Summits Webminister office open

Principality of the Summits Webminister


job description

  • account creator, paper pusher, meeting maker, hand holder, account manager, mediator, duties as assigned
  • Content Developer: updates Principality pages, updates Royals pages, etc., duties as assigned
  • System Administrator
  • A Designer: makes it all pretty and flow logically
  • DBA: manages the databases
  • Document Manager: manages all the forms on the server for all the offices

Branches in the Summits report to this office. This office reports to the An Tir Kingdom Webminister.

From the Webminister Handbook (this is for the Kingdom Position but the qualification also apply to Principalities):


The ideal Kingdom Webminister has HTML experience, a complete web development lab in the home, and experience dealing with Internet Service Providers / hosting companies. None of us is perfect, but there are some minimum requirements:

  • Experience with writing or editing content
  • Balance and judgment in matters political
  • Reliable email/Internet access
  • A working telephone
  • Regular contact with Kingdom activities
  • Ability to meet the ongoing requirements of the Kingdom Webminister position, primarily but not limited to:
    • Regular updates to Kingdom website (10hrs/week)
    • Timely responses to inquiries and communications from corporate officers and members of the Board of Directors, as well as other Kingdom level officers (daily)
    • Annual submission of entries to the Society Webminister for the Master William Blackfox Web Awards
    • Monitoring of recognized local websites within the Kingdom for policy compliance
    • Other duties and special projects that may be assigned by the Society Webminister

An Tir Server geeky details:

Send you resume and why you wish to hold the office to:

An Tir Kingdom Webminister

Summits Prince and Princess

Summits Seneschal

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