September Crown News

It has been a long, long time since I went to September Crown, but I am glad indeed that I was at this one. I have been tapped to replace Dame Brighid as Kingdom Seneschal at 12th Night and will spend this Autumn training for this challenge and working with Don Andrew Williams, my deputy, to succeed me as Media Relations Officer. Don Andrew is outstandingly qualified to take on this role, and his media expertise will make our great Kingdom look even better.

I had a productive meeting with the Kingdom Chatelaines:  I attended their meeting intending to pass on the usual tips and techniques for interacting with the media, but spent the entire hour with them, talking over a variety of good ideas for promoting SCA activities. The chatelaines are one of the most creative groups in the Kingdom, and I so enjoy working with them.

As the Autumn leaves fall, you can expect to see more of Don Andrew, and he will be added to the media email alias directly.

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