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Resources for individual offices are listed at the bottom of each officer section. To make a change of officer listing official, officers are asked to send notification of their successor's name and contact information to the Crier c/o the Listings Officer crier-list [at]

Minister of Arts and Sciences Minister of Arts and Sciences Mistress Tuirrean dal gCais
artsci [at]

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Black Lion Principal Herald Black Lion Principal Herald Richenda du Jardin
black-lion [at]

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Chatelaine Chatelaine Landinn de Marest
(Kristen Fife)

(425) 999-1037
chatelaine [at]

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Chirurgeon Chirurgeon Telisia Brutusdottir
chirurgeon [at]

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Chronicler Chronicler Countess Octavia Laodice
chronicler [at]

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Earl Marshal Earl Marshal Sir Einar Knuteson
(Aaron Rasmussen)

19405 SE Kay Street
Milwaukie, OR 97267
(253) 651-8697
earl-marshal [at]
No calls after 9pm

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Chancellor of the Exchequer Chancellor of the Exchequer Mistress Genevieve Marie Etiennette de Montagne
(Stephanie Ray-Solum)

14014 26th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98125 USA
(206) 551-6288
exchequer [at]
no calls after 8 please -- Send all reports to above address

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Family Activities Coordinator Family Activities Coordinator Don Talon
245 NW Tracy Ave,
Bremerton, WA 98311
family-activities [at]

 Family Activities Coordinator Family Activities Coordinator Mitresse' Jenae La Joyeaux
245 NW Tracy Ave
Bremerton, WA 98311 USA
family-activities [at]

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Royal Chamberlain Royal Chamberlain HL Sigivald Garansson
chamberlain [at]

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Kingdom Scribe (Sable Sable) Kingdom Scribe (Sable Sable) Sarra the Brave
(Sara McPhail)

7063 Lincoln Park Way #201
Seattle, WA 98136 USA
scribe [at]

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Seneschal Seneschal Mistress Brighid Ross
(Carol Schnetter)

1321 Nipsic Ave
Bremerton, WA 98310
(360) 649-5174
seneschal [at]

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Web Minister Web Minister Baronessa Chiara Francesca Arianna d'Onofrio
(Franchesca V. Havas)

29016 NE Tolt Hill Rd
Carnation, WA 98014 USA
(425) 549-0049
webminister [at]

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Chivalry Council Secretary Chivalry Council Secretary Sir Mrks (Markus Hammerhand)
(Mark Dormann)

(206) 819-7959
sirmrks [at]
preferred method of communication is email

 Laurel Council Secretary Laurel Council Secretary (Kingdom Laurel Secretary)
Baroness Achaxe ek Auchatae
laurel-council-secretary [at]

 Pelican Council Secretary Pelican Council Secretary Mistress Attia Prima
pelican-secretary [at]

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   Order of the Grey Goose Shaft Secretary Archos Arion the Wanderer, OL
oggs [at]


   White Scarf Secretary Master William Bennet
(Mark Unger)

903 38 Street SW
Calgary, AB T3C 1T4
ows-secretary [at]

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    An Tir Bards Admin
Master Ruadhan O Fearain
an-tir-bards-admin [at]

    An Tir Bards Admin
Emma Godwif
an-tir-bards-admin [at]

    Arachne's Web (Lace) Admin
(Lace Making Guild)
HL Kassandra of Dragon's Laire
arachnes--web-lace-admin [at]

    College of Book Arts Administrator
HL Aelana Cordovera
college-of-book-arts-administrator [at]

    Costumer's Guild Administrator
HL Isebel von Waldeck
costumers-guild-administrator [at]

  Embroiderers and Embellishers' Guild Embroiderers and Embellishers' Guild Administrator
(Guild Administrator)
Giana Visconti
embroiderers-and-embellishers-guild-administrator [at]

  Embroiderers and Embellishers' Guild Embroiderers and Embellishers' Guild Minister
Lady Aelianora de Wyntringham
embroiderers-and-embellishers-guild-minister [at]

  Equestrian Guild Equestrian Guild Administrator
(Equestrian Guild)
HL Donwenna La Mareschale
equestrian-guild-administrator [at]
website: ----- elist:

    Guild of the Hunt Administrator
HL Donwenna La Mareschale
guild-of-the-hunt-administrator [at]

  Moneyers' Guild Moneyers' Guild Administrator
(Moneyers Guild)
Archos Arion the Wanderer, OL
moneyers-guild-administrator [at]
The Moneyers Guild of An Tir

    Textile Sub-Guild Administrator
Joya Cedreholt
textile-sub-guild-administrator [at]

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  Ithra Campus of Appledore
Chancellor Olwen Pen Aur (JoAnn Turner)
(250) 498-3084
jturner [at]

    Campus of Borderlands
Chancellor Elewys Cuylter of Finchingefeld (Karen Ostheller)
(425) 338-9738
elewys [at]

    Campus of Rivers Region
Chancellor Sarra Peller (Sharon Kidder)
(503) 236-8357
sarra [at]

    Campus of South Sound
Chancellor Elisabeth de Rossignol (Lisa Mohr)
(360) 876-5352
gulesandor [at]

    Chancellor Nimue Lucia da Firenze (Nicole Palmer)
(425) 787-3010
margaritavil [at]

    Campus of Wastekeep
Chancellor Marcia of Jarrow Motte (Marcia Monthey)
monferret [at]

    Campus of Wealdsmere
Chancellor Nikita Gdanskya (Glenda Collins)
(509) 235-8505
(no calls after 9:00 p.m. please)

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