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The An Tir Handbook, 3rd Edition, May XXXIII/1998

Customs, Etiquette, and Playing the Game

Royal Peers

Dukes and Duchesses

As is customary in An Tir, those of Ducal rank (Duke or Duchess) may create for themselves a Ducal retinue (personal herald, guard, ladies-in-waiting, etc.) which are recognized by the Crown.

All those of Ducal rank may hold Ducal Audiences or Courts. They may not grant any awards, but they may give tokens and scrolls of praise and recognition.

The Order of the Rose and The Order of Valorous Estate

The Order of the Rose consists of former Crown Consorts usually former Queens, and exists throughout the Society. The Order of the Valorous Estate consists of former Coronet Consorts usually Territorial Princesses, and exists only in An Tir.

The Orders generally operate together to encourage chivalrous and courteous behaviour, and may give the Honour of the Belated Rose to those who are examples of such behaviour.

They have been described as "Forever joined, yet forever separate".

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