An Tir Kingdom Law: Media Relations Officer

The following was read into the court record at 12th Night, and has been added to Kingdom Law. This change is located in Article III.C Officers of State, Section 4 Kingdom Officers of State.

C) Specific Duties of the Officers of State:

i) The Kingdom Seneschal

(f)Deputies of the Kingdom Seneschal:

v) The Kingdom Media Officer shall provide resources and education to those members of the populace interacting with the media:

1. Maintain a working knowledge of Media Relations documents and notify local officers of changes.

2. Act as liaison to organized news media on behalf of the Kingdom of An Tir at or regarding Kingdom-sponsored events and activities.

3. Create and/or distribute press materials:

a. Disseminate Society-prepared press materials for kingdom use

b. Author and disseminate Kingdom-specific materials

c. Author and disseminate or approve event-specific materials, as needed.