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Being a Waterbearer

by Mistress Meresigha Stonegatta, once Kingdom Waterbearer

Can I be a waterbearer?

Anyone can be a waterbearer. People less than 12 years old or shorter than 4 feet tall run the risk of being run over by fighters who can't see them. However, they are encouraged to participate as waterbearers by staying at the waterbearer station or acting as runners. Adults and taller people can give water to fighters without worrying about being run over.

To volunteer to be a waterbearer, talk to the Waterbearer In Charge. Wear good footgear and if the weather is sunny and hot, wear a hat. Bring waterbearing gear if you have any. Knowledge of the signs of heatstroke and heat exhaustion are a definite asset.

Being a good waterbearer helps to prove you can work independently and as part of a team.

Can I run waterbearing at an event?

Can you organize? Have you done waterbearing? Do you have First Aid/St. John's Ambulance training? Are you tactful? If so, you could be a Waterbearer-in-Charge (W.I.C.) at an event.

If you accept the job of being W.I.C., the most important thing you can do is make sure your waterbearers know the symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke, and what to do when these symptoms are evident.

Safety Versus Water

Some waterbearers are concerned that they may pass diseases along with a straw or hose as it is passed from mouth to mouth. This is a good concern. However, we also know that people will become dehydrated and could get seriously ill, or even die, if they don't get enough water.

It is the policy of the Office of the Waterbearers to safety distribute the cleanest water possible.

Waterbearers must stay off the lists field while combat is in progress. They may enter only if they have been called and only at the direction of the marshals.

(For more information about the office of Waterbearer, see Administration - Lesser Offices - Minister of Water Bearers.)

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