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The Chirurgeonate

Chirurgeons provide voluntary first aid at Society events. They also notify attendees of health and safety concerns at Society events. No branch is required to have a Chirurgeon, however, having at least one chirurgeon at an event is greatly appreciated.

An Tir maintains a system for warranting chirurgeons. In order to be a warranted chirurgeon applicants need to provide the Kingdom Chirurgeon with: proof of membership; a current CPR card; and a current Red Cross or St. John's First Aid Card.

Within the chirurgeonate Chirurgeons are divided into apprentice chirurgeons, warranted chirurgeons and master chirurgeons. The title master chirurgeon is an honorary title and can only be held by a warranted chirurgeon.

The Kingdom Chirurgeon

The Kingdom Chirurgeon coordinates the chirurgeons in An Tir and is responsible for making sure that chirurgeons have the modern certification and S.C.A. knowledge for the proper performance of the office.

Minister of the Water Bearers

A Lesser Office of State - See Lesser Offices Below

Principality and Regional Chirurgeons

Because of a lack of warranted chirurgeons, the structure of the An Tir Chirurgeonate does not strictly follow the Kingdom's boundaries for Principalities and Regions. The people holding the positions on this level coordinate the reporting from the branch chirurgeons; and help recruit and train new chirurgeons.

Branch Chirurgeons

Branch Chirurgeons and chirurgeons at large provide voluntary first aid at events.


  • The Chirurgeons Handbook
  • There are a number of resources available on the Internet (both WWW pages and e-mail lists) for S.C.A. officers. We recommend visiting both the S.C.A. Known World site at and the An Tir Kingdom site at

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