Language Use, SCA Jargon, and the Media

We’re not alone in having a whole dictionary of words and terms specific to the SCA. Any group will, over time, develop its own jargon, inside jokes, or special terms, easily understood by one another, but unintelligible to outsiders or new members. In the interest of clarity, and to ensure that nothing you say is misconstrued, it is very important to scrub your language of our charming, but impenetrable, jargon when speaking with the media.

Never discuss the following topics with the media or members of the public:

  • Religion
  • Lewd behavior that can be perceived as a form of sexual harassment, including flirting or courtly love
  • Alcohol making, preparation, studies, distribution, sale, etc.
  • Households – while it seems innocuous on the surface, the term is often misunderstood by those outside the SCA
  • Injuries and bruises during combat

In addition, it is essential to avoid the word “mundane” – please emphasize this with your group. ‘Mundane’ implies that those inside the group are special and those outside are just ordinary and it can be taken as patronizing or insulting. Use “modern,” such as ”my modern clothing’, ‘modern job,’ etc.