An Tir Kingdom Laws, Darius and Morgaine, AS XXXII (July 16, 1997)
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Laws of the Principality of the Summits

Presented to Their Majesties Darius and Morgaine, Rex
et Regina An Tir.  Originally published in Echoes, August
A.S. XXVII, drawing inspiration from the existing Laws
of An Tir, the West, the East, Aethelmarc, Lochac, Cynagua,
and the Mists, as well as the peoples of the Summits;
begun October A.S. XXVI, revised April A.S. XXVI, June,
September, November A.S.  XXVII, and September, A.S.
XXX by Sveyn with Asleif, Gwion, Ambrose, Korwyn, Verena,
Margaret, Peregrine, and Arval, with the changes suggested
by the Kingdom Seneschals and Crowns of An Tir.

The Coronet:  the Prince and Princess of the Summits
acting together
The Crown:  the King and Queen of An Tir acting together
Coronet Sovereign:  the victor in the Coronet lists of
the Summits who has been invested with the title of Prince or 
Princess as appropriate.
Coronet Consort:  The companion who inspired the victor
in the Coronet lists of the Summits who has been invested 
with the title of Prince or Princess as appropriate.
Heirs:  the victorious couple prior to Investiture, titled
Tanist or Tanista of Summits, as appropriate.
Proclamation:  a directive of the Coronet effective only
during the reign of the Prince and/or Princess making it.
Subject:  a person or group of persons residing in the
Principality of the Summits 
Defender:  the victor of the Defender's List who shall
administer the affairs of the Principality in the event
there should be a failure of the Coronet to reign.

Article I:  The Law
Section 1 -- The Source of Law
The word of the Coronet is Law within the Principality,
limited only by the Crown and Laws of An Tir, and the
laws of the modern political entities having jurisdiction
within the Principality.
Section 2 -- Amendments
The Laws of the Principality may be amended by the Coronet
with the Crown's Approval, by proclaiming and publishing
specific changes, additions, or deletions to specific
articles and sections.  Other proclamations shall be
understood to be in effect only during the reign of the
Coronet and shall lapse upon the Investiture of their

Section 3 -- When Effective
Any proclamation or amendment to the Law shall be understood
to be in effect from the moment it is spoken, but no
subject of the Principality shall be held accountable
until that proclamation or Law is signed and published.
Section 4 -- Publication
Publication of the proclamations and amendments to the
Law shall be accomplished by printing changes in the
Kingdom and Principality newsletters.  Publication of
these Laws results in the obsolescence of all prior versions
of the Laws.
Section 5 -- Availability
A complete and current correct copy of the Laws will
be made available by the Office of the Seneschal to the
populace at the Spring Coronet Tournament.

Article II -- The Coronet
Section 1 -- Rights and Duties
	Rights and Duties are specifically enumerated
in the Corpora of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.  
(VI.A.3.a.  - f.).
Section 2 -- Completion of Reign
	Should either the Sovereign or Consort be unable
to complete the reign for whatever reason, the other
shall assume the duties of both for the remainder of
the reign.  Should both Sovereign and Consort be unable
to complete the reign, administrative duties of the Coronet
shall fall on the Defender, and the Coronet shall revert
to the Crown of An Tir until such time as a Coronet List
may be held.
Section 3 -- Delegation of Coronet Power
	The Coronet may delegate unto any subject the
execution of Coronet power for a stated specific purpose,
such as transmission of an award to a person properly
named and selected.

Article III -- Tournaments, Investiture, and Succession

Section 1 -- Scheduling
	There will be two Coronet Tournaments and Investitures
each year.  They will take place on the weekend closest
to the following calendar dates:
	Fall Tournament      		Autumnal Equinox
	Winter Investiture  		Winter Solstice
	Spring Tournament        	Vernal Equinox
	Summer Investiture       	Summer Solstice
There shall be a Defender's List held in conjunction
with Summer Investiture.

Section 2 -- Entry to Lists
	All authorized fighters resident within the Principality
are privileged to compete in the Coronet and Defender's
Lists and all residents of the Principality may be prospective
Consorts, provided they meet the eligibility standards
in III.  3 below, unless the Coronet of the Summits deny
them entry, or a fighter or consort be otherwise in violation
of the Rules of the Lists, the Laws of the Principality,
An Tir, The Society, or the modern entity having jurisdiction.

Section 3 -- Eligibility
	Each competitor in the Coronet Lists must agree
to the following conditions to be eligible to compete
in the Lists:  
	A.	The victor and consort will reign.
	B.	The victor and consort will attend the
next two investitures and the next Coronet Tournament.
	C.	The Competitor has a Companion of the
opposite gender who will serve as Consort.
	D.	That both are eligible based upon Membership
requirements put forth in Corpora.
	E.	That both are willing to swear an oath
that they are loyal to the Crown and the Laws of An Tir
and the Coronet, Laws and Populace of the Summits.
	F.	That both are aware that these positions
may require expenditures in excess of membership fees.
	G.	That both must have resided within the
Principality for at least 60 days prior to the Tournament
and must live within the Principality for the duration
of their reign, or be acceptable to the Coronets.
	H.	Exceptions may be granted by the Coronet,
limited by Corpora and Crown.

Section 4 -- Combat Conventions
	The Coronet Lists combat conventions shall be
determined by the Coronet.

Section 5 -- Investiture
	A.	Oaths to Kingdom and Crown:  At their
investiture, the Tanist and Tanista of the Summits shall
swear fealty to the Crown and obedience to the laws of
An Tir.  Should the Crown not be present to accept their
oaths, written oaths shall be sent to the Crown immediately
and spoken oaths given as soon as possible.
	B.	Oaths to the land and Populace:  The
Heirs shall swear fealty to the people of the Summits
and swear to uphold the Laws.  These oaths shall be witnessed
by the Summits Seneschal, the Summits Herald, the Earl
Marshall, and such members of the Peerage attendant at
the tournament who may bear witness to the claims of
the Heirs of the Summits.  Upon completion of these Oaths,
the Heirs shall receive the Coronets from the outgoing
Prince and Princess.
	C.	Failure to Invest:  Should for any reason
a Coronet Tournament be declared invalid or the victor
and/or consort elect to abdicate directly, or by failure
to appear or respond, a Coronet List shall be called
for the beginning of the Investiture..  This tournament
shall be open to all who meet eligibility requirements
put forth above and who were eligible at the time of
the original Coronet Tournament.  Any person or persons
whose actions or inaction were the grounds for an invalidation,
as well as a victor and consort who abdicate, are explicitly
excluded as both combatants and consorts from the new
	D.	Failure to Reign:  Failure of the Prince
and Princess to attend Coronet events constitutes failure
to reign and shall be taken as abdication, unless such
failure to attend is beyond the control of the Coronet
and no failure to reign is demonstrated.

Article IV - Champions

Section 1 - Designation of Champions
	The Coronet shall determine and create such Titled
Champions as they deem necessary.  The current Champions
are the Defender and the Champion of the Arts and Sciences.
Section 2 -- Defender of the Summits
	A.	The fighter who is victorious in the
Summits Defender's list shall bear the title Defender
of the Summits for the duration of one year.  Should
the Defender be unable to fulfill the obligations of
the position, or win An Tir's Crown tournament, s/he
shall resign the title to the Coronet.  The Coronet shall
choose a suitable person to serve as Defender until the
next Coronet Tournament.
		i.	The Defender's List shall be
of a kind which promotes a tactical victory, rather than
of sole prowess at arms.
		ii.	The conventions of the list shall
be determined by the Coronet.
	B.	Duties and Privileges of the Defender:
		i.	The Defender shall accompany
and defend the Coronet.
		ii.	The Defender shall bear the Banner
of the Summits in times of war and peace.
		iii.	The Defender shall attend the
Coronet at Court.
		iv.	The Defender shall have a seat
at the Principality High Table.
		v.	If, for any reason, the Summits
is without a Coronet, the Defender shall assume the administrative
duties of the Coronet as the Crown's representative and
shall take the appropriate steps to either invest the Tanist and 
Tanista of the Summits as scheduled, or hold a Coronet
list as scheduled and immediately invest the victor and
companion as the Coronet of the Summits.
		vi.	Should the Defender be unable
to carry out his or her duties in the absence of the
Coronet, the Crown shall select the most suitable person
to serve as Defender.

Section 3 - Summits Champion of Arts and Sciences
	A.	The individual who is judged victorious
in the Winter Investiture Arts and Sciences Competition
shall bear the title Summits Champion of Arts and Sciences
for the duration of one year.
	B.	Duties and Privileges of the Champion
of the Arts and Sciences
		i.	The Champion shall have a position
beside the throne at Principality Court.
		ii.	The Champion shall have a seat
at the Principality High Table.
		iii.	The Champion shall promote and
encourage Arts and Sciences throughout the Principality.
		iv.	The Champion shall be responsible
for preparing and conducting a contest to select an appropriate

Article V -- Officers
Section 1 -- Officers
	The Great Officers of the principality of the
Summits shall be:  The Seneschal, The Summits Herald,
The Earl Marshal, The Chancellor of the Exchequer, The
Minister of Arts and Sciences, the Constable, the Chatelaine,
and the Chronicler.  The Great Officers of the Summits
shall be responsible to the Coronet of the Summits and
the Great Officers of An Tir, and shall safeguard the
interests and honor of the Society.  All officers shall
carry out such duties as appropriate to the post or as
directed by the Coronet.

Section 2 -- Reports
	A.	Principality officers shall give a written
report on the state of their office by the 1st of the
reporting period (February, May, August, November).  All
Principality officers will report to the Coronet, Principality
Seneschal, Kingdom Superior, the Tanist and Tanista when
applicable, and to any others required by Law and policy.
	B.	Failure to report
		i.	Failure to report on two consecutive
reporting periods will result in the suspension of that
officer.  Suspension will be in force until reinstatement
by the Coronet and Principality Seneschal.
		ii.	If an officer remains in suspension
for a full reporting period, that office shall, at the
end of that reporting period, be considered vacant.
	C.	Vacant Offices:
		The Principality Seneschal shall assume
the duties of vacant offices until a suitable officer
can be installed.
Section 3 -- Appointment and Deputies
	A.	Great Officers are warranted by the Coronet
after countersigned approval of the corresponding Kingdom
officer.  Each may warrant deputies, assistants, and
subordinates as are necessary to the functioning of the office.
	B.	All Great Officers must have a deputy
to effect an orderly transfer of the office should the
office become unexpectedly vacant.
	C.	If the office becomes vacant or if an
officer announces intention to resign, the Coronet, in
consultation with the Kingdom superior and the Crown,
shall warrant a new officer.
	D.	In the event that a lesser office is
deemed unnecessary, the office shall be left vacant and
the duties assumed by the corresponding greater office.
	E.	Officers shall serve for one term of
up to two years.  At the end of that time they may seek
reappointment to the same post for one more term.  No
individual may serve in the same capacity for more than
four consecutive years.

Section 4 -- Specific Duties and Jurisdictions
	A.	The Seneschal is the chief administrative
officer of the Principality, and the principal legal
representative within the Principality.
	B.	The Summits Herald is responsible for
the submission of Heraldic devices, orders of precedence,
ceremony, and the promotion of the Art of Heraldry within
the Principality.  The Summits Herald shall coordinate
efforts with the Gryphon Scribe as appropriate.
	C.	The Earl Marshall has jurisdiction over
martial combat and the Field of Honor.  The Captain of
the Bow and the Keeper of the Lists are directly subordinate
to the Earl Marshall.  The Rapier Marshal is overseen
in administration and logistics by the Earl Marshal,
in matters of policy by the Kingdom Provost Marshal of
Fence, and reports directly to both.  The duties of these
offices are as follows:
		i.	The Captain of the Bow shall
encourage and coordinate activities pertaining to archery
and Light Infantry.
		ii.	The Keeper of the Lists shall
be responsible for the scheduling of fights in the Coronet
Lists and shall maintain records of the names of the
authorized fighters within the Principality.
		iii.	The Rapier Marshal shall encourage
and coordinate activities pertaining to rapier combat
within the Principality.
	D.	The Chancellor of the Exchequer is responsible
for accounting for the moneys, property, and regalia
of the Principality and the vassal branches of the Principality,
and shall have custody of the moneys of the Principality.
The Exchequer shall oversee the appointed Chamberlain.
		i.	The Chamberlain shall be delegated
all responsibility for maintenance and inventory of regalia.
			a.	Unlike other officers,
the Chamberlain shall have a term which matches each
Coronet's reign.
			b.	The Chamberlain post
shall be appointed by each incoming Coronet with the
advice of the Exchequer, to whom the Chamberlain will
	E.	The Minister of Arts and Sciences is
responsible for encouraging the study and display of
the medieval arts and sciences of the Principality.  The
Minister of Arts and Sciences shall coordinate efforts
with the Gryphon Scribe as appropriate.
	F.	The Chronicler is responsible for publishing
the Principality newsletter; and such other publications
as shall be required by the Coronet.
	G.	The Constable is responsible for coordinating
on-site security and safety at Principality events.
	H.	The Chatelaine shall encourage and coordinate
recruiting activities within the Principality.  The Chatelaine
shall be directly responsible for the Lesser Office of
Ministry of the Gold Key.   The duties of this office
are as follows:
		i.	The Minister of the Gold Key
is responsible for the storage and offering of appropriate
clothing for loan.
	I.	The Gryphon Scribe shall encourage the
arts of calligraphy and illumination and coordinate the
production of scrolls as required by the Coronet.  The
lesser office reports directly to the Coronet and the
Kingdom Scribe, with courtesy reports and coordination
of effort extended to the Caldera Herald and the Minister
of Arts and Sciences.

Article VI -- Awards

Section 1 - Creation of Awards
	The Coronet shall determine and create such awards
as they wish to bestow.  The precedential weight of these
awards shall be determined by the Crown of An Tir.
Section 2 - Summits Awards
	A.	The Award of the Grail:  this award may
be given by the Coronets for notable contributions in
the Arts and Sciences, Service, or Martial endeavor.
Due to the varied nature of the award, it may be given
more than once to the same recipient.
	B.	The Order of the Summits:  this award
is given no more than once per Coronet reign and need
not be given every reign.  It recognizes extraordinary
contribution to the Principality and Populace of Summits.
Companions in this Order must be consulted by the Coronet
for advice and consensus before invitation is offered
to a new Companion.
	C.	The Shield of Chivalry is given by the
Princess to that fighter whom she judges to have been
most chivalrous during the Coronet Lists.  It is passed
on at each Coronet Lists.
	D.	The Order of the Aerie is a closed order
consisting of all those who held the position of Defender
or Lady of the Summits prior to the recognition of Summits
as a Principality.  Members may wear a black garter with
a grail tippet.
	E.	The Order of the Griffin's Sword consists
of those fighters who have placed second in the Coronet lists.

Article VII -- Councils and Courts
Section 1 - Designation of Councils and Courts
	The Coronet shall determine and create such subordinate
administrative bodies they deem necessary.  As appropriate,
these matters shall be determined by the Crown of An Tir.
Section 2 - the Exchequer's Council
	The Exchequer's Council shall consist of the
Coronet, the Heirs when applicable, the Principality
Seneschal, and the Principality Exchequer.  All requests
and proposals for the use of Principality moneys for
extraordinary expenses must be submitted in writing to
the Exchequer.  The consent of a majority of the Council
is needed to disburse moneys for anything but regular
approved expenses.  
Section 3 - the Moot
	The Moot shall be the forum for the populace
of Summits to express their concerns and for the officers
to account for their offices.  Anyone may attend Moots.
There shall be a Moot at each Coronet event, and additional
Moots may be scheduled by the Coronet as needed.  

Signed this Sixteenth day of JulyA.S. XXXII, being 1997 A.D.

Ambrose Mavrorothakis Cavalarios	Marion Staarveld
Prince of the Summits			Princess of the Summits

Darius Rex An Tir      Morgaine Regina An Tir

Reviewed by:

Master Angus McClure			Lonergan Fionn O’Flaherty
Seneschal of An Tir			Seneschal of the Summits