About the Office

Media officers within the Kingdom of An Tir derive authority and responsibility from the Kingdom Seneschal for oversight of media contacts in all principalities, baronies, and local branches. As such, the Kingdom Deputy Seneschal for Media, and any local deputies under this office, are specifically tasked with assisting seneschals, chatelaines, and event stewards by serving as liaisons with the media at Kingdom-sanctioned events.

Our mission is to ensure that all information provided to organized news media is presented professionally and conveys a true, accurate, and unbiased sense of the purpose and intent of the SCA, in accordance with the Society Media Relations Policy.

About this Site

This is the Kingdom Media Officer’s Guide for the Kingdom of An Tir and pertains to the policies, procedures, operations and functions of the office within the Kingdom of An Tir, Society of Creative Anachronism, Inc. This is not a publication of the SCA and does not delineate SCA Policy.


I am indebted to the Media Officers of the Kingdom of Caid and the Kingdom of Atlantia for kindly granting permission to adapt their excellent work.

What the Media Relations Officer Does

  • Provide “ready to use” press releases for groups to download and use immediately
  • Assist groups in the creation of personalized press released for events and demos
  • Help groups develop plans for structured media interaction whether print, radio, or video
  • Encourage and assist groups to develop media strategies that build on previous media exposures

What the Media Relation Officer Does Not Do

  • Produce or develop materials for newcomers. See the Kingdom Chatelaine
  • Plan or organize demos (unless media are to be in attendance – and then only in a support capacity). See the Kingdom Chatelaine

About the Officer

Julia Sempronia, OL, has been playing in the SCA since November of 2001. She has a passion for persona development, the culinary arts, and the Latin language, just to name a few interests. Modernly, she is a published columnist and freelance writer, and retired non-profit executive.