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This event has already happened, and this information is here for historical purposes. Any contact Information is not valid for current events!

September Crown Tournament

August 29, 2014 to September 01, 2014
Lions Gate

Vancouver, BC

Autocrat: Cassandra Wineday of Newingate device2262OP

Crown Event No Conflicts Allowed



August 29, 2014 to Sept 1, 2014

Barony of Lions Gate


Come one come all to the Barony of Lions Gate in the Principality of Tir Righ to observe the best of the best of the Kingdom's fighters vie for the title of KING!

Archery, heavy fighting, rapier, merchants, equestrian and much more are being planned for the populace.

Site Opens Friday August 29, 2014 at 2pm. (12pm for Merchants and Royals)

Site closes Monday September 1, 2014 at 3pm.

Site fee can be purchased at the gate by cash or cheque. (Us/can $ at par.)

Adult, 19+ $20

Youth 0 to 18yrs Free

Non Member Surcharge $5


From Their Majesties:

Those wishing to enter Our Crown lists need to be aware of the following requirements:

An Tir shield conventions will be enforced:

• Shields not center-gripped shall be sized no larger than shoulder-to-shoulder and chin-to-crotch, measured in armor
and sitting on a bench. This will be part of mandatory armor inspection.
• Center-gripped shields shall be sized no larger than elbow-to-elbow with fi sts touching in armor.
• As is An Tir convention, any reductions in width may be added to height or vice versa.
• No exceptions to shield convention will be given so please plan accordingly. It is the duty of the Earl Marshal and the Kingdom Heavy Armored Marshal to enforce this.

Entrants should fight with a weapon and/or shield style that is appropriate to their persona and/or kit.

One-handed weapons may have only one thrusting tip.

Period armor kits are to be encouraged. To encourage this, fighters with excellent kits will be preferentially chosen to join the Chivalry side prior to first-round challenges.

Crown Tournament will be a standard double-elimination tournament with the finals fought best two out of three.

Styrkarr and Stjarna
Dread Lion Tyrant of An Tir and Her husband, the King


Pre-Regsitration for the Crown Tournament:

It is time to pre-register for September Crown and it's an easy process - simply reply to this email, with the following information:

  1. Fighting title (e.g., Duke, Countess, Viscount, Sir)
  2. SCA name
  3. Modern name
  4. SCA membership number and expiry date
  5. If you are a Squire or Man-At-Arms (and to whom)
  6. If you are a Champion or Sergeant
  7. Your SCA Branch
  8. The main fight practices you attend (up to 3)

  1. Title (e.g., Duchess, Count, Viscountess, Master, Her Ladyship, Lord)
  2. SCA name
  3. Modern name
  4. SCA membership number and expiry date

The memberships and fighting authorization will be confirmed, and you will receive an email from Lists containing your pre-registration number as confirmation. Your lists shield will be pulled for you; if you don't have one, we have some delightfully cute lists shields for loan. All you will need to do on tourney day is to let Lists know you're there, and go to the heralds for your processional card.

Thanks for making Lists job easier, and hopefully, making it a better event for you - saving everyone some time and pressure on the morning of the Crown Tourney.

Pre-registration deadline is Wednesday, August 28th at 8pm.

HL Rose Atherton
Deputy List Mistress, An Tir



Friday August 29

12:00 - Site Opens for Merchants

          -  Site Opens for Royals/Retinue 

2:00 - Site Opens for Populace

3:00 - Archery open

4:00 - Thrown Weapons range open (if marshals are available) until 7:00

6:00 - Class registration, Class Day Shade on Merchants Row until 8:00

8:00 - Bardic Circle

11:00 - Quiet hours begin


Saturday August 30

8:00 - Order of the Grey Goose Shaft Meeting, Royal Pavilion until 9:00

8:30- *Crown Tournament Lists Open, Lists Pavilion until 10:30

9:00   - Dragon Meat Tournament (Rapier) lists open and armour inspection, Rapier Grotto until


           - Chroniclers Meeting, Seneschal Pavilion

9:30 - Archery range open

        - Thrown Weapons range open until Crown Finals

        - Artisan's Open Display & Demo, Kingdom A&S Pavilion until 11:00

        - Noble Estate Meeting, Royal Pavilion until 10:00

        - Rapier Dragon Meat Tournament until 10:30 (Note: other side of eric open for pickups)

        - Class registration opens, Class Day Shade on Merchants Row

10:00 - *Crown armour inspection begins

          - Children's story time with Her Majesty, Royal Pavilion

           - Exchequer Meeting, Seneschal Pavilion

           - Equestrian Meeting, Equestrian Area

           - Classes: Rectangular Construction (until 12:00) and Assisi-Italian long arm cross stitch

            (until 12:00)

11:00 - Royal Court, Crown Tournament Invocation and Processional

12:00 - *Crown Tournament

             Format: Standard An Tir structure

           - Embellishers Guild Meeting, Kingdom A&S Pavilion

1:00 - Scribes Tea & Social, Kingdom A&S Pavilion

1:30 - Classes: Basic Embroidery (until 3:30) and Favours (until 2:30)

2:00 - Rapier Cut & Thrust lists open, Rapier Grotto until 2:30

2:30 - Classes: Traditional Fletching (until 4:30), Bookbinding (until 3:30), Bodhran (until

           4:30), and Preparing Shakespearean Monologues (until 4:30)

         - Rapier Cut & Thrust armour inspection until 3:00

3:00 - Rapier Cut & Thrust Tournament

4:30 - Meeting of the Marshals, Lists Pavilion (or immediately following the Crown Tornament and 30 minutes before Court)

5:00 - Royal Court (or 30 minutes after Crown Tournament)

7:30 - An Tir Players: Taming of a Shrew, Bardic Circle

8:30 - Bardic Circle

11:00 - Quiet time



Sunday August 31

8:00  - Order of the Pelican Meeting, Royal Pavilion

         - York Shoot until 12:00

9:00 - Rapier Cadet Tournament (followed by the White Scarf Invitational) lists open and

          armour inspection, Lists Pavilion until 9:30

        - Order of the Laurel Meeting, Royal Pavilion

       - Archery range open

        - Seneschal Meeting, Seneschal Pavilion

       - Thrown Weapons range open until 7:00 (closed for Kingdom Equestrian

         Champion finals and for Court)

9:30 - Squire Tourney Lists Open, Lists Pavilion until 10:30

         - Rapier Cadet Tournament, followed by the White Scarf Invitational until 11:30

         - Class registration opens, Class Day Shade on Merchants Row

        - Classes: Beginning Bobbin Lace (until 1:30) 

9:45 - Kingdom Equestrian Championship lists open, Equestrian Area until 10:45

10:00 - Order of the Chivalry Meeting, Royal Pavilion

          - Classes: Forsooth English (until 12:00)

          - Chatelaine Meeting, Seneschal Pavilion until 11:30

          - Family Activities meeting, Family Activities Pavilion

10:30 - Squire Tourney armour inspection until 11:00

10:45 - Lists close for the Kingdom Equestrian Championship

11:00 - A&S Ministers meeting, Kingdom A&S Pavilion

          - Invocation and Beginning of Kingdom Equestrian Champion Tournament

          - Classes: Stick Weaving (until 12:00)

11:15 - Squire Tournament, followed by the Knight's Invitational until 1:30

12:00  - YAC lists open, Lists Pavilion until 1:00

          - Classes: "What did I just agree to?" Prep for Bardic Competition (until 2:00), Period 

          Garnishing (until 2:00), and Period Arrow Making (until 4:00)

1:00 - YAC Armour Inspection

         - Ladies of the Rose lists open, Lists Pavilion until 2:15

         - Classes: Games (until 2:00), Painting Silk Banners (until 4:00), and Mockery, Satire and

            Parody (until 3:00)

1:15 - Combat Archery list open and armour inspection, Archery Field until 1:45

1:30 - YAC Tournament until 3:00

         - Ladies of the Rose & Valorous Estate Afternoon Tea, Royal Pavilion until 2:30

2:00  - Combat Archery Tournament      

         - Ladies of the Rose armour inspection

         - Classes: Fingerweaving 1 & 2 (until 4:00) and Basic Storytelling (until 3:00)  

2:30 - White Scarf & Landed Champion lists open and armour inspection, Rapier Grotto until  


3:00 - Ladies of the Rose Tournament

          - YAC Meeting, Location TBA

         - White Scarf & Landed Champion Tournament until 4:30

         - Heralds Meeting, Aestel Tent

         - Classes: Chiastic poetic form/ Create a poem in an hour (until 4) and Singable Period   

            Songs: Vocal Music for everyday Life (until 4:30)

4:30 - Royal Court

6:00 - Order of the White Scarf Meeting, Royal Pavilion until 7:00

7:00 - Lance de Leon Meeting, Royal Pavilion until 8:00

8:00 - Bardic Competition

11:00 - Quiet time


Monday September 1

9:00 - Financial Committee Meeting, Royal Pavilion until 9:30

         - Archery Range Open until 11:00

9:30 - Curia Meeting, Royal Pavilion until 11:00

3:00 - Site Closes 


University of Tir Righ
There will be many classes held by the University of Tir Righ (TUTR) during the weekend. Information and registration for classes can be found at Aelana's Merchant booth on Merchants' Row.
Here is a CLASS LIST (PDF).

SITE: Green Wode Farm
25133 0 Avenue, Langley, BC V4W 2H4

Site map (PDF)

Important Site Information:  this is a working farm, any interaction with the resident animals is strictly prohibited.  There are no plug ins for RV's and only one street light.

FIRE: Please, no wood fires.  All fires are to enclosed and either propane or briquette with the firebowl a minimum of 18 inches off the ground.

DOGS: dogs are permitted, HOWEVER, they must be under the control of someone over the age of 16 and on a leash or contained at all times.  There are to be absolutley NO DOGS IN THE EQUESTRIAN AREA.

WATER:  there are a few water taps on site with potable water.

HORSES: To bring a horse into Canada for the Kingdom Equestrian Champion Tourney please go to the following link for crossing the border information.

You will be required to have at a minimum the following:

1. A Negative Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) Certificate

2. Health Certificate

3. A Supplementary Declaration or Certification sheet

4. Copies of each certificate.

Horse Riders: Please note that while the Site Contract states a required membership in the US or BC Horse Council, this will be waived as long as the Farm's Waiver is signed. More information can be found at the HCBC website, 

Border Crossing Rules and RegulationsA special note to those coming from the US

Please be aware that there are restrictions on certain items that can be brought into Canada. Marijuana is not legal in Canada and cannot be brought across the border.
To avoid problems at the border please do not bring firearms, fresh vegetables, or fresh meat (except seafood). Also, please make sure that all wood is barkless and either painted or varnished. 
Further details can be found on the website for the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA). 
Required identification/ Rules on firearms, tobacco, and alcohol
Food and organic items, including wood  These are the same rules that Canadians follow to attend events in the States. A passport, Enhanced Drivers License, or federal documentation is required to enter and leave Canada. 


Best Western Country Meadows
3070 264 St., Aldergrove, BC, V4W 3E1

Super 8 Langley/Aldergrove
26574 Gloucester Way, Langley, BC, V4W 4A8

Otter Co-Op
3650 248 St., Langley, BC, V4W 1X7

Shoppers Drug Mart
26310 Fraser Hwy, Aldergrove, BC, V4W 2Z7

Medical , Fire , Police —911 Please Advise Event Team!!!

Grocery Stores
26310 Fraser Hwy, Aldergrove, BC, V4W 2Z7
604.607.6555 -

27566 Fraser Hwy, Langley, BC, V4W 3L4
604.857.1351 -

Extra Foods
3092 272 St., Aldergrove, BC, V4W 3R7

White Spot Aldergrove
3070 264 St., Aldergrove, BC, V4W 3W1

Tim Hortons
26431 Fraser Hwy, Aldergrove, BC, V4W 3E2

Boston Pizza
26310 Fraser Hwy, Aldergrove, BC, V4W 2Z7

Bob’s Bar ‘n’ Grill
37083 Frasery Hwy, Aldergrove, BC, V4W 3R2

Del Pollo (Tex-Mex)
27248 Fraser Hwy, Aldergrove, BC, V4W 3P8

Tomo Sushi
26391 Fraser Hwy, Aldergrove, BC, V4W 2Z7

Liquor Stores
Government of BC Liquor Stores
200-26310 Fraser Hwy, Aldergrove, BC, V4W 2Z7

Aldergrove Liquor Store
26444 32 Ave, Aldergrove, BC, V4W 3E8

Campbell’s Gold Honey Farm & Meadery
2595 Lefeuvre Rd, Abbotsford, BC V4X 1H




Her Ladyship Cassandra Wineday of Newingate
#5 - 10736 Guildford Drive
Surrey, BC   V3R 1W6
604-358-0059, (no phone calls after 10pm)



This is a living document and will be updated as information becomes available.


Site Info:
Name: Green Wode Farm
25133 0 Avenue
Langley, BC V3R 1W6

Directions to Site:

Site map (PDF)

From the South, (Seattle) Travel time approximately 2 hours.

Take I-5 to Exit 256A-256B in Bellingham to Guide Meridian St.

North on Guide Meridian to the Lynden Border Crossing.

Cross the border and turn left onto 0 Avenue, head west.

Green Wode Farm is 2 miles on your right.


From the East, (Calgary) Travel Time approximately 10.5 hours

Take Trans Canada Highway to Abbotsford BC.

Exit 87 onto Clearbrook Road south

Right turn onto Huntingdon Road, travel west.

Slight Right onto 264th Street, (street light)

Right onto 0 Avenue.

Green Wode Farm is 2.6km on your right.


From Tswassen Ferry Terminal, Travel time approximately 1 hour.

Ferry to Swartz bay,

Take highway 17 highway 99, travel south.

Take exit for 8th Avenue, travel east.

Turn right onto 184 Street

Turn left onto 0 Avenue, travel 13.6Km, the farm is on your left.


From Horsehsoe Bay Ferry Terminal, travel time approximately 1 hour.

From Horseshoe Bay take hwy 1 to exit 73, travel south on 264th

Take a slight right to continue on 264th (street light).

Right onto 0 Avenue


Greene Wode is 2.6km on your right.

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