Kingdom Webminister office open

Greetings Fellow An Tirans!

It is time for me to hand over this office to a new Kingdom Webminister. Please send your resume and why you would like to have the office to

I want to echo what Krenn first posted in 2010 about the job:

It is in actuality three jobs:

  • Kingdom Webminister: account creator, wiki manager, paper pusher, meeting maker, hand holder, account manager, mediator, duties as assigned
  • Content Developer: just what it says, updates kingdom pages, updates Royals pages, etc., duties as assigned and
  • System Administrator: God

JL added one more:

  • A Designer: makes it all pretty and flow logically

I added a few more:

  • DBA: manages the databases
  • Document Manager: manages all the forms on the server for all the offices (this person is shared with other officers :D)

This office reports to the Society Webminister. The officers that report to the Kingdom office are the Kingdom’s Principalities and Branches not in the Principalities.

From the Webminister Handbook:


The ideal Kingdom Webminister has HTML experience, a complete web development lab in the home, and experience dealing with Internet Service Providers / hosting companies. None of us is perfect, but there are some minimum requirements:

  • Experience with writing or editing content
  • Balance and judgment in matters political
  • Reliable email/Internet access
  • A working telephone
  • Regular contact with Kingdom activities
  • Ability to meet the ongoing requirements of the Kingdom Webminister position, primarily but not limited to:
    • Regular updates to Kingdom website (10hrs/week)
    • Timely responses to inquiries and communications from corporate officers and members of the Board of Directors, as well as other Kingdom level officers (daily)
    • Annual submission of entries to the Society Webminister for the Master William Blackfox Web Awards
    • Monitoring of recognized local websites within the Kingdom for policy compliance
    • Other duties and special projects that may be assigned by the Society Webminister

An Tir Server geeky details:

When you meet my past and current team members please find it in your hearts to thank them. They work from their hearts and never ask for anything in return nor ever expect anything.

Current Team Members

Krenn von Salzburg (MKA: Jason Baker),

  • System administrator
  • mailing lists
  • HTML validation

Jean Louis de Chambertin, OL, OP (MKA: John L. Vifian)

  • Website Migration
  • Database Programming
  • HTML corruption
  • Site Analytics

Lenora di Calizzan, OP (MKA: Tami Hayes)

  • Officers page
  • Forms
  • Updates and general HTML

Marcus Octavius Rufus (Josh McCallum)

  • Backup Database Administrator
  • Forms and Database Programming

Siobhán inghean Éamoinn (Jennifer Kyrnin)

  • Drupal design SME

Past Team Members

  • Pyotr Constantinovich, OP, Branch Updates, Email Aliases, mailing lists
  • Aoife, Helped with the Drupal site redesign and assisting other Drupal site owners, Drupal SME

To my team:

You all know who you are, you did me proud in your jobs. 🙂

You as a team are the greatest group of people in the world. Collectively we are able to handle all these jobs.

I am a designer at heart, I have many designs in my head swimming around screaming to get out but I found myself distracted over and over with the greater tasks of the office. It could just be that it is due to the way I work and handle things and the job will be way easier for one of you to do so please do not be put off by it.

I know that there would have been no way that I could have even survived this long if I had not had this team that Krenn put together and then I added a few more. You all are angels in disguise, I know you are! 🙂

I love you guys, I really do. 🙂

Baronessa Chiara Francesca
An Tir Kingdom Webminister

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