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Policy Making

The Board of Directors of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. legally has the primary authority to make policy and direct change in the S.C.A. However, the Board of Directors normally restricts its activities to modern and legal concerns and is generally loathe to intervene in the medieval side of the equation. The Board is generally very happy to relegate decision-making regarding the medieval world to the Crowns of the respective kingdoms. Thus it is the Crowns who have the day-to-day authority and power to make significant changes about the medieval world (primarily through the Crowns' power to make Kingdom Law).

In An Tir the power to make law rests with the Crown. Kingdom Law must be reviewed by the Kingdom Seneschal to make sure it complies with modern law and the Society's governing documents. The Kingdom Seneschal may work with the Crown, the Executive Director and the Society Seneschal to implement changes which are necessary to protect the interests of the Society.

To a limited extent, Kingdom Officers may make changes in rules or policy. But before making any changes they need to make sure that it doesn't conflict with higher levels of rules and policies; that it meets with the approval of their Corporate Superiors and the Crown; and that the Kingdom Seneschal has reviewed it to make sure that the interests of the S.C.A. are protected. Ideally any changes in policy should be incorporated into Officer Handbooks. At the minimum all subordinate officers should be informed of the changes by means of a letter and copy in The Crier.

Policy is generally not made on levels below the Kingdom or Principality level. Before making decisions which effect policy on a local level, the officer must check with their superiors to make sure the change is appropriate. Local branches may not vary the Society and Kingdom policies without permission.

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