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The An Tir Handbook

3rd Edition - May XXXII

The An Tir Handbook is a guide to the S.C.A. in An Tir. For newcomers to the S.C.A. it should be used in conjuction with the Known World Handbook. For immigrants to An Tir from other kingdoms, it provides a guide to how procedures and customs may differ between their old home and their new one. For the populace at large, it is a guide for where to find more information, a reference, and a source of blank forms. Use it in good health and enthusiasm.

Have Fun, Be Responsible

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations

Chapter 1 - Administration

Chapter 2 - Tell Me About...

Chapter 3 - Kingdom Laws

Chapter 4 - Kingdom History

A Brief Timeline of the History of An Tir
Royalty of the Principality of An Tir
Royalty of the Kingdom of An Tir
Royalty of the Principality of Summits
Royalty of the Principality of Avacal
Barons & Baronesses

Chapter 5 - Kingdom Geography

Chapter 6 - Awards

Award Descriptions
Order of Precedence and Award Roster
Writing an Award Recommendation
Sergeants, Yeomen, Gallants, Courtiers

Chapter 7 - Customs, Etiquette, and Playing the Game

Royal Peers
Royal Patrons
Dukes and Duchesses
The Order of the Rose and The Order of Valorous Estate
Regalia & Sumptuary Laws, or Who Gets to Wear What?
Forms of Address, or But What Do I Call Them?
Courtly Manners
Chivalry & Honor
Fealty & Homage
Apprentices and Men-at-Arms

Chapter 8 - Miscellaneous

A Glossary of An Tirian Terms
Translating A.S. to C.E. and Back Again

Chapter 9 - Forms of All Kinds

Job Acceptance/Change of Officer Form (WinWord97, 24k)
New Branch Application Form
Medical Authorization for Minors
- 9minor-medical-authorization.doc (WinWord V6, 10k)
- 9minor-medical-authorization.txt
Minor's Event Waiver
- 9minor-event-waiver.doc (WinWord V6, 11k)
- 9minor-event-waiver.txt
An Tir Crown Event Bid Form (WinWord 97, 37k)
An Tir Chirurgeonate - Quarterly Report Form
An Tir Chirurgeonate - Chirurgeon-in-Charge Event Report
Chirurgeon's Application Form
University of Ithra - Course Outline


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