Message of Thanks

Greetings unto great Web minds of our great Kingdom!

The weekend is here and we have all hopefully had a bit of a good food, good friends and family over, fun, and cheer. Some of us are detangling last year’s mess of strings of lights (me), unpacking the yule décor of all kinds, and some of us are trying to convince our kiddos that they need to do some decorating. 🙂

I wanted to drop a line and simply thank all of you for the great work you have been doing throughout the year. Thank you for being here. Thank you for taking care of your jobs. Thank you for sending in your reports. Thank you for saying hi at events. Thank you for being the geeks you are. I have only thanks to give for there are so many of you that it would literally kill me to make that many pairs of gloves. 😀

I do make this offer, that if you see me at an event please come and introduce yourselves and if either you or I has a bit of felt with us I will help you make one mitten. (The pattern is based off of a period example that I used to make for a children’s class.) You can take it home and make your pattern off it and make a pair for yourself.

I will carry a pattern with me at all times just for you guys cause you all rule!! 🙂

Molte grazie a tutti i miei amici,
Baronessa Chiara Francesca Arianna d’Onofrio
An Tir Kingdom Webminister

P.S. I will let you all know once I get confirmation. I am hoping to have a meeting of the great Web minds of our great Kingdom at the next Coronation. 😀

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