to be present due to what happens immediately after coronet)
Weapons for the tourney for all ages can be sword and shield; sword and dagger; double sword. Griffins and Dragons can use two handed great swords. (No one can use pole weapons, maces or axes (or anything else not specifically listed above)
Please note, weapons for the Lion Division (age 6-9) are to be constructed as practice weapons-3/4" pex pipe wrapped in pipe insulation with strapping tape and duct tape, Other divisions are 3/4" Rattan.
If you need help with armor requirements, or information on how to build armor or weapons please contact Lady Duvessa of Movilla Summits Youth Armored Combat Officer at

For questions about the event, contact the event stewart, HL Jennet MacLachlan of Loch Fyne.


There will be a full YORK round run for the archery portion of this event. This will not be for competition but for official scoring. 


We will be running a prize tourney royal round for thrown weapons. Just like archery these rounds are recorded and throwers get ranked for their scores. However, if there are too many participants then we can modify the royal round to make the tournament shorter. A royal round in thrown weapons is 20 throws each of the axe, knife, and spear. To shorten the tourney we would merely change it to 5 throws each.



This tournament will be a basic round robin, hold the field. This means in essence each fighter takes a turn holding the field against everyone else. Each fighter ends up fighting every other fighter twice. There will also be a cut and thrust tourney, details of which will follow later. Come and enjoy the challenges of rapier fighting.




Princess’ Cut & Thrust Champion:  NEW CHAMPION – PRAY  ATTEND
Upon the command of Their Royal Majesties, Her Highness Ekatarina is
seeking Her First Champion in the Cut and Thrust Marshal Arts.  
This championship tournament will be held in conjunction with September Coronet Tournament.

Those interested in participating, must meet the current requirements for all other Principality Officers of Court:  1.  Be a paid member.  2. Be a minimum of 18 years of age.  3.  Reside in the principality one year prior to entrance in the championship tournament and reside in the principality for the duration of the term of office (or submit a written request for waiver of residency to Her Highness by 9/14/2013).   A Letter of Intent must be submitted to Her Highness before 10am, Saturday, 9/21/2013 (hand delivery is acceptable and encouraged).  Should you have any questions regarding tournament format please contact Don Armand de Castille (duelist  @


There will be a wonderful arts and sciences display.  If you are interested in displaying any items please contact the Principality MOAS Solbella Ha Tayeret (Tia Dance) at or the MyrtleHolt MOAS Brynhildr Smythe (Megan Blattel).

There will also be an Arts and Sciences "Never Won an A&S Competition" Competition.  If you are an artisan in the Summits this is for you:

All entries must represent pre-Seventeenth century culture. Substitutions of modern alternatives for products derived from endangered plant, animal, and insect species, and materials that may be toxic or hazardous will not be penalized.
Materials used in the creation of entries may be modern if they resemble period materials. An entrant may procure period materials, such as hand woven, naturally dyed cloth, from another source. An entrant is not required to produce these materials, but they are welcome to do so.

Participants may choose to submit their work for critique only- please notify those running the competition ahead of time!

The amount and style of documentation provided is at the participant’s discretion, but excessive length is discouraged. A participant should do his or her own research; however, the participant may have help in preparing the written documentation.

NOTE:  Participants must register with the Principality MOAS ahead of time so that appropriately qualified judges can be selected. 


VIKING TRADING BLANKET: There will be a traditional Viking Trading Blanket held at Coronet.  Bring your wares to trade.  Please no humans or alcohol. 



There are a few lodging options nearby. 




If you perhaps joined us for Hogmanay 2012, it was held at the Deer Creek Center, Siskiyou Field Institute, which is located about 5 miles from site.  This is a fabulous facility located in a historic southern Oregon 850 acre ranch and surrounded by panoramic mountain views. This location boasts 2 rooms, each with a queen bed and a single bed, one room that has 6 single beds ("the Dormitory"), and the "John Wayne"

suite which has a Queen bed.   Each of these rooms has a private bath.  Additionally, there are two yurts, one of which has 18 single beds (bunk style) and the other has 12. 

The Yurts are serviced by a heated bath-house with separate mens and womens toilets with showers.

For more information and rates/availability contact:

Deer Creek Center/ Siskiyou Field Institute:
1241 Illinois River Rd
Selma, OR 97538
Phone: (541) 597-8530
Fax: (541) 597-8533




Kerbyville Inn (B&B)

(Located about 10 miles from site)

24304 Redwood Highway, Kerby, OR

Rates:  Please call for information


Holiday Motel

Rates (subject to change):  1 Queen - $58/night;  2 Full, or 2 Queen - $68/night;  One room which has 1 Queen + 2 Full beds - $78.00/night

(Located about 10.3 miles from the site)

24810 Redwood Highway, Kerby, OR



Directions from the North or South Inland: Take Interstate 5 to Exit 55 "Hwy 199, Redwood Highway".  Proceed through Grants Pass and approximately 25 miles farther along HWY 199 to the town of Selma, where at the second flashing light you will turn Left onto Lakeshore Drive (signs will also note you are heading towards Lake Selmac).  Follow Lakeshore drive approximately 3.5 miles, following the road to the left at the fork around the lake.  Just past the Lake Selmac Resort, you will encounter a right hand turn for McMullen Creek Road which you should take, and proceed forward for .75 miles to the entrance to the site, for which there will be signs.  For those of you who think this sounds familiar, it is... you've been here for Coro-Investiture 2012, ARC 2012, etc.


Directions from the Coast (which is somewhat implicitly South): From Crescent City or Brookings proceed to HWY 199, and proceed north-east, across the kingdom boundary with the West and into Antir.  You will pass through the very southern hamlet of O'brien, and the town of Cave Junction.  Thence on through the village of Kerby, and out onto Saur Flat whereapon your trail will widen to to allow multiple vehicles abreast.  As you climb out of Saur Flat into the hills beyond, the track will again narrow and after a mile or two you will be presented with signage indicating the imminent opportunity to turn right towards Lake Selmac, this will be Lakeshore Drive.  You should avail yourself of this option, and then follow the directions above.



Site Info:
Name: Flying B Bar Ranch
1100 McMullen Creek Rd.
Selma, OR 97538

Directions to Site:

Last Event's Directions :


Site info: Name: Flying B Bar Ranch
1100 McMullen Creek Rd.
Selma, OR 97538

Schedule: Site opens at 1pm on Friday September 20th and closes on Sunday September 22nd at 4pm.  Tourney will be Saturday and armor inspection begins at 10am. 

Site Location is the Flying B Bar Ranch (North 20 acres), 1100 McMullen Creek. Rd., Selma, OR, 97538


Directions: From Grants Pass take US HWY 199 (Redwood Hwy) heading towards the coast to Selma, OR. Turn left on Lake Shore Dr towards Lake Selmac just a short distance after the supermarket look for the signs (Parks and SCA).

From the Coast take US HWY 199 (Redwood Hwy) heading towards the Grants Pass to Selma, OR. Turn right on Lake Shore Dr towards Lake Selmac look for the signs (Parks and SCA).

When Approaching Lake Selmac stay to the left of the lake and drive around the lakes rim (follow SCA signs) drive past general store (follow SCA signs) to parking and camping area for event


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