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The An Tir Handbook, 3rd Edition, May XXXIII/1998

A Glossary of An Tirian Terms

Affectionate nick-name for Three Mountains.
Abbreviation for an Award of Arms. In eastern kingdoms the common abbreviation is "A.o.A.".
Award Roster
A list of people and their awards, sorted by the person's first S.C.A. name.
Portable toilet. a.k.a. porta-castle, privy, or garderobe.
Event safety person and/or branch officer. Not known throughout the Known World, constables often man the event gate, and provide wandering patrols through the evening to maintain site security and safety.
The Prince and Princess, either the heirs to the Kingdom throne, or the rulers of a principality.
A variation of the Sergeant, based on service. Not known in all baronies.
Heavy fighters with little or no fighting rank.
Dowager Princess
A unique title held by The Dowager Princess, Janeltis Karaine Starfollower, once princess of An Tir. See article elsewhere in this handbook for details.
A modern western-rite term for the lists field. Inherited in An Tir from the West Kingdom, where one of the lists fields was affectionately known as "Eric the Red" after the color of the ropes.
A contract between individuals in which an exchange of support or protection is promised.
A variation of the Sergeant, based on rapier combat.
Invocation of the Lists
The presentation of the banners of all branches, and of all the combatants and their consorts to the Crown. Most often held at the beginning of the Crown Lists, and which includes the ceremony whereby the combatants swear to uphold the rules of the lists.
More properly: The Royal University of Ithra. An institution within An Tir for the presentation of classes in medieval topics. For more details, see article elsewhere in this handbook.
A variation of Sergeant, based on equestrian activities.
Barony of. Pronounced mah-dro-NAH
Marshal-in-Charge. At an event, the marshal responsible for ensuring safety during combat activities.
Noble Estate
A collective term for the royal peers and landed barons and baronesses of the kingdom. The Noble Estate meets to give advice to the Crown.
Order of Precedence
A list of all award-holding people in An Tir, in the order of their precedence. (Current royalty, ducal, county, viscounty, peerages, grants of arms, and awards of arms.)
Royal Patron
A royal peer who is the ceremonial head and advisor to a particular branch within the Kingdom. See elsewhere in this handbook for more details.
A baronial rank earned by the successful completion of a series of trials and competence in the are of heavy combat.
"The Steps of the Cathedral". One of the e-mail lists for the Kingdom of An Tir. Used to avoid talking about modern appliances in a medieval context; as in "See you on the Steps."
Sovereign Prince/ss
The ruler of a principality.
Those who perform the valuable service of carrying water to combatants. Not known throughout the Known World.
A variation of the Sergeant, based on archery or light combat.

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