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The Crown

The Crown (the King and Queen acting together) is the source of Kingdom Law. The Crown appoints, removes, and replaces Great Officers of State in conjunction with the appropriate Corporate Officers, if any. The Crown appoints, removes and replaces Lesser Officers of the Kingdom in conjunction with the appropriate Great Officers, if any. The Crown may suspend any officer of the kingdom for just and stated cause for the duration of the reign. The Crown appoints, removes and replaces territorial Barons and Baronesses in accordance with Corpora, Kingdom Law and custom. In An Tir it is customary for the Crown to delegate the appointment, removal, and replacement of principality officers to the Coronet. The Crown approves all officers on all levels in conjunction with the appropriate superior within the Kingdom and signs their warrants, usually by means of a roster warrant. The King and the Queen serve on the Regalia Committee and on the Council of the Exchequer. They attend, if they choose, all Curia, peerage and Noble Estate meetings. The Crown sets the format for the Crown lists and determines who is acceptable to fight in the Crown lists. The King and Queen approve new branches and changes in status for branches. They select the locations of Crown Events. The Crown is the final step in the grievance procedure within the Kingdom of An Tir.

The Crown serves as a ceremonial focus and presence for the Kingdom. The Crown recognizes the good that Their subjects have done by exercising Their power to grant awards.

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