Social Media and the SCA

From our Kingdom Seneschal:

The SCA Board of Directors has determined that social media websites may not be used for ‘official’ SCA business.

What does this mean?

While we do not discourage the use of Facebook and such to get the word out or for private group forums, it cannot be the official medium of any SCA entity (branches, guilds etc). Any social media site being used to enhance the SCA activities should include a disclaimer stating that these pages, lists etc are NOT official and do not reflect SCA policies.

The most important aspect is that, as per the Calendar Policy, for events to be considered official they must be registered with the branch seneschal AND published in the branches official media whether a website or a newsletter. This includes level 4 events which are meetings and practices. Failure to meet this criteria (for example, a practice only published on Facebook) results in the activity not being sanctioned by the SCA and the liability insurance not covering that activity.

With regards to websites, it is also recommended that official branch websites be hosted on one of the existing servers (e.g This prevents an individual web officer from taking his website and going home if he becomes disgruntled with a local branch leaving the branch without their website. This has happened on multiple occasions in the past year. The associated webteams have assured me that there is plenty of existing space to do this. SO if your branch site is a Facebook site, you need to have that changed asap.

Hosting these sites on the official servers means a stable platform and a reliable back-up.

Master James Llewellyn ap Gruffydd
Seneschal An Tir

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