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Central (WA (except north edge), Northern OR, Western ID)

Arms of Ambergard Shire of Ambergard (Grant County, WA )
Seneschal: Rowland GreenedeviceOP

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Arms of Aquaterra Barony of Aquaterra (Snohomish County, WA )
Baron: Bryson MacLachlandeviceOP
Baroness: Angharad Banadaspus DrakenhefddeviceOP
Seneschal: Rosamund of the Misty MeadowsdeviceOP

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Badge for Bearwood Canton of Bearwood (SE Snohomish County, WA )
Seneschal: Garo LasodeviceOP
Arms of Blatha An Oir Barony of Blatha An Oir (Tacoma-Pierce County, WA )
Baron: Gernon Valletort da HarfleurdeviceOP
Baroness: Ayse al Zahra aka AlysedeviceOP
Seneschal: Ellisif LeifsdottirdeviceOP

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Arms of Cranehaven College of Cranehaven (Chelan County, WA )
Seneschal: Domnall ScriptordeviceOP

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Arms of Dragon's Laire Barony of Dragon's Laire (Kitsap & N Mason Counties, WA )
Baron: Conchobor Mac EoindeviceOP
Baroness: Eilidh KeldelethdeviceOP
Seneschal: Ciar ingen FiachnaedeviceOP

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Arms of Dragon's Mist Barony of Dragon's Mist (Washington County, OR )
Baron: Jose Cabrera de CastilladeviceOP
Baroness: Ana de la SaradeviceOP
Seneschal: Alaina BlackthorndeviceOP

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Arms of Dregate Shire of Dregate (Omak, WA )
Seneschal: Dubheasa CumbieldeviceOP

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Arms of Druim Doineann Shire of Druim Doineann (Port Angeles - Clallam & Jefferson Counties, WA )
Seneschal: Althon UlrichssondeviceOP

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Arms of Earnrokke Shire of Earnrokke (Whidbey Island, WA )

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Arms of Fire Mountain Keep Shire of Fire Mountain Keep (Lewis County, WA )
Seneschal: Bors the LusciousdeviceOP

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Arms of Glymm Mere Barony of Glymm Mere (Olympia, Tumwater & Lacey, WA )
Baron: Bjorn UlfssondeviceOP
Baroness: Vasilisa MyshkinadeviceOP
Seneschal: Volk the GreydeviceOP

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Arms of Grimwithshire Shire of Grimwithshire (Pend O'Reille and Stevens Counties, Wa. )
Seneschal: Una of GrimwithdeviceOP

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Arms of Hauksgaror Shire of Hauksgaror (Hood River and Wasco Counties, OR )
Seneschal: Marco ValentinodeviceOP

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Arms of Lyonsmarche College of Lyonsmarche (Pullman, WA & Moscow, ID )
Seneschal: Mora Mac NamaradeviceOP

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Arms of Madrone Barony of Madrone (King County, WA )
Baron: Enzio BandinellideviceOP
Baroness: Spike ZoetaertdeviceOP
Seneschal: Eden of LionsguarddeviceOP

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Badge for Porte de l'Eau Canton of Porte de l'Eau (E King County, WA )
Seneschal: Christopher Hawkins
Badge for St. Bunstable College of St. Bunstable (University of Washington, WA )
Arms of Midhaven Shire of Midhaven (Skagit and San Juan Counties, WA )
Seneschal: Rodri GlynglasdeviceOP

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Arms of Mountain Edge Shire of Mountain Edge (Yamhill County, OR )
Seneschal: Macha of Mountain EdgedeviceOP

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Arms of Pendale Shire of Pendale (Sandpoint, Bonner & Boundary County, ID )
Seneschal: Brian SpathideviceOP

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Arms of River's Bend Shire of River's Bend (Kelso & Longview-Cowlitz Counties, WA )
Seneschal: Robert FlooddeviceOP

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Arms of Stromgard Barony of Stromgard (Vancouver, WA )
Baron: Ivon DrengrdeviceOP
Baroness: Hlutwige WolfkillerdeviceOP
Seneschal: Qara ChinuadeviceOP

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Arms of Three Mountains Barony of Three Mountains (Clackamas & Multnomah Counties, OR )
Baron: Sebastiaen des RoseauxdeviceOP
Baroness: Erika the Dragon's MistressdeviceOP
Seneschal: Kattera GiesedeviceOP

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Badge for Kaldor Ness Canton of Kaldor Ness (Columbia County, OR )
Seneschal: Talia Soranzo da ChioggiadeviceOP
Arms of Vulcanfeldt Barony of Vulcanfeldt (Yakima - Yakima County, WA )
Baron: Rurik Gjafvaldsson
Baroness: Isa OrmriaugadeviceOP
Seneschal: Fiona ingen ConchabairdeviceOP
Exchequer: Fiona ingen ConchabairdeviceOP
  • Chamberlain: Regina O'DuncandeviceOP
Master of Stables: JetaideviceOP
  • Baronial Archer: Ronan MackaydeviceOP
  • List Mistress: Lleofled WilloughbydeviceOP
  • Master of Blades: Shannon O'DuncandeviceOP
Chronicler: Somhairle MacroriedeviceOP
Arts & Sciences: Alric IvarssondeviceOP
Chirurgeon: Shannon O'DuncandeviceOP
Chatelaine: Lleofled WilloughbydeviceOP
Family Activities: Alice Macrorie
Scribe: RaasmusdeviceOP
Web Mininister: Kade BlairdeviceOP

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Arms of Wastekeep Barony of Wastekeep (Tri-Cities, WA )
Baron: Thorkell PalssondeviceOP
Baroness: Gudrun SaebjornsdottirdeviceOP
Seneschal: William MacKennadeviceOP

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Badge for Akornebir Canton of Akornebir (Walla Walla, WA )
Seneschal: Brynna HrafnsdottirdeviceOP
Arms of Wealdsmere Barony of Wealdsmere (Spokane - Spokane County, WA )
Baron: Osrik RolfsondeviceOP
Baroness: Sigrun OsrikswifedeviceOP
Seneschal: Rhiannon wreic Gryffyd "Braith"deviceOP

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Badge for Silverhart Canton of Silverhart (Kootenai, Shoshone, Benwah Counties Idaho )
Seneschal: Suhayla of WealdsmeredeviceOP
Arms of Wyewood Barony of Wyewood (South King Co, WA )
Baron: Evrard de ValognedeviceOP
Baroness: Alessandra de Montefeltro
Seneschal: Liadain ni SheanachaindeviceOP

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