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Royal Chamberlain

The Royal Chamberlain is responsible for the maintenance of Royal regalia, making an inventory of the Royal regalia at the change of Reigns, and arranging storage for the Royal Regalia. The Royal Chamberlain reports the inventory to the Kingdom Exchequer once a year.

The Royal Chamberlain insures the Royal Regalia and other Kingdom property in accordance with the directions of the Exchequer. He or she chairs the Royal Regalia Commission which is composed of Their Majesties (or Their representatives), Their Highnesses (or Their representatives), the Exchequer, the Minister of Arts & Sciences, plus interested members of the Noble Estate and the Peerages. The Commission recommends acquisition, disposition, and best use of Regalia to Their Majesties.

The Royal Chamberlain maintains a supply of award medallions and is the person to contact if a medallion is lost or damaged and needs to be replaced. Upon receipt of a small fee plus postage, and verification from the Dexter Gauntlet Herald (Order of Precedence) of the requester's right to bear the medallion, the Royal Chamberlain will issue a replacement.

  1. Principality Chamberlains
    Principality Chamberlains are responsible for the regalia of their Principality. They report to their Prince and Princess and Principality Exchequer.
  2. Baronial Chamberlains
    Baronial Chamberlains are responsible for the regalia of their Barony. They report to their Baron and/or Baroness and Baronial Exchequer.

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