Helpful Hints

In the fast-paced world of journalism, it is important to be prepared for reporters’ questions and develop skills and knowledge that will help reporters get their questions answered — and to ensure that the story that’s ultimately told reflects the best features of the Society. To work with the media effectively, keep in mind the conditions under which they must work: there are serious time pressures, and reporters seek to make make their stories as interesting and dramatic as possible. It is in both their and your best interest to present information as clearly and simply as possible.

The Sound Bite

When approached by a member of the media — or indeed any non-SCA individual who asks or assumes that we are a (pick one) Live-Action Role Playing/Renaissance Faire, or local theater group, a solid succinct answer is: We are a worldwide research and reenactment organization, specializing in the Middle Ages. (Only after getting this across should you go into limited detail).