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The An Tir Handbook, 3rd Edition, May XXXIII/1998

Credit and Thanks

Many hands have contributed to this work.

Thanks (in no particular order) to: Sir Harrold of Warrington, the Honourable Saewynn "The Singing Herald", the Honourable Eric de Dragonslaire, Master Angus McClure, Lady Joanna of Oxgoddes, the Honourable Darbie of Ironmaid, the Honourable Torric inn Bjorn, Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol, the Kingdom Officers, Maitresse Anne-Marie d’Ailleurs, Duchess Jacyntha Argentarius, Countess Elowyn, the Honourable Anderwynn na Sionain, Baroness Amanda Kendal of Westmoreland, Duchess Lao Tao-sheng, Jarl Barak Ravensfuri, Master Rauthulfr Runameistari, Master Guerin de Bourgogne, ban-Iarla Daedin MacAoidh a’Mhonadh, Countess Melissa Kendal of Westmoreland, Master Trahaearn ap Ieuan (extra thanks for the assistance you rendered unknowinly), Mistress Rowenna de Manning, Mistress Janelyn of Fenmere, Mistress Meresigha Stonegatta, the Honourable Tankh, the Honourable Heinrich von Speyer, the folk of the Steps, Master Thorvald Grimsson, Baron Gerhard Kendal of Westmoreland, Mistress Rowenna de Roncesvalles, Duke Darius Corwyn, Sir Edward Ross, Baron Steffano da Gucci, Master Eduardo Lucrezia, the Honourable Vladimir Andreivich, Master Edward the Stuffy, the Honourable Eriu Tlatchtga.

We are blessed to have such people in our Kingdom. Thank-you all.

--Mistress Elizabeth Braidwood (May XXXIII)

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