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The Crier Editor-In-Chief

The Crier is the Kingdom of An Tir's official newsletter. The Editor of The Crier is responsible for producing it on a timely basis. More specifically, the Editor accepts submissions for, compiles, collates, publishes, and distributes copies of the Kingdom newsletter, within an acceptable time frame, and in accordance with Corpora. The following material is published in The Crier: official announcements from the Crown, the Heirs, and officers; changes in Kingdom law; event copy; branch listings; and officer contact information. The Editor must also manage the quarterly stipend.
Copy Editor
The Copy Editor is responsible for editing the copy that is submitted to the Kingdom newsletter.
Listings Deputy
The Listings Deputy is responsible for the listings of officers in The Crier. Changes to the listings must come from the Kingdom Officer responsible for the officer who is changing.
Art Editor
The Art Editor is in charge of soliciting and formatting artwork.
Advertising Director
The Advertising Director is responsible for soliciting advertising for The Crier and for advising people about the costs involved. (Note: no newsletter below the Kingdom level may contain paid advertising.)
Copy Layout Editor
The Layout Editor is responsible for the overall layout of The Crier.
Disability Access Deputy
The Disability Access Deputy helps to make the Kingdom newsletter available to those people who cannot utilize it in a written format.
Postal Deputy
The Postal Deputy is charged with the duty of getting the newsletter mailed as efficiently and cost-effectively as is possible.

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