Why your branch officers need standard email addresses

November 29th, 2014 by seneschal

Those of you who have written the Kingdom Seneschal from the An Tir Web site know that the address that you receive a response from is not usually the one to whom you have written. Why is that? Of course, our Kingdom has used email aliases for a number of years, both to give our officers some professional chops and to protect them from spam harvesters.

Several years ago, the Kingdom Seneschal email alias started routing to a Gmail address.  Email sent to this address provides an essential historical record for successive Seneschals; also, with new features that Google has added in the interim, the account now allows for document storage, Google Hangouts, a permanent contacts database and all the other nifty Google+ features that help us communicate with one another.

What’s more, a new Gmail feature called email delegation can allow deputy officers to read and respond to email — a great service to your populace and a great way to ease the burden of office. How does it work? Say you grant your deputy seneschal access to xyzbranch-seneschal@gmail.com. When your deputy sends a message from xyzbranch-seneschal@gmail.com while signed in as somebody@anywhere.com, it will appear to the reader as having been sent by somebody@anywhere.com on behalf of xyzbranch-seneschal@gmail.com, so there’s never any doubt as to who has replied.

One of the great challenges we have is finding an easy way to transfer knowledge from one officer to the next, as well as keeping our own history intact. Creating a permanent Gmail  (or other online email service) address that officers can hand over along with other records can be an invaluable way to keep your branch’s history intact, as well as smoothly transitioning from one officer to the next.

For more information on using delegation, click here.

12th Night

November 19th, 2014 by seneschal

…is just 50 days away! In addition to preparing your finest court clothing, if your branch has not submitted a Crown-level event bid in several years, it is time to do so now! Event bids are presented, discussed, and awarded during the Curia meetings at all Crown events.

How does one find out which event need a host? Check out the Kingdom Calendar and search for Branch TBA, then pick up your quill and start writing your bid! Need help? Our Events Deputy is a font of knowledge: eventinfo [at] antir.sca.org