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The An Tir Handbook, 3rd Edition, May XXXIII/1998

Customs, Etiquette, and Playing the Game


Based on ban-Iarla Daedin MacAoidh a’Mhonadh’s Protocol in the S.C.A. class notes.

Favors are given by any person to any other person as a mark of regard. Consider how the favor is to be worn and what it represents to determine suitable construction methods.

Favor for the Day: Given as a token of well-wishing for the day’s activities. Level of commitment is low. Wearers should offer the token back at the end of the day, leaving the giver the option of allowing the wearer to continue bearing token.

Favors of Friendship/Alliance: Denotes a certain level of commitment between the bearer and the giver. The terms of commitment should be clearly understood by both parties.

Favors of Consorts: Denotes a high level of commitment between bearer and giver. Terms should be well understood.

Favors of the Court/Barony: Given as tokens of bearer’s position in Court or esteem of Givers.

Respect high levels of commitment. If you are unsure, ask the consort of the person to whom you wish to give a favor for their permission before bestowing a favor.

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