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Champions of An Tir


July XVII/1982 Seamus Peacemaker (Thorin Njalson)
July XVIII/1983 Steingrim Stallari
July XIX/1984 Dak Ulfredson (Dak won the following May Crown Tourney, and retained the position of Champion until his coronation in July XX/1985.)
July XX/1985 Torgul Steingrimson
July XXI/1986 Torgul Steingrimsson
July XXII/1987 Gunnarr Brunwolf
July XXIII/1988 Eirik Thorinson
Sept. XXIII/1988 Tjorkill Kanne (After Eirik won the following September Crown, Tjorkill was Silver Rose. Tjorkill went on to win the following May Crown Tourney and retained the position of Champion until his coronation in July XXIV/1989.)
July XXIV/1989 Torgul Steingrimson
July XXV/1990 Tjorkill Kanne (Tjorkill won the following May Crown Tourney in XXVI/1991, and retained his title as Champion until his coronation the following July.)
July XXVI/1991 Gunnar Brunwolf
Sept. XXVI/1991 Einar Guntharson (aka Oak) (When Gunnar won the Crown Tourney. Oak was Silver Rose.)
July XXVII/1992 Tjorkill Kanne
July XXVIII/1993 Tjorkill Kanne
July XXIX/1994 Sven Gunnarson (Over his father Gunnar Bruinwolf.)
July XXX/1995 Skeggi Ravensfury (over Gunnar)
July XXXI/1996 Sven Gunnarson
May XXXIII/1997 Avaloc the Young (When Sven won May Crown Tourney.)
July XXXII/1997 Hwolf Einarsson
July XXXIII/1998 Skepti Ravensfury
18 July XXXIV/1999 Skepti Ravensfury
13 May XXXV/2000 Hathawulf Spearbreaker (After Skepti won May Crown.)
July XXXV/2000 Thorin Njalson
22 July XXXV/2001 Hathawulf Spearbreaker
* Updates thanks to Duke Sven Gunarson and Sir Hathawulf Spearbreaker

Arts & Sciences Champions

. Tessella of Silvershadow
Mar XXVIII/1994 Anastasia Aleksandrovna Andreeva
Mar XXIX/1995 Eduardo Francesco Maria Lucrezia
Mar XXX/1996 Gaerhun of Gwynedd
Mar XXXI/1997 Mark der Gaukler
Mar XXXII/1998 Linnet Kestrel
28 Feb XXXIV/1999 Rauthulfr Meistari inn Orthstori
Mar XXXIV/2000 Guiseppe Giordano Marie Falconerie
Mar XXXV/2001 Leticia Troischesnes

Kingdom Protector (Archery)

XXVII 1992-1993 Alisdair MacKewan
XXVIII 1993-1994 Andras the Truemark
XXIX 1994-1995 John Bowslayer
XXX 1995-1996 Erik MacLost
XXXI 1996-1997 Alan Fletcher
XXXII 1997-1998 Wilhelm the Far Traveler
XXXIII 1998-1999 Carlton of Oak
XXXIV 1999-2000 Sayyid Ali Majid
XXXV 2000- Morgan Murry of Athol

Queen's Champion of Rapier

Sept XXVII/1992 Premier: Artimis de Montessori
Jan XXVIII/1994 Artimis de Montessori
Jan XXIX/1995 Aveloc the Young (Resigned Sept XXX/1995)
Jan XXX/1996 Artimis de Montessori
Jan XXXI/1997 "Black" Jack Tyler (Dyon de Mantel)
Jan XXXII/1998 Artimis de Montessori
10 Jan XXXIII/1999 Bob of Boar's Tusk
Jan XXXIV/2000Simone Nicholls
Jan XXXV/2001Artimis de Montessori (stepped down July Coronation XXXVI/2001)
22 July XXXVI/2001Kendall Tempest

Thanks to Sir Hathawulf Spearbreaker, who searched through his collection of Criers to fill in many of the blank spaces on this page.

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