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Submission Deadlines

Crier Month

Deadline for Event Copy

January November 15
Februrary December 15
March January 15
April February 15
May March 15
June April 15
July May 15
August June 15
September July 15
October August 15
November September 15
December October 15

Event Copy Submission for The Crier

Event Copy Guidelines 15K
Important Notes:

  • Event copy must be published in the Crier in order to conduct official SCA business at an event (i.e. presenting awards, Crown or Coronet lists, etc.)
  • Before event copy can be published, an Event Information form (EIF) must be on file with the Kingdom Calendar Deputy.

SCA Inc. Publications Policies 1782k

SCA Permission Creative 45k

SCA Permission Model 47k

SCA Permission Photographer 39k

SCA Membership Form 302k

An Tir Newsletter
Kingdom newsletters For Subscribers.

Administration - Great Offices - The Chroniclers
(Job Descriptions from the An Tir Handbook. includes links to the Lesser Offices. The An Tir Handbook is in the process of being rewritten)

Policies of the Society Chronicler
Printed policies are available upon request from the Society Chronicler. The electronic version is available from the Society Chronicler's page.

The An Tir Kingdom Chroniclers' List
This local chroniclers' mailing list is for chroniclers and deputy chroniclers of An Tir. The list is used for the distribution of announcements for local newsletters, as well as for the discussion of ideas, questions, and any other matters pertaining to holding office as a chronicler in the Kingdom of An Tir. Note that this list is restricted, and all subscriptions require approval.

An Tir Email Lists
All open mailing lists hosted on the An Tir server.

U.S. Copyright Law
This site summarizes U.S. copyright law.

Canadian Copyright Law
This site provides the legal text for Canadian copyright law.

An Tir Wiki
History of the Kingdom of An Tir

Contact Us:
Visit the contact page on this site for information on reaching the staff of the Kingdom Chronicler's office.

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